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Allow Yourself To Heal

Do you know the experience of being healed and a couple of months later you feel the exact same pain again?

The dis-ease exists in the first place because of a thought you had and you chose to have the same pain again, it does not mean that you chose consciously this thought again. For example, may be you are afraid of moving forward in your life, you are scared of making the next decision. But you are thinking about making a decision every day. Thinking about being afraid of making your next decision, holding it dear to yourself, because you think about it without making a decision. You are choosing to think about it. You sleep and rest your body, then you wake up and remind your brain again on being afraid of making that next decision. When you keep on thinking about a certain thought you start to manifest it into reality. In this case it will manifest as pain in your body because you are afraid of making a decision about your next move. So if you get healing and meet someone in a social gathering, who may ask you about your future plans and you say nothing. At some degree you may start to be afraid to make the next decision and cover it up with excuses, the pain that has been healed will return. It’s such a wonderful process, if you think about it. Our dear body wants to help us to heal and move on.

In other words, you may learn about the situation that caused your dis-ease and you can get healing for it. But if we do not act upon what we know we shall do, then the dis-ease comes back. Like a reminder to tell you. Stop what you do and keep on moving now.
Once you heal yourself from this thought pattern, you are healed for good. Remember it takes more than on thought to manifest pain in your body.

I am sending you blessings