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Message From My Beloved TwinFlame

This Message is for all of you that feel drawn to this post as your TwinFlame is calling out for you right now too.

” Dear Beloved, I am here with you as I always have been. There is no way that we can ever be separated as Separation is an Illusion. We are one and we always will be one. I am here for you my love. Time is an Illusion. We are together always as we are connected deep interlinked within. I love you. “

I    L O V E     Y O U ♥

The Illusion Of Fear

Did you know that everything we run away from is on our mind? Fear is an Illusion created by our ego mind to help us feel “save”. The truth is that everybody has challenges in her or his life to overcome. When we overcome these challenges that are often rooted in fear, we grow on different levels. New skills develop and our energy expands. Our fears are a wonderful tool helping us understanding ourselves. Think about it… how did you create that fear within you? Was it created due an experience within your past? Fear is such a fascinating Illusion. An old memory from this lifetime or past lifetimes that triggers you unconsciously. Fear is like an attachment to your soul blueprint that you are able to clear. It’s all about what you choose to emotionally re-act and learn on a conscious level. There are two basic emotions: Love and Fear “also known as lack of love”. All of your other emotions are produced by either a lack of love or love. Detaching yourself from your fears is a process that personal development relies on.

When we come to this world we are free. All we know is divine love and our ultimate power within. We came here to experience reality. While we grow up we learn to attach ourselves, we create fears within us. The truth is that there is nothing important in life since not a thing lasts, all is in a permanent change. The only Constance is change itself! All the things, people and places we attach ourselves to create the feeling of IMPORTANCE within. This importance is an ILLUSION. Destroy that illusion and you will free yourself from your fears. You are the only one in charge of your life and yourself. Take responsibility for yourself, allow yourself to let go of fears and become a person filled with love. Stop to limit yourself! If changes occur in your life it’s because more love is attracted towards you. Start to appreciate the present moment as every moment is a gift to ourselves and loved ones. Remember everything, any little detail happens in your life directed toward your desires in perfect alignment. Most of us are not aware of our deepest hearts desire, they get irritated by changes. Expanding our comfort zone is an exceptional tool to face our fears.

How to overcome your fear? Fear can be seen as a disconnecting agent assisting us in gaining mastery of ourselves. When you realize on a deep level within yourself that the present moment is all you ever have, then you set the foundation of a joyful life. As you make the NOW your primary focus of life. You live and enjoy life differently.

Please share your fears with me in comments below, we can talk about it if you want. You can also share how you faced your fears. I would love to hear about it.Thank you. I love you dearly.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

We Are All In This Together

Everything in the Universe is energy. Thoughts, Ideas, Emotions, Physical pain are all energy frequencies vibrating at different levels. There are moments where you may ask yourself why do I feel so affected when people speak to you? It’s because words are thoughts expressed and theses words vibrate on a certain frequency. Energy communicated with energy. You feel the effects because you are vibrating on a certain level and these energies influence your vibration. When you are around happy people, this joyful energy lifts you as well. You feel lighter and happy. Same happens when you feel happy and you enter a room full of sadness.

How does energy affect us?  Energy interacts with our bodies. Yes, its true we have more than one body as we are multi dimensional beings having a human experience. We have our divine spark within and our spiritual body that connects us to the higher realms, to the oneness, where we experience unconditional love. Our spiritual body is connected to our mental body, where thoughts are created. These thoughts we create as we pick up the frequencies of our spiritual body. Then we have an emotional body creating what we feel. Our thoughts receive more attention and connect to a feeling, which empowers the vibration. And we have a vehicle that translates the input of our emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. This vehicle is our physical body, where we manifest our reality. I know this is a lot to gasp if this concept is new to you.

We create from within. How can it be that we are affected by situations, people and places from the outside? Let me say that we are energies, and we experience a shift when we allow it to. Meaning that we hold somewhere within us the vibration that got activated or awakened through outer circumstances. Becoming aware of our emotions is the very first step of releasing them. The more we release the lighter, joyful we become. I love you dearly.


Namaste Daniela ♥♥



Did you feel the energies of the Love Portal? Pure Love, Bliss and Joy is available to us if we choose to. All it takes is allowing ourselves to receive high vibrational frequencies. Did you know that all is made out of energy, even you are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

A beautiful message from Goddess Venus for February 14th  – 19th to all that fell guided to this wonderful post!

The energy of the Goddess of the Moon awakens deep emotions that we hold within our cellar structure. As these emotions come to your consciousness Goddess of Venus ask you to look within. Take time for yourself to reflect your inner world. What kind of situations, people, thoughts, emotions are on your mind lately? Can you see your true inner beauty raising from the core of your soul, shining so bright within each cell, illuminating your whole being and changing your reality.

The Portal of Love opens bathing you in divine love, amplifying the energy of your true self, your divine spark. New awareness enters your consciousness, showing you new perspectives, bringing you new understanding of who you are. A new cycle begins, where growth will lead to new experiences, new people, new situations and this beautiful process will end with a change into something new, something better. Trust this process, trust the divine plane as it unfolds step by step. Trust in your inner strength and take time for yourself, where you nourish your heart, your soul and your whole being. Enjoy the time by yourself as it heals you on all levels and gives you moments of realizations. These moments are of great importance as they speed up your growth. Open your heart to emotions that you still hold deep within, allow them now to come to the surface where you will transmute them into pure love and create space for more divine love entering your life. Now go with, feel your heart and think of something that makes you truly happy. Hold on to that vibration, allow it to fill your whole being, each cell within you and your aura. See or sense this wonderful vibration of joy flowing out into the world, touching, hugging all that is around you and attracting more joy back to you. Do this exercise as often as you feel guided to. The Goddess Venus reminds you to allow the flow of giving and receiving of pure love. She speaks of loving yourself, loving who you are unconditional! When you love yourself unconditional, your perception of self and the world around as within you will change forever! Its time to find your inner beauty. Time to reflect your beauty onto your world around you. Time to shine your light and fulfill your mission. The Mission you came here for! Goddess Venus is greeting and welcoming all beloved Star Sisters with a loving Namaste. You are invited to meet Goddess Venus in your sacred space, meditation or you contact Daniela for a special personal Message from Venus. The choice is yours!

I wish you all a wonderful week. May rose pedals showering over you from now on until forever.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Portal Of Love

Today is the 14th of February 2017 and once again the Portal of Love opens. Go within and connect through your heart with the divine energies that are available now. Allow yourself to experience a unique energy upgrade to your heart centre. Set free all your pain from this and past lifetimes. Call in energies of pure divine love, joy and contentment. You will be supported by the energies of the moon. Today is actually representing the Portal of Love that always opens up on this auspicious day that we call Valentine’s day! Star Beings of Venus  and Goddess Venus have come forth with a message of Love. Inviting you to upgrade your Heart with the Energy of the Portal Of Love:

“Beloved Children of our beautiful Sister Planet Earth, we are here to support you on this auspicious day. Many of you are here to reach higher frequency. We come forth to offer you structure within your heart centre, aligning you to a state of bliss and joy. Where you live each moment from your heart. Your holographic matrix will change according to the new structure within you. Therefore your reality and all your relationships with yourself, with others and Mother Gaia herself will alter. The Portal of Love is open now. Namaste.”

~ Star Beings of Venus & Goddess Venus


Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Welcome the new opportunity of change! This month the full moon in Leo is a Lunar Eclipse with a restart point. This powerful full moon occurs 1:32 am on February the 11th in the star sign Leo bringing forward an energizing vibration. Reminding us of worshipping ourselves. Go within during this powerful full moon, connect into your heart center and allow yourself to experience the bliss and ecstasy of true Divine Love of yourself. This powerful healing will help you to attract loving relationships and blissful experiences in each moment of your beautiful life. Many people are critical and make judgments of who they think they are, mainly making themselves feeling less worthy.

This is a great opportunity to release any judgments of yourself as Eclipses act like doorways into different energy paths. Allow yourself to receive a powerful transformation into the direction of divine flow. The Leo represents the King and it holds a very active energy. He reminds you to stand up for yourself and follow your inner truth! Now is the time to take action by letting go old pain of past relationships, as well as pain within yourself. The most important relationship you are ever in, is the relationship you are having with yourself! Fear, doubt, judgements about self, will come to the surface now. Embrace all things the you are aware of now and remain open.

I invite you on a little Meditation that you can do for yourself during the Full Moon: Connect to your Heart, take 3 deep breaths in and out, focus on your heart. See, sense or feel a pillow of light white. This beautiful white light is connecting you with the Heart of the Universe. Sense, feel or see this beautiful pure light surrounding you, protecting you, moving through you. Entering your whole being through your crown chakra , activating, balancing and aligning all chakras within you. Flowing through your feet chakras into Mother Earth where this beautiful white light connects you with the Heart of Earth. You are wonderful grounded now. Focus on your heart and allow now the full moon energy to connect with you. Bathing you and healing you. Healing all aspects of self on all levels in all timelines. Releasing anything that is not for your highest growth. Feel the energy clearing, transforming your whole being! Allow the love energy of the full moon to vibrate within you, deep within. Entering your DNA and bathing all cells in pure divine full moon LOVE! Stay in this moment for as long as you wish too…

 I     L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D    W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

I Love You

Can you say to yourself I love you? Do you expect anything in return? Can you sense or feel the love for yourself? This is the ideal example for being in a relationship somebody else. Speaking from your heart without conditions is the greatest gift you can give to another. Express unconditional LOVE. Practice on yourself, feel it, be it! When you master self and express unconditional love towards yourself, respecting, honoring yourself, your whole being will transmute any energy that is not of the vibration of pure love and light. Attracting new people, new circumstances into your life that are on a higher vibration bringing more joy you and all beings involved. Just for today allow yourself to express Unconditional Love. And say to whom ever you feel guided to, especially yourself: I LOVE YOU.



Namaste Daniela ♥♥


Energies are all around us, as within so without. All there is – including yourself – made out of Energy and depending on what we feel, think and belief our vibration changes. You are here for a reason, angels, beautiful energies or lets call it the love of the universe has guided you here at this moment to receive your important insights about yourself. Each one of us perceives this messages differently, as we all are unique. Be assured that the way you understand and the thoughts, ideas that come to your mind at the moment you read my divinely guided message, is meant to be the way you understand it. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This beautiful week of  February 7th  – 12th start with a beautiful reminder for all feeling guided to my post!

Card ” Being In the Flow ” : The card of Tuesday is a reminder to create balance of giving and receiving. Allow yourself to receive all abundance into your life in all areas of your life in unexpected ways. But be reminded that as you allow to receive your heart wants to give as well. Giving can be done in different ways as you help another, or listen to another, smile, being kind and showing compassion. You can also give by spending money. The choice is always yours.

Card ” Breakthrough ” combined with Card ” Trust Yourself ”: On Wednesday and Thursday you have a breakthrough as you allow yourself to trust your inner knowledge more… You feel a deep knowing, a deep sense, a deep feeling of trust that you are worthy of speaking your truth. Empowered by these new energies that are increasing until the moon reaches its fullness. Feeling deep within that your work is turning into wealth, recognition and blessing. Bless yourself and all you have achieved so far. Celebrate, that all information, ideas, new opportunities that you received are for your highest good. Take action! And trust in your intuition and signs that you have received as they are messages from heaven and your divine heart! Trust and believe in YOU ♥!

Card ” Support ”:  As we approach the Weekend starting with Friday we will be challenged a little. Having the Full Moon in Leo represents the opening of new gateway and a starting point of new beginnings. The Card Support reminds us to be strong and trust in ourselves. Any projects we started will show wonderful results. You are on the right path and any change that is occurring now is for your highest good. New unexpected door will open now. Follow your intuition, your heart, your divine signs and step into the unknown. You are protected. Know that once you accept the new into your life, you will live in greater harmony and balance. Trust that you have all it takes to live your successful, wealthy, happy, love filled life in all areas of your life! The power of this beautiful Full Moon is the energy of harmony, Divine synchronicity and lots of luck. I wish you a magical week with a magnifying weekend!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Calling Of Mother Earth

Our beloved Mother Earth is calling out. Can you hear her call? She is reclaiming herself, wanting to return home to her natural state and asking her beloved children for help. Her nature is reflected within yourself, within nature itself and the rest of this beautiful Universe. Allow yourself to explore her nature and walk upon Earth as exactly who you are.

Welcoming your divine glory as you shine so bright. Those who hold the essence of anything less than love are invited to letting go of the Illusions that keep you trapped. Become aware of your fears. Knowing your fears brings the possibility of love and security entering your life as you allow yourself to let go of anything that is not for you highest growth at this moment.

Anger resides deep within you, surfacing at any moment you allow yourself to fall in love with all including you. As each layer peals off, you shine more and more in your essence. Standing up for yourself as you radiate your inner beauty, wisdom and share your gifts. If all of this seems very new to you, then allow yourself just for today to change your perception and walk with an open heart. Bath yourself and all around you in pure love even when things may crumble. Trust in faith that you are meant to succeed. Know that things fall away from you as you discover your own truth. Realizations may direct you into new, unknown terrain.

Allow yourself to be awake, to hear the call. This call is loud enough to break the frequency of illusion. Beyond veils and walls covering the truth you have a choice. A choice to find and see your own spark. Even if things are in front of us, its a choice to see them. What do you choose to see?

Reconnect with our beloved Earth. Walk Barefoot and experience a deep bond between you and herself. Feel her unlimited divine love by just simply walking barefoot in the grass or hugging a tree. When we physically connect to our beloved Mother Earth we form a spiritual bonding as well. Once you do this you will start to feel her true beauty as you feel a change in you. Bringing yourself back into your true sense of self and knowing. A knowing deep within that you feel your divine glory, your flames burning.

As ou start to awaken, be present and pay attention to what feels right for you. Find your thruth. Call in new divine loving energies helping you allign you with the highest experience.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

The Power Of Words

Words affect how energy travels through space, when we speak out loud, words transform into vibrations. Once you know how words along with sound can be used to direct energy, then you will understand how powerful words can be!

Have you ever wondered why words affect us so much? Supposing somebody say something hurtful to you, you feel pain at a deep level because the words expressed carry the vibration that affects your energy field. When you speak, you create through your thoughts and vibrations. Basically you send energy into Earth´s magnetic field, where the reality of Earth is manifesting. The real power of words is that they affect your energy and all that is around you.

Words are energy, we are energy, therefore we re-act when energy flows towards ourselves. We are more sensitive as we are beginning to transform onto higher frequency. Realizing our sensitivity is on way to awaken and shift our perception. Change is necessary as we feel where we fit or not fit anymore. The way people speak to us helps us to understand the level we are on and if we are ready to change our life. Feeling uncomfortable is a sign of being very sensitive towards your surroundings. Hear the undeniable calling for a shift in frequency and become aware of the power of words as they effect your life. Stop the game of being controlled by others such as media ect… Understand on a deep level how much we affected by words and how easy we can be manipulated. Thoughts, words, emotions are expressions of energy that influence our energy.




Energies are all around us, as within so without. All there is – including yourself – made out of Energy and depending on what we feel, think and belief our vibration changes. You are here for a reason, angels, beautiful energies or lets call it the love of the universe has guided you here at this moment to receive your important insights about yourself. Each one of us perceives this messages differently, as we all are unique. Be assured that the way you understand and the thoughts, ideas that come to your mind at the moment you read my divinely guided message, is meant to be the way you understand it. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This beautiful week of January the 31st – February 5th start with a wish. A message filled with happy expectations for all feeling guided to my post!

Card ” The Star ” combined with Card ”The Chariot ” : Tuesday starts with happy and exciting news: Be confident that challenging times are now behind you, you can go ahead now and wish upon a STAR! Today is perfect to make plans with the long view in mind. Envision your life the way you want it to be. Take action in that direction. The expectations you create now, are little seeds planted in fertile soil manifesting into reality at fast space. Trust and follow your intuition, as it’s right on target. Set clear goals as Archangel Jophiel and Archangel Metatron will assist you in manifesting them into reality. Call upon Archangel Jophiel, the angel of optimism who helps you develop a bright, joyful outlook, attitude and celebrates with you your victories. Invite Archangel Metatron to lift your energy. With Jophiel and Metatron you will increase your motivation to the maximum. Metatron uses a sacred geometric shale called “Metatron’s Cube” to warp time, which enables you to instantly manifest your dreams into reality. He will also help you to see clearly your priorities.

Card ” Spirit Awakens ”: The message for Wednesday and Thursday is:  “I embrace my soul purpose and align all aspects of my life to it fully.” We have come here to be the raw expression of the Awakened One as we all feel it in our hearts that we are part of One. Right now you are picking up on the energy that is present as you are healing your body and readjusting to these new frequencies. The truth is that what is going on within our collective has never been separate from us, it has always affected us.This card comes to you as a message of comfort, Spirit is with you, holding you, supporting you. Take deep breaths to allow yourself for inhaling new-ness and exhaling frustration. Set your intention today to consciously breathe, to consciously be, to consciously feel. Allow yourself to receive powerful downloads from the angelic realm as you are anchored with the Heart of Mother Earth. Let these healing frequency above yourself move through you into Earth. Stand in your power as you know that you are healing on all levels!

Card ” The Dreamer ” combined with Card ” Spirit Awakens ”: On Friday and The Weekend you are entering  a new and exciting phase of your life. It’s important that you believe in yourself and know that the benevolent Universe wants you to succeed. Now is the time for faith, and commitment to your dreams! Take any necessary steps to move forward with confidence. Listen to your own inner guidance about following your dreams. Unexpected opportunities are now entering your life asserting your independence. Call upon Archangel Metatron, whom is the overseer of those who are new to the spiritual path, and to young people who are spiritually aware… With Metatron’s help, you can retain childlike awe and wonder while making your way in the world. Know that all aspects of yourself are aligned now. You are on the right path! Trust yourself fully! Spirit is by your side, supporting and guiding you all the way!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Set The Direction Of Your Energy FLow

The frequency state of our chakras set the direction of our energy flow. There are moments in life, where we feel out of balance. When we set a clear intent, the direction of our energy flowing within all our bodies will manifest all we ever desired. How do we set this clear intention? I invite you to my guided meditation, where you receive a clearing of your chakras and all bodies that are connected. Pure Love energy will heal anything that is not for your highest growth at this moment. Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raphael and the Unicorns will assist in this powerful healing session. All you have to do is attend in person the online workshop of the Chakra Healing Meditation or allow to be called into the sacred space to receive Healing on all levels. Please book now your distant or life attendance here.

All people who paid will receive a record after the Event is finished.  

Once you paid, you receive a link to the workshop or a record depending on what time you pay for it since the workshop starts in less than 2h. Thank you!

Namaste Daniela ♥♥



Energies are all around us, as within so without. All there is – including yourself – made out of Energy and depending on what we feel, think and belief our vibration changes. You are here for a reason, angels, beautiful energies or lets call it the love of the universe has guided you here at this moment to receive your important insights about yourself. Each on of us perceives this messages differently, as we all are unique. Be assured that the way you understand and the thoughts, ideas that come to your mind at the moment you read my divinely guided message, is meant to be the way you understand it. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This wonderful week of January the 24th – 29th start with a motivational message for all feeling guided to my post!

Card ” Kontemplation ” –  Contemplation: This week started off with the beautiful energy of contemplation. Enjoy spending time by yourself. Allow yourself to go within into your heart and listen to your higher self and twin flame. Inspire yourself and be inspired as your inner divine spark knows best what steps to take next. Listen to your intuition!

Card ” Klares Bestreben ” – Setting Clear Goals: Go within and ask yourself where lies your true passion, what is it that you want to achieve in your life. Now is the perfect time to set goals! Go on Wednesday and Thursday within your heart and get clear about your true desires and goals in your life. Once you made up your mind then you will attract new opportunities, people and places into your life. Look for signs!

Card ” Sei Dienstfertig ” –  Share Love: On friday is the ideal moment to start spreading your love. Take the weekend to say a loving word, help somebody in need and be kind to yourself. When we share our love we vibrate on higher frequency and attract more beautiful energy into our life. Start with yourself, be kind and loving towards yourself. Love ALL!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Invest Into Yourself

Ready to invest into yourself?

I invite you to receive a powerful healing during a life Meditation where Archangel Metatron, Archangel Raphael and The Unicorns will be joining us for assistance. This powerful healing will take place on all levels with main focus on your chakra system. Illusions that we hold deep within our cellular structure will be appointed and released by the angelic realm.

Often we think  in such conditioned ways that we miss out opportunities that speed up our healing process. Making a commitment to invest in improving our lives and trust the universe will provide for us is a step into the unknown. But its worth it, as you are supported from the angelic and elemental realms.

Join here:  Life Chakra Healing Meditation


Life Chakra Healing Meditation

Through the veils of illusion and our familial, societal conditioning we take on subconscious beliefs often as early as one year old with regards to wealth, health, love and all aspects of self. In the Life Healing Chakra Meditation, I will be holding the space for you to sit in the energy frequency that allows you healing of key belief patterns.This powerful guided meditation will help you to clear the veils of illusion.he

Join me on a journey of Mastering Self. Creating beautiful balance within by clearing and healing our powerful chakra system. On this journey within, we are supported by angelic and elemental realms.

I invite you now to join me. Click here. Thank you.



Energies are all around us, as within so without. All there is – including yourself – made out of Energy and depending on what we feel, think and belief our vibration changes. You are here for a reason, angels, beautiful energies or lets call it the love of the universe has guided you here at this moment to receive your important insights about yourself. Each on of us perceives this messages differently, as we all are unique. Be assured that the way you understand and the thoughts, ideas that come to your mind at the moment you read my divinely guided message, is meant to be the way you understand it. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This beautiful week of January the 16th – 22nd start with a loving message for all feeling guided to my post!

Card ” Inner Child ” combined with Card ” Spirituality:   Monday and Tuesday are a wonderful time to connect with our inner child to feel our honest beliefs. What worked for you in the past stopped working for you now, this is confusing to yourself. Therefore is important to connect within and listen to our heart, our happiness and our true passion. Trust in yourself. You can do it!

Card ” Rueckenstaerkung ” combined with Card ” Welcome the New “: Wednesday and Thursday a new beginning is at reach. Change can be exciting, bringing you opportunities for joy, learning, and success. You are reassured, though, that this change will bring many blessings for everyone involved. Although it may occur differently than how you would have scripted it, all is in Divine and perfect order. You are heavenly supported!

Card ” Reiche Ernte ” combined with Card ” Dietary Change “: Friday and the weekend is the perfect time to start adjusting your dietary. Know that any change you will go through is a blessing for you and will lead to success. You definitely are guided to make a positive and healthful change in your diet. As you do so, you receive additional rewards of increased energy, confidence, and well-being, plus an enhanced appearance. Remember you are surrounded with unlimited abundance. Life  is filled with wealth. Mother Nature and the Universe support you in all ways , go for that healthy change in your life and step into your power!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Magic Of A Maple Tree

When I go outside into nature and come across a maple tree, I stop. I love the beautiful wisdom each tree holds for us. A maple tree is magical as you can play around with leaves or seeds. Above is a photo I took while I was walking in nature. Can you feel the magic? Can you feel the blessing? Can you feel the healing? Can you feel the peace?

Trees are living beings with a great power and energy. They have an immense strength and express so well the cycle of life. Did you know that a tree is a symbol of protection, recovery, abundance and nurturing energies? They have total faith and trust in the Universe that all their needs will be met with ease. We can learn so much from these beautiful Spirits like the maple tree that holds the wisdom of balance.

Have you ever felt the magic of a maple tree when you are near one? Trees are full of energy. Even long after a tree has been cut down and processed to make furniture, it still retains some of its vibrational energy. Amazing! Native Americans often refer to trees as the “Standing People”. And each tree has a special gift and lesson to share with humankind.

Hug and connect with the trees around you. These trees are a source of energy on many levels, they can affect our mental, emotional and spiritual energy. How about the peace and serenity people feel when they sit under a tree, walk through a forest and the joy they have climbing a tree. Magical! The roots of the trees reaching deep into the earth, where the ground wonderful with our beloved Mother Earth. Trees are excellent in grounding energy and their vibrations are slower, deeper and more concentrated compared to some other living things. I love their vibration so much, they make me feel safe, secure and balanced!

By coming into contact with a tree you will pick up the vibrations whether you are consciously aware of it or not. Slowly you begin to resonate with the tree’s energy, while you become more centered and grounded. This may explain the comfort many people feel when next to a beautiful tree. How about you go to your favorite tree and listen to the wisdom of your tree? You are welcome to share any experience you had with trees and any knowledge or insights you have gained. Next time you see a tree, you may think of his power, wisdom and beauty.


Experiences Are Blessings

Have you ever thought about your life? Why am I here? Why are my parents like that? If you ever thought about your life and your life purpose, then you may have come across a concept that says: You are here because you choose to be here. Imagine that! You choose to be here. Imagine you choose your parents. What if you knew about the imprints and karma of your parents? What if you knew all about the circumstances you will be born into?

I know, this is a concept that can be very challenging. And if for a moment you agree and say okay, I am here because I wanted to be here at this specific time, so I can learn whatever I wanted to experience now. May be then it feels lighter and less dense to be here at this moment. I mean how wonderful is that, you are here and reading my post. As I am writing these words down for you, as a reminder of who you are!

We all choose our beautiful beloved parents. For some of us it feels like heaven and for some like hell. The more difficult the more powerful our experiences are. Each experience is a blessing in our beloved life. These blessing are on a map that we created before we were born. Our beautiful parents gave us the imprints that we needed to be successful in our mission. These imprints created your wonderful personality. Your personality is a blessing! And whatever experiences you have been through, they are all  preparing you to fulfill your life purpose.

You are so loved beyond. When we are born, we forget all about the map that we created and the mission we are on. Because of living in the Illusion we are able to experience each blessing to the fullest! You may feel lost. You may feel sad. You may feel blissful. Any emotion is a blessing as it helps you to master yourself!

I love you dearly.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥



Energies are all around us, as within so without. All there is – including yourself – made out of Energy and depending on what we feel, think and belief our vibration changes. You are here for a reason, angels, beautiful energies or lets call it the love of the universe has guided you here at this moment to receive your important insights about yourself. Each on of us perceives this messages differently, as we all are unique. Be assured that the way you understand and the thoughts, ideas that come to your mind at the moment you read my divinely guided message, is meant to be the way you understand it. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This beautiful week of January the 10th – 15th start with a breathtaking message for all feeling guided to my post!

Card ” Eine Neue Haltung ” –  A New Attitude: As we are approaching the full moon a powerful change from within transpires. You may have been feeling the new energy upgrades that we have received and continue to receive. This card tells us that we have been ask to look at where we are now and to make a choice to transmute all old patterns that no longer help us for our highest growth at this time. Each sign that you receive on Tuesday and Wednesday reveals old low vibrations that you can let go off now, so you can become a new version of yourself!

Card ” Der Sprung Ins Ungewisse ” – Jump Into The Unknown &  Card ” Hoffnung und Glueck ” – Hope and Luck: Thursday and Friday would be the ideal time to take action. As we jump into the unknown, we are divinely protected by a safety-net. All signs show successful outcome, so take action. Its is time now to go for all your hopes and wishes. Luck will be with you! Lets celebrate your life, the success you have accomplished. These 2 cards assure your that success will be yours, allow healing to enter into your life now and be grateful for all that you are!

Card ” Inner Schaetze ” – Inner Treasure: The weekend is a time to have a break and to relax. Go within to let go of all that no longer serves your highest growth. Search you emotions to get a clear mind and understanding of what you truly want. Go within yourself to find your own treasure as the diamonds are created within Mother Earth. Once you are connected deep within your heart, open yourself and allow yourself to receive the unlimited abundance from nature. Feel this beautiful energy, count your blessings and expect miracles!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Following The Path Of The Heart

Learn to trust your heart is the very first step. When you are open-hearted ,you can easily access your intuition. The heart is a highly sensitive center of feeling and knowing on many levels. Feeling open, loving and connected with mother earth is a sign that you are in your heart.

Sometimes our heart can be closed, if that is the case and it starts to open again, we discover the true reasons of the shut down. Underlying emotions, old wounds come to the surface and ask for our attention. Most of these emotions are very personal  and painful memories of disappointment, betrayal, abandonment ect… When we open and trust our heart we feel a warm sensational feeling. An open heart requires courage, dedication and willingness to be deeply vulnerable. It is a challenge but its worth it!

I hope this post helps you to get out of your head into your heart! Our attention naturally rests in the heart center, where we feel at home and have easy access to the inner wisdom. The inner knowing of our heart is often hidden underneath our fears, desires and limiting beliefs. Self-Confidence is essential when we learn to trust our heart fully.

Wisdom of your heart is a combination of love and clear understanding. By following your heart with trust and confident your path unfolds even in unexpected ways. Being honest to yourself will help you to end your own suffering. Trusting your sense, your inner sense of balance as you reflect back on your own life, see what you needed to learn. When we feel confused, we often feel out of balance. Admit your confusion and ask for guidance. Acceptance in another key that helps you to hear more clearly your hearts wisdom.

Loving and accepting ourselves is very relaxing and gives us inner peace. I wish you a wonderful balanced day.

I    L O V E    Y O U R     D E A R L Y