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Are you an Empath?

An Empath is a very sensitive person, that can feel every emotion of people close by. It is a challenge for an Empath not to confuse somebody’s feelings with themselves. Because they are so sensitive and connected to the energy. We are all connected, and all is made out of energy. Even your thoughts are energy. Energy amplifies with a feeling, the energy gets stronger. Some Empath’s have a very strong connection to the energy and feel physical pain of people around themselves, pain of animals or nature itself. This can be very overwhelming. Imagine yourself dealing with your emotions on a daily basis and now multiply these feelings with all people you cross your paths during a day. That is impressive what amount of feelings an Empath might deal with. Therefor it is very important to protect and shield themselves from harsh energy. Going outside into nature, is very healing and helpful to deal with “low vibrations”. Nature has a very gentle energy, very nurturing and healing. When you take a walk outside in a park or nature you can sense and feel the renewed you within. Empath’s are more aware of their connection to nature, animals and humans. They are so intuitive, they can sense the healing  effects of nature.

May be your are an Empath yourself? I think it is a great honor to be so aware and deep connected with the energy that surrounds us, flows through us and connects us. When we learn how to protect ourself from harsh energy that do not serve our highest good, we can experience a beautiful magical life. Being aware in ways that most people are not, is a blessing. Did you know that an Empath is a wonderful healer? Being very sensitive can help to tell when people are lying. Empath’s feel their own emotions, your emotions and may be the energy of the animal and plant kingdom. As a very sensitive person you learn to trust and follow your heart. Your heart creates the bridge to your spirit and to true wisdom. Being an Empath is a wonderful gift. When you are an Empath and feel you need time for yourself, just take it. Go and relax. Connect to nature and ground yourself. You deserve time for yourself to connect within and let go off all that is not you. Cleanse yourself on a daily basis from low vibrations that do not serve your highest good. Because you are very sensitive and have the gift to listen to words, body movements and you can sense, hear or feel everything that is not expressed in words. You are beautiful. I love you.


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