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The Unfoldment Of The Rose

We unfold ourselves and show different qualities. Each quality represents a aspect of our soul refined. A fine structure within each of us is visible in the way we communicate in speech, action, listening. A rose is very much like our spiritual journey. The pedals hold together the true magic of the heart of the rose. Different qualities show as the rose unfolds her true beauty. Her perfume is like the aura of our spiritual nature. Roses are a symbol of pure love, beauty and balance.

Yes, its right a rose is the perfect example for balance because the beauty of the rose expresses promise, hope and new beginnings. It is in contrast with its thorns that symbolize defense, physicality and loss. I love how nature shows in detail our beautiful truth. We are whole. We are all connected. We are in balance in spiritual truth. Did you know that angels love to use roses or the scents of roses to communicate with us? A rose has the highest electrical frequency of any flower on Earth. Angels have a very high vibration themselves so it’s naturally that they love to use roses as a tool of communication.

There are different aspects of a rose that are signs for love, death, secrecy, joy, union, wisdom, faith, passion, beauty.  Many meanings vary depending on its color as well. A red rose expresses romantic love and passion. Where as a pink rose is  associated with feelings of love and gratitude. The pure white rose conveys respect, purity and innocence. And the yellow rose holds the message of joy and friendship. Did you know that the Fairy Queen has a very special sacred rose. Her rose is the original wild variety with five green sepals and five petals in a circle. Roses are so beautiful and magical, they attract Fairies and so does the rose oil. It is said that in Germany the roses are protected by the kingdom of dwarves. Can you feel the magical feeling of a rose? May be it is because Fairies are attracted to the perfume of a rose or it is the high vibration you sense with your whole being. When you receive 3 roses, you may not be aware of it but the angels send you a very powerful message along. 3 roses are symbolizing union of love, life and light. It is a sign for immortal love that will never fade.

I love you all so dearly and I hope that next time you receive or give a rose, you will remind yourself of the deep meaning hidden within. Thank you. I bless you all.



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