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I Love Fairies

I Love Fairies, do you? Have you ever wonder if Fairies exist? Yes, they do.In almost all human societies and cultures you can find written documentation describing and discussing the existence of fairies. Records of the existence of fairies from societies long isolated , with no contact to human establishments for even 1000 of years, have proven records and explain to you how you can connect with fairies. These records tell you all about fairies like how they look like and how they live.

Fairies are the Guardian of Nature, they have a spiritual body. Because they do not take the form of solid matter, we as humans can not always see them with our physical eyes. We can learn to see them and we can learn to feel their energy. Fairies exist in the universe, they are comprised energy, just like you and me. You can feel Fairies because they are made from energy, even thought they might have an etheric body, it is still energy and you can feel their presence.

What does a Fairy feel like? Have you every been in the forest or outside in nature and all of a sudden you felt happy, you felt magical? Like your skin was glowing, glitter and sparkles all around you, you felt like magic. The feeling of magic is generated by only the fairies. There are more spirits of the forest – trees, plants, animals, gnomes, fauns and other creatures, but only the fairies radiate out a feeling of magic and joyful bliss.

To feel Fairies, go to a place that feels magical for you and meditate there, take note of the feeling on your body… Fairies feel like the magic you feel in a natural area, that is fairy energy. Do not worry if you can not feel them at first, it takes a view attempts to connect with the Fairies. Fairies are very shy, they love to scan your energy first and see if you are pure at heart, if you love animals and nature.

Elementals like the Fairies, Elves, Pixies and others elemental beings are very similar . They look like their namesakes, have often freckles, reddish to golden hair, high cheek bones, melodic voices and rather pointed ears. You can easily spot them because they look exactly like what they are. Elementals love to dance and celebrate with groups of friends to spend afterwards alone in nature. Their homes tend to have big windows with plenty of plants, animals, crystals inside. Did you know that elemental beings love to eat mostly plenty of nuts, seeds and berries? Its true.  Fairies are a very friendly group of the Elementals who love to be spoken to and asked for help. When ever you need help in manifestation call upon the Fairies and ask them, because they are very powerful manifestors.


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