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Messages For You – Energy Reading For July 31st – 6th August 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week is all about transformation! Connect with your heart and follow your Intuition. Know that all is connected.

This beautiful week will change your perception. It is the time to slow down to observe from all angles to allow your awareness to transcend your ego’s separated sense of self. You are being called to rise above all there is – see through your soul and know that things aren’t always what they appear to be. The Card ” Perception ” brings clarity and asks you to look and to wait. Perhaps all you need to do is to relax and put on another pair of glasses; then what is in front of you might be magically transformed.

Perception is everything. Take no further action until you see how this message applies to your current situation. Then once you’ve shifted your perception, you may find that this was all that you needed to do! ” The Dragon ” comes to offer you its protection, power and strength  on your journey of transformation. He / She symbolizes true power and reminds you that this infinite source is not found within your personality or ego. True power resides deep within your soul.

Call on the Dragon’s spiritual power and strength now. The Dragon will restore your morality, integrity, and purpose. If you’re struggling with these issues. Remember that the power of the spiritual world can never be broken, and true strength is found within—not in the outside world. Watch for a signal—the Dragon always makes the next step clear, and it gives you the power to take it.

The Merlin is the messenger of initiation and alchemy and is both the Magician and the High Priest. He is the masculine keeper of magic and has the ability to turn iron into gold. The Merlin says, “You have all you need to move forward. Rejoice that all the elements you require for success are, indeed, present!” You are given notice that, when it comes to your life and its purpose, the magical aspect of the Merlin can be summoned to help you find an answer that is within you.

Ask yourself – what can I do to bring balance into my life? Ideally you meditate and invite Merlin to help you on your course. The Merlin says that he will lend you his wisdom and magic on your journey, until you can claim it as your own. His message is always: “Be in the world, but not of it, and wear it only as a loose cloak about your shoulders.” You will never have to look outside yourself for answers when the Merlin appears.

With the power & wisdom of Merlin and the Dragon Realm you are well guided and protected to transform more and more into your authentic self. I wish you a wonderful week full of magic. For a more personalized reading with more details please click here. Thank you so much, beloved!


L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Failure & Success

Are you afraid of being a failure? Did you know that the fear of failure is established in childhood by an over emphasis on material success. At the root is a fear of not surviving and not being loved. This is rooted within you if you fear failure. I will explain you more about this fear to help you understand that the fear of failure is an Illusion that keeps you limited.

Failure is a concept, a thought, a fear , a label to create a story. The truth is that your true self is not any thing, it just IS. You can look at it this way, failure is part of life, the part where you experience and learn. Without failure, without mistakes there would be no learning process. To be honest, it’s actually great if you fail, because failure is necessary to success. The most successful people had to fail a lot before they become as great as they are now.

Go within and ask yourself: What is it that I am so afraid of? What does failure mean to me? Failure or any other fear can paralyze you. The limitation of any fear takes away your self-confidence, your ability to persevere and your courage. In fact, fear can take away your passion and without it you feel kind of lost. But you are meant to be happy and your passion, brilliance and courage are your true nature. It is your heart singing for you and leading you in your beautiful life.

Stop now and face your fears, so you can discover your being-ness, your wholeness and your true happiness. I love you beyond words and wish you a wonderful day. Know that true happiness is a feeling of love and your will know when you found it as it is a sense of arriving home.

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Happy New Year – Red Overtone Moon

Happy New Year! Today is the beginning of a new cycle. 26th of July marks the beginning of a new cycle within the 13 moon cycle of the Mayan calendar. The Mayan timing frequency refers to the 13 galactic tones. These tones are encoded in the 13 moons. This is very impressive. The Mayan combine the lunar frequencies with the solar frequencies, which are encoded as 20 solar seals. They create perfect harmonic order as they follow the cycle of the earth in relation to the sun and moon.

Are you ready to make your New Year’s resolutions? According to the tradition of Mayans, blue is considered as a sacred color. All sacred places are deconsecrated and are painted blue to welcome New Year and celebrate the new God ruling the new cycle. Traditionally Mayan pull down old pottery and fiber mats, buy themselves new clothes and put up a new hat. The core of the New Year celebration are rituals and traditions to celebrate the phase with which life has gone a full cycle. Showing gratitude and dancing out of joy to welcome the New Year is a wonderful way to celebrate. New positive energy build up towards the New Year to arrive. What a wonderful tradition.

You may wonder what year we are entering now. In the Mayan system, we left the ” Yellow Self Existing Seed ” year and entering now the ” Red Overtone Moon ” year. These new frequency impact us on our deep consciousness. The number of the Red Moon is 9, which symbolizes the return of master teachers to help awaken human beings on Earth. Such teachers have come to translate universal wisdom to humanity. Each of us can access the wisdom of these great master teachers.

This year is about the return / awakening of the master teacher within our own being. What a wonderful year lies ahead, promising a powerful wave of Cosmic Light. This powerful wave also known as ” Cosmic Water ” floods through from the Galactic Center to the Earth. These blessings hold the New Codes for Planetary evolution and growth. Each Code will be activated and electrify every cell of every being on the Planet Earth filled with the New Information of the Divine Plan.

Happy New Year!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

What Will You Choose – Love or Fear?

What does poverty mean to you? Ideas such as ” loser “, ” unloved ” or ” failure ” may arise in your mind. The truth is that these are concepts about your false self, your ego, your default program. They have nothing to do with who you really are. These are labels for the image of yourself that lives inside your head.

You are rich and much more than your bank account. When you identify with your true nature, your inner gifts, your true potential and the ability to love, then you live in the flow of your soul purpose. And no false concepts such as poor can distract you anymore. The key is LOVE. Let love be your currency and everyone will be equally rich. Love is limitless, it’s the greatest gift and resource in your life.

The truth is that at this point in humanity still many people and institutions are driven by the ego and its values. Think about it. Most people have much more than they need, but it is a great challenge to shift out of the egoic state of consciousness. Right now, humanity is in a shift in consciousness and this shift is much-needed. The problems creating suffering are often required to wake people up. Can you hear the wake up call? Fears are just ideas created by the mind. They are stories and unreal to challenge you. Challenges are designed to test you, to teach you something and to assist you in experiencing life. Life is all about love and every experience is to bring you closer to love.

Are you ready to live your life in your full potential? Start your journey now to master yourself – your false self. The mastery of the ego is the next step of humanity’s evolution. Choose consciously from your heart and allow yourself to trust! Trust is the antidote to any fear. Do you trust in life? Do you trust that life will provide you? Your beliefs count, in fact your beliefs shape your reality. Choose love over fear, trust love, practice love and experience the shift within you. Your perception will change. Abundance, new opportunities and all the life has to offer will become visible to you. It has always been there, you just could not see it as your state of awareness created blindness. Now you are on the path of discover that life is good as you start to trust.

I wish you a beautiful day. May love always shine the brightest.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Love – The Wise Master

Beautiful Soul,

are you listening to the voice in your head or to the voice of your heart? Your heart knows exactly what is needed for your evolution. When you start to trust your heart and follow it, you will be happy. Love can naturally flow from you.

But what if you listen to the voice of your head? Your head is a simple thought stream that runs on the energy of fear. Fear based thoughts create Illusions of wisdom that is false. Have you ever asked yourself if fear actually serve a purpose? Have you ever questioned your fears? Fear is an Illusion because without it, there would be no misunderstanding of reality. Fear is a thought or thought pattern in your head, they stem from your own mind. Your own mind creates these fears based on thoughts about the future or past. Notice what you are thinking. Notice how often your thoughts are about the past or future.

Each moment of your life, you can make a choice. The choice to listen to your heart or your head. Listening to the voice of your head is easy, as we are so used to it. This voice is loud and creates lots of doubts and worries. Choosing the voice of your heart is more challenging, this is the voice of your very own intuition. It is more like a whispering, a deep knowing with a strong urge. Learning to understand what your heart is pointing out towards yourself can be clear but difficult to follow as it asks you a great deal of trust. Trust coexists with love and trusting that there is another way to live takes a leap of faith. Your heart is a great mystery and the wise master that guides you to true happiness.

Developing trust in yourself is the key. Go and do what you truly want. Make your heart sing, because only you can choose to do what will make you happy and the whole universe will guide you along. You are so loved and supported. Allow yourself now to take courage and trust in yourself. With every success achieved over fear you gain more and more courage, trust and feel loved. Little by little you gain trust and courage in life by experiencing the truth about life.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading For July 25th – 30th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week is a reminder to all of us – we are one Unity – lets celebrate! Connect with your heart and follow your Intuition. Know that all is connected.

The week starts with “Komme in deine Kraft”. It is a perfect moment to remind oneself of Unity. We are all connected, respect each part of our Unity. Respect nature, the animal kingdom, the elemental realm and bring yourself into alignment with our beloved Mother Earth. Go deep within, step into your heart and core power look for signs as your beautiful angels are guiding you. Follow these signs and you will be rewarded abundantly. There is also a message of waking up to your true authentic self.

In the middle of the week our beloved nature guardians invite us to an adventure to celebrate the ” day out of time ” & the new beginning of a new cycle. Bring joyful energy into your life and do whatever brings you joy as you celebrate yourself you celebrate life itself. “Abenteur” calls you to step out of your daily routine. Bring some new exciting energy into your life. These new energies will assist you in opening new doors for you. Ready? Creating joy leads to new adventures – all you are asked to do is to stop for today with your routine and do something unexpected that makes your heart sing.

This beautiful week ends with 2 cards symbolizing action. Its time to get active. Set your new intentions now for the new cycle and follow each sign you receive from the beautiful angels that support you each step of mastering self. Go within and ask yourself what is it that you truly desire? What values are still the same? What values changed? You are worth it, beloved. Let go, surrender any part of you that no longer serves your highest growth. See your true beauty, nourish yourself, love your whole being. You deserve to be loved. Open your heart to all the gifts that are being offered to you. Open you arms now and say to yourself: I Allow Myself To Receive Now All Gifts For My Highest Growth! Thank You. ( And see yourself receiving beautiful light, flowers or whatever you are aware of ). I wish you all a blessed week.

This is a beautiful week full of magic. For a more personalized reading with more details please click here. Thank you so much, beloved!


L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Day Out Of Time

Welcome Beautiful Souls,

Today is the 25th of July, known by the Maya as ” The day out of time “. This beautiful day is designed for cleansing, renewal and attunement toward a new cycle of 13 moons. This day shall be celebrated in gatherings of light throughout the world as the Maya did. In the calendar, the 13 moons are essentially the 13 tones – different rhythms of waves that gradually evolve. We experience each tone for 28 days and each day is significant in itself.

The calendar of the Maya describes the time it takes for the Earth to circle the sun as well as the 13 orbits of the moon around the Earth. The Mayans discovered that only one celestial phenomenon repeats itself each year at the same time. On the 26th of July in the Gregorian calendar, the star Sirius rises over the horizon just before sunrise. At this special day, the Earth, the sun and Sirius are aligned along on straight line. Sirius plays a key role in our society. Therefor the 26th of July is the Mayan New Year’s day.

I love it. Today is a very special day and ideal for manifestation. Go on and do something that brings you joy today. Sit in meditation and see what messages come through to you. Lift your Spirit to the higher Dimensions and stay connected as long as you can. Its time to celebrate yourself, nature and that we are all connected! It is a day of reverence and respect for all life – a dedication to the beauty of eternal time. Are you ready to recognize UNITY? Celebrate your day out of time. I am sending you blessing.


I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading For July 18th – 23rd 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week is challenging us in different ways. Connect with your heart and follow your Intuition. Do not allow outer conditions to distract you. Know that all is connected.

The week starts with “Balancing Act”.This is a time when it’s important to address the areas of your life where there is discord. Are you fixated on getting your own way? Are you obsessed with one thing, neglecting essential matters that require your attention? Taking your own inventory is a necessary step toward rebalancing your life, and it’s the only way to reach an equitable solution. Adjust yourself to the conditions of your environment that you have no control over, and balance will come much more easily. If there is to be fairness, it must come from you. Stay calm within!

By the middle of the week ” Unexpected Visitors ” join us. Invite miracles into your life. The energy is shifting creating new openings for the unexpected. No matter how detailed your plans are, and how clear you believe the road ahead to be, there are times when the best plans are waylaid by unforeseen circumstances. At first, detours may seem inconvenient, but a surprise turn of events signals that the adventure of life is beginning to get interesting. No one can plan for synchronicity—for fate and destiny to meet—except Spirit, who knows what you can’t comprehend for now. Life is full of surprises, so stay on your toes and enjoy this exciting new adventure you weren’t expecting. There is a plan for your life that may not match up with your agenda. Be open to unexpected opportunities!

In the end of the week we are ” Flying ” into the weekend. When we are above things, we see things from a higher perspective. This card reversed is a gentle reminder that there are times to take flight and times to remain grounded, and for now you must avoid overreaching. There is still work to be done before you earn your wings. Be patient. What you seek will not be out of reach forever. Doing too much, too fast, too soon only serves to prevent a beautiful flight later on. 

Beautiful Soul, be your authentic self and listen to your heart. Your heart will always guide you in loving ways. For more guidance or a very personalized into the depth energy reading, please book below. Thank you.

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I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Trust In Your Self

What does it mean Trust In Your Self? Trust refers to detaching from any drama and to have faith in the perfect outcome for your highest growth. Developing trust can be very challenging as most of us have experienced disappointment. Disappointment comes from expectations, as our expectation are not met we feel sad, frustrated, angry, unhappy and disappointed. Understanding the truth of our feelings…

Trust itself is a necessary building block for inner freedom. Only when you allow yourself to fully trust the process of transformation, only if you are committed to fully trust your self, only than you surrender any worries, any expectations, any pain to the Universe. You signal the Universe that you are ready for taking the next step into the unknown. When you develop total trust into yourself, you start to understand that external conditions are in the end not a reliable source of happiness. You are changing, you are transforming, growing and so does your perception, your external conditions. Life itself is the experience of an ongoing change. Each moment of your life is an opportunity to develop a deeper trust within yourself and all that is connected to your being. Having confidence in the ” Be-ingness ” rather than the ” Do-ingness ” is Trust in Yourself. You are so powerful, more than you ever can imagine. Step into your power, be YOU and trust the process. Once you understand and live the concept of trusting in self new doors will open up, a new whole world will be shown to you.

Are you willing to live your life without attachment to outcome? Showing up for what matters in your life and do your best to bring happiness is a blessing and connected to trust in yourself as you surrender any expectations. But still you hold onto the intend of pure joy, pure happiness, pure love and your desires. You even can afford to care more, to be vulnerable as you manifest your values that matter to you detached from any specific outcome. Trust is the key to love unconditional as you acknowledge and celebrate your true essence, your divine spark within yourself and anybody, any being, any place. You simply trust the fact that however the relationship unfolds its worth to be experienced.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading For July 13th – 16th

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week  the angels of abundance are with us to show us where our energy flow is blocked. Ready to be pinpointed at your hidden influences?

This week we are reminded to ” Release Resentments About Money “. Now is the moment to take back your power. You are the co-creator of your life. Start affirming that you are your own economic system. Align your beliefs about money in a more positive direction by thinking about all the good you can do as you allow yourself to receive abundance. Stop the blame game and lift with ease your vibration to the frequency of abundance. Blocks that have held you back manifesting your desires will be lifted now. Call upon the Angel of Abundance to clear any energetic signal that you have sent out creating the energy of ” not having enough ” and allow them to replace it with the energy of ” more than enough, abundance flows to me in many ways “. Thank the Angels of Abundance for the amazing work they have done for you. After you done, focus on the energy of competition. This card signals you that your flow of abundance is blocking you.

Competition is based upon a “lack mentality,” which is an old energy believing that there’s not enough to go around. With lack mentality, you put a message out to the universe that you must struggle to receive your “portion of the pie.” Call once more upon the beautiful Angels of Abundance to clear any energetic blocks that are connected to the vibration of lack and competition at the very first moment created and allow them to heal you. Ask them to replace the vibration of lack and competition with pure love, pure light and pure source energy. Be reminded that what is yours is yours and always will be. Focus instead of the energy of service and cooperation and abundance will naturally flow to you. Thank the Angels.

 Another Message for this week is to be a ” Conscious Consumer “. When you are a conscious consumer, you signal the Universe that you acknowledge the world and the healing power that you exert with your spending decisions. We are all energy and energy is all around us. Giving money to companies that have values you believe in create a much kinder world. By being a conscious consumer who is aware of the connection between oneself purchases, planetary abundance and well-being you are shifting your energy onto higher frequencies. Go within and ask yourself: Am I spending money to buy things because I am filling an empty space within me? Am I buying products with an environment friendly approach? The Angels of Abundance are with you now, ask them any question and look out for signs as these benevolent beings will guide you. Thank you.

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I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Diversifying The Meaning Of Beauty

Nowadays beauty is defined by Social Media, but what if a new Consciousness is rising within us simultaneously? When you are aware of true beauty than you know that beauty can not be defined by words. What is beauty for you? How do you define BEAUTIFUL? Each of us perceives beauty differently as we are all on different vibrations and the truth is that we are all beautiful. Each of us is an expression of pure love energy and each of us is holding the vibration of true beauty. Beauty can be expressed in many ways and still it can never be fully gasp as it holds the vibration of the unexpected.

Beauty is around us in many forms. The world is full of beauty expressed in places, people, animals and nature sharing with us each day their beauty. But our lack of awareness and conditioning has obliterated our sense and appreciation of true beauty. Beauty is a very important part of ourselves and the world we are living in as it enriches our life’s. Beauty can be expressed through a smile, an action, kind words and anything that is meaningful to you. Beauty is within you, within all there is as nothing would be the same if one single piece would be missing.

Recognizing and appreciating beauty is a true gift that takes its place at the heart of our ability to experience wonder. True beauty can be found when you are able to see greatness in even the smallest of things. What is beauty for you now? Did your perception change while you were reading this post?

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥