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The Magic Of Mother Earth – Winter Solistice 2016

The Winter Solstice is a great time to connect to our beloved Mother Earth. She will help to take us to a place where we gain a better understanding of all the realms on Earth. At 10:44 UTC the Winter solstice opens a star gate portal that allows you to travel on multidimensional levels into different realms and realities to assist you in revealing more wisdom about connections with other beings, within the Earth, on and out of the Earth.

Did you know that a group of Dragons reside and oversee the Sun Disc, one of the 8 in existence in the world. One is located at Rosslyn Chapel, it is a portal into the magical realms of the Earth, but is overseen by guardians of other Galactic Nations. The Sun Disc at Rosslyn Chapel is to be said the most powerful and inter-dimensional Sun Disc that exists on Planet Earth at this time. This beautiful star gate portal is a gateway of light connecting the Earth plane and other planetary systems such as Jupiter, Mercury, Sirius, Pleiades and Orion. This knowledge is very impressive and there is more I would like to share. Whenever you have the time, go to Rosslyn Chapel and look for two sweet chestnut trees, these trees are soul guardians of a very special energy portal known as the Interstellar Galactic Helix 8th Dimensional Light Grid. This portal is an ancient Atlantean portal.

The Winter Solstice is a powerful time to choose one or two ideas that you want to work on, focus on them now. Be open to receiving new ideas and guidance as this time is seen as a moment where the Goddess gives birth to the “sun”. The light of the sun is reborn and the cycle is complete. We love to honor this moment of the year by bringing evergreen trees into our homes. Most of us may long have forgotten the true meaning, these ever green trees represent the everlasting nature of the Earth Goddess. When we decorate them, we put images of what we want to bring into our life’s for the coming year. I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

I     L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S


Your Limits Are Illusions

We all feel like individuals, although we are in spiritual truth expressions of One Being. When we are born we lose our awareness of our true nature, the nature of being One with all there is. Being here on Earth  is a re-discovery, a journey to reveal our inner most truth: “The sense of being a separate individual are thought patterns of our mind.” We define ourselves with “I am” and love to give labels like “I am tall”, “I am smart”, “I am a child”. Theses definitions are ideas of who we might be, there is no “you” behind. The “you” that you think you are is made up of thoughts. But who are you? This is an important question that leads you to different revelations. If we strip away all of the labels and ideas about ourselves, we are left with ” I am “. We are existing right here in the now and we are aware of that fact.

Words and definitions are not important, you know who you are when you experience your core power, your Essence. In oder to find out about your core power, you came here to Earth to experience two basic emotions: fear and love. These 2 emotions are the base for all other emotions, without exceptions. Fear is the energy that makes you suffer, leads to pain, confusion, it is the energy that contracts you. Love is the energy that makes you happy, peaceful and it is the energy that develops you. When you free your mind from all your fears, you gain more love, more of your true self. A very persistent illusion is the fear of importance. When something is important to you, you start to give up your power by either feeling the fear of not getting it or losing it. The importance is an illusion. Face the illusion and you destroy your fear. You will break free of your limiting beliefs. Expanding your comfort zone is a very powerful tool to eliminate your illusions, your fears. Let me remind you, your limits are thoughts that create an illusion based on fear. Nothing can ever happen to you unless you in perfect alignment with your desires, these might be love or fear based. Fear is a signal indicating you will attract an unpleasant outcome. Once you realize the concept of nothing really is important and there is nothing that you really need, you will destroy the illusion of importance and therefore all your fear. You will fill yourself with love and become unstoppable. Success will be yours!

I     L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D      W O R D S


Lift Your State Of Being

How do we lift our state of being? We all experience life and each moment we have as an opportunity to evolve and grow, because everything happens for a reason. Everything you experience is designed to help you grow. Lifting your state of beings is easy attained. Stop thinking “little” of yourself and start to feel gratitude, then each lesson you learn is a blessing. The key lies in surrender and let go of how your think things should be. Start to live from your heart. What do you truly desire? What do you enjoy most? Life is meant to be fun! Being joyful is the secret to manifest your hearts desire. How? Simply detach from a state of wanting or lacking. When you are detached you are in a state of gratitude and joy. You already have what you desire. I admit letting go of “they way we used to think” is a challenger. But because letting go or surrender is challenging does not mean it can not be done! When you learn how to surrender, you will understand that it is a process of learning to trust the universe and yourself. Know that when you act from a loving peaceful heart, you are aligned within your core power…

I    L O V E    Y O U R    B E Y O N D    W O R D S

Learning how to connect within as below so above can help you to step into your core power. Join my amazing workshop C O N N E C T I N G  Above & Below and learn how easily you can shift your awareness. This workshop is helping you to understand the powerful tools of working with yourself, healing yourself and the energy with and around you. You will be amazed how loving the energy feels once you are grounded. If you would like to know more about the workshop, please contact me or click here.

Thank you so much love.


Full Moon December 14th 2016 At Gemini

December’s Full Moon is another Super Moon that is bringing illumination to the world. This beautiful, powerful full moon falls in the sign of Gemini. Gemini the airy sign of duality combined with the full moon’s emotional change creates a wonderful energy that may bring up old events, feelings and emotions for you to release. A wonderful Super Moon as challenger to help you let go at a fast space. Like a time window opens up to release old energy faster and deeper than ever. Some of you may feel like that you are constantly pulled into two directions. Remember that every choice you make influences whether you raise or lower your vibration. Throughout your day, every interaction and reaction has an impact on your state of being, each moment of your life can change the vibration of your energy.

Know that this is an extremely powerful energy which is going to be helping you to surrender and let go of all that is untrustworthy and all that is not for your highest growth at this moment. Allow this beautiful energy to bring you the final illumination of 2016. So you can welcome with new beautiful higher vibrational energy the year 2017. Very sensitive people may feel the opening of a portal to a new realm. Each of you can use the super charing energy of this wonderful Super Moon. How? Its time to review: what did you learn in the past year? What wisdom did you gain? What will you bring into the new beginning? If there is energy within you that you are still processing, its most likely that you bring these issues with you into the new cycle of 2017. Unless you make a real conscious effort to transcend these low energies now. There is still time to let go, even after the Full Moon, but know that the energy will grow dimmer. However, the universe loves you so much that once you decide from a true desire to release low energies, an invitation from the universe will be offered to you to help you. You are always loved beyond words and you can transform into your fullest potential at your own space. To be able to work with the energy of this beautiful Super Moon, please tune into the energy. When you tuned into the gentle energy of the Full Moon, you gain access speeding up your releasing process. Entering into this beautiful energy portal is going to fee like a sudden, intensive cleansing that makes you feel reborn afterwards. It is a purifying process. Pay attention to what comes up for you right now. Whatever lessons you are still processing will most likely rise up into full consciousness. By being aware and ready to release, you will be able to work with the beautiful energy of this powerful Full Moon.

I    L O V E    Y O U     D E A R L Y


Living Up To Your Full Potential

Faith. Trust. Self-Worth. Living up to our full potential means living in the moment and being grateful for each experience we have. Learning from our failures, exploring ourselves and the way we feel. Discovering the WHY. Why we feel a certain way. Why we act in a certain way. Why we think a certain way…

Our full potential is achieved through struggle, failures, learning and discipline. When we attain the ability to freely express our inner power, that resides within all of us, we step into our full potential. Our inner power is aligned to the truth that we have unlimited potential. We are connected with all there is. Words, actions, Conscience and our inner presence are vibrating on frequencies, once they are aligned we co-create from our full potential. First we will release the illusions, limiting beliefs and old thought patterns that block our light from shining with ultimate beauty. Starting to recognize unlimited love, light, inner peace is one of the first steps to truly live from your inner power. Expressing unlimited love, light and inner peace is the very next step to take on the path of living up your full potential. Feeling empowered and free is a wonderful sign of being in your core power.

Beautiful soul, please know that when you live from the space of having an open mind and heart, you live out dreams without any limitations. By releasing your closed mind, your fears, your worries, your feeling of being offended you are becoming more and more your authentic self. Living in your core power with an attitude of gratitude for each moment. No more looking for outside conditioning, now you feel a great joy within yourself. You step into living up to your full potential.

   I     L O V E     Y O U R     B E Y O N D    W O R D S.


Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is your inner knowing, a sense that helps you to understand your truth within the huge masses of information and energetic impulses that you receive on a daily basis. All of us have an I N T U I T I O N. Its like a muscle that can be trained.

Your intuition is guiding you to your life purpose. The more you allow your intuition to guide you the more your consciousness expands. You feel more empowered, more confident in all you do. Listen to your inner knowing, it will show you intimate, important things that will lead you to a joyful life.

I    L O V E     Y O U     B E Y O N D    W O R D S.


Join me here, this workshop will help you to train your intuition as well.

Allow Yourself To Heal

Do you know the experience of being healed and a couple of months later you feel the exact same pain again?

The dis-ease exists in the first place because of a thought you had and you chose to have the same pain again, it does not mean that you chose consciously this thought again. For example, may be you are afraid of moving forward in your life, you are scared of making the next decision. But you are thinking about making a decision every day. Thinking about being afraid of making your next decision, holding it dear to yourself, because you think about it without making a decision. You are choosing to think about it. You sleep and rest your body, then you wake up and remind your brain again on being afraid of making that next decision. When you keep on thinking about a certain thought you start to manifest it into reality. In this case it will manifest as pain in your body because you are afraid of making a decision about your next move. So if you get healing and meet someone in a social gathering, who may ask you about your future plans and you say nothing. At some degree you may start to be afraid to make the next decision and cover it up with excuses, the pain that has been healed will return. It’s such a wonderful process, if you think about it. Our dear body wants to help us to heal and move on.

In other words, you may learn about the situation that caused your dis-ease and you can get healing for it. But if we do not act upon what we know we shall do, then the dis-ease comes back. Like a reminder to tell you. Stop what you do and keep on moving now.
Once you heal yourself from this thought pattern, you are healed for good. Remember it takes more than on thought to manifest pain in your body.

I am sending you blessings

12:12 Portal

Did you know that it takes 7000 people to shift the consciousness in the heart of all beings on planet Earth? Now is the perfect time for uniting with committed souls from all over the world to birth new Light on our beloved Mother Earth. The 12:12 Portal of Evolution opens on December the 12th, and stays open through the Solstice Portal on December the 21st, 2016. During that period a full spectrum of energies have set into motion. As science has proven that it takes only 7000 souls holding Divine Love, Peace  and Joy within their beings to initiate a shift of consciousness in the hearts of 7 billion people on Earth.

Now we have a perfect opportunity to exceed that number with our teleconference as we link with all over the world. Together we will activate the Light Body Codes that will be able to hold the wave of Divine Love. The new empowering energies begin today on December the 12th. You can join the gathering here – this teleconference is held by Shanta Gabriel and Shamanic Astrologer Kelly Beard.

The 12:12 gateway opens a new energy platform to anchor within your being helping you to expand your ability to receive. This new energy will be filling your High Heart with new ways of perceiving the world and your place within it. Allow the energy to expand into your energy system for a new profound level of divine connection with you. This realization of self is something that all of us can experience. It is a process occurring within merging the divine with the human. Do not worry or doubt the process of the Awakening of Consciousness on our beautiful mother Earth. You are about to awaken to your Soul’s most Divine Reality and this is wonderful! Unification of new life accelerating within you, it is an opportunity to unite your soul with the structures of new dimensional freedom on Earth. New light codes are magnified and radiated through all creation while your High Heart is empowered by Unity Consciousness. Through these activations we hold higher frequencies of light within us with more Grace. Enjoy the shifting of energies within you.

I   L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D    W O R D S


Flow Effortlessly

Effortless means that we make a small initial effort of letting go, turning over, discovering… By doing this, we learn how magical the space all around us is and we start to understand what awareness truly means. When you surrender to the flow of all there is, you will pass a state of mind where you become aware that effortless awareness is already within and around you. There is something that is effortlessly aware and people who operate in the flow state know very well. I am not talking about a meditative state. It is more like a trust in a natural intelligence.

Being in a functional flow state starts with grounding and I would love to teach you the importance of being grounded. When you let me inspire you with a fresh thought, concept and tools that create a new awareness in you. Once you apply these tools to your life then you can expand faster to your full potential living in your maximum joy and health.

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I   L O V E   Y O U   B E Y O N D   W O R D S


Beyond Words

Lets face it. You are here because you care about yourself and you are willing to grow into the most amazing version of yourself. There are no limits to the heights of an empowered, conscious lifestyle that you can reach. Pure bliss, pure happiness can enter any moment that you are open to receive it, all it requires is for your to walk on the path of consciousness. Being aware how great you truly are at the core of who you are is an experience beyond body, mind, spirit.

Ready to transform your everyday life into a passion-driven journey where you manifest effortlessly, because you are living in the flow. Join my workshop C O N N E C T I N G Above&Below. You will learn the wisdom & profound tools that literally transform your life.

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I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D   W O R D S

Namaste ♥