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11 : 11 Portal

November 11 is a magical day and at 11:11 the Archangels hold the Celestial Gateway open so you can walk through the dimensional doorway between the 3D into the 5D, where you leave behind all patterns you have outgrown and naturally shift into the higher frequencies of Divinity. You will anchor these new higher frequencies in your human form. 11 has long been the number of the Angelic Realms offering assistance to those on Earth. When the 11’s are seen together, the 11:11 become the pillars to the gateway symbolising an opening between Heaven and Earth. Whenever the 11:11 presents itself, it acts as a reminder that your thoughts are going through a cycle where they are manifesting instantly into form. You think it, and it happens. When these cycles occur, focus upon your desires. The Master Number 11 is usually called 'the Illuminator', 'the Messenger' or 'the Teacher' and relates to those who are here to be inspirational guiding lights, and their mission is to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness.

Channelled Message

“ We are the collective consciousness of one heart, we are pure and see purity within humanity. We wish to assist you at this time to help you purify yourself as you bath in the Light of Oneness, of the Divine Creator. We are known as one and many. We are one family serving the Prime Creator. We are here now coming forth on the 11:11 Portal for greater Wisdom, Attunement & Healing. We are the collective consciousness, a selected group of beings of the purest love and light, holding high frequency light. With us Archangel  Michael, Archangel Uriel & Archangel Metatron.  We hold the vibrations of scared wisdom, scared flames. We invite you to join us during the 11:11 Portal. Put your hands now on your heart and feel the vibration of one heart, feel within. Breathe slowly and allow yourself to relax. We are the collective consciousness and Archangel Uriel wishes to speak now. I am Uriel, the Angel of Light. I come forth to speak to all resonating with this call. We the angelic realm have great wisdom and healing to offer. Often we stand by your side while you are in great pain wishing to lift off the discomfort you are experiencing. Now is a great time to do so. Connect with us on the 11:11 Portal through your prayers, meditation or Daniela`s Workshop so we can lift your discomfort and release old beliefs, old pain from your divine blue print of the 3d dimensional grid. Allow us to take you up on new heights. Let us inspire you with freedom, joy and divine wisdom. Namaste. Adoni. ”

Archangel Metatron

Archangel Metatron is known as the Angel of Ascension, who watches over indigo and crystal souls, and sensitive children helping them channel their sensitivities for good and without fear. Archangel Metatron is associated with the Kabbala, the Tree of Life and sacred geometric shapes. His healing is sent in the form of the vibration of these sacred geometric shapes entering your system at your crown chakra and flowing through all chakras for perfect balance. 

Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael leads the angels of protection and is known as the highest of the Archangels. He is usually pictured in male form, though angels are essentially androgynous, carrying a spiritual sword with the most magnificent white or silver wings and an electric blue aura. He can be called upon for protection, courage, strength, justice and spiritual advancement, or in any scenario when seeking angelic help and unsure quite which Archangel to call upon. 

Archangel Uriel

Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of Wisdom, Illumination, Light and of the Sun. He is a spiritual being of immense light and power, with an incredibly high vibrational frequency. In many senses Archangel Uriel is the Archangel of Illumination as Uriel can show you how to find your inner power, raise your vibration and accelerate your shift into the higher realms of consciousness. Archangel Uriel is a spiritual being who unconditionally serves humanity by sharing the light and striving to bring about illumination for all souls.

What To Expect

Skype Call starts at 10:45 am CET, during the call you will learn how Daniela invites the Angelic Realm and she will show you how you can connect knowing deep within that your are safe and protected. Daniela will teach you tools you can use on a daily base to keep your vibrations high. You will receive Energy Attunement by the Angelic Realm. The Archangels will connect deeper within your consciousness and take you on meditation where you gain more clarity about yourself and have the opportunity to heal past wounds, shift onto higher frequency as old belief patterns are being removed from your energy field.

Join Our Skype Call
on 11.11.2017 at 10:45 am CET for deep healing
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Recording Will Be Available

For those who miss the live 11:11 call, know that the transmissions of energy from the Archangels are alive and well, and will be available on the recording. The transmissions are very strong for three days after the event. 11:11 happens twice every day and when you see 11:11 you are reminded to stop and step through the Gateway of the Angelic Realm. Listening to the recording during that time will support the energies even more.

I invite you to contact me if you have questions.

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