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Diversifying The Meaning Of Beauty

Nowadays beauty is defined by Social Media, but what if a new Consciousness is rising within us simultaneously? When you are aware of true beauty than you know that beauty can not be defined by words. What is beauty for you? How do you define BEAUTIFUL? Each of us perceives beauty differently as we are all on different vibrations and the truth is that we are all beautiful. Each of us is an expression of pure love energy and each of us is holding the vibration of true beauty. Beauty can be expressed in many ways and still it can never be fully gasp as it holds the vibration of the unexpected.

Beauty is around us in many forms. The world is full of beauty expressed in places, people, animals and nature sharing with us each day their beauty. But our lack of awareness and conditioning has obliterated our sense and appreciation of true beauty. Beauty is a very important part of ourselves and the world we are living in as it enriches our life’s. Beauty can be expressed through a smile, an action, kind words and anything that is meaningful to you. Beauty is within you, within all there is as nothing would be the same if one single piece would be missing.

Recognizing and appreciating beauty is a true gift that takes its place at the heart of our ability to experience wonder. True beauty can be found when you are able to see greatness in even the smallest of things. What is beauty for you now? Did your perception change while you were reading this post?

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading June 12th – 18th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This weeks energy remind you go within. You hold the power to connect to the ultimate guide that lies within your heart at any moment you choose too. You are here for a reason, you are meant to hear the messages below.

Yang represents the power of action, the energies that propel the world forward, and manifesting thought and desire into concrete form. Now is the perfect time to act, for you can easily build momentum and make headway. What you want will come to fruition if you proceed confidently. This card signifies new life and is a sure sign that obstacles have been overcome. There is no reason to hesitate. Despite of temporary conditions, go within and find your harmony, do not look to the outer world to provide certainty. Remember you are the shaper of your destiny now.

Ready for a real change in your consciousness as you challenge the structures that are limiting your authentic self? Spirit is calling you to revolution! Focus on what you really want to achieve, regardless of whether it feels so far outside the box that the established order may reject it. Genius, invention, and transformation are rarely comfortable, and less likely to be accepted by the mainstream. It may be time for you to say no to the way of your group, take a stand, and make real changes. It could be that the structure of your inner world is alerting you to the need for a complete overhaul. This is a time for transformation, so let go of the fear of change. Your intuition will lead you through the darkness. There is no turning back now. Trust that light will dawn. Epiphanies will surely lead to miracles.  

Beautiful Soul,  I know it can be very challenging to listen to your heart. Just know that we are here to learn to trust our heart, as it will always lead us to a happy place. Your heart loves you so much, it wants to make you smile. Allow your authentic self to shine now. Have the courage and strength to follow your hearts desire. For more guidance or a very personalized into the depth energy reading, please book below. Thank you.

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I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Choosing Love

What if we are here on planet Earth to learn trusting our heart instead of our mind? What if trusting our heart no matter how impossible it seems leads us to the happiest version of ourselves? What if listening and taking action from a loving place creates the most joyful life?

Your heart loves you so much that it sends you emotions for guidance. Your heart wants you to be happy and is whispering what you truly desire even you may not being aware of it at that very moment. Tune into your heart, listen to what your heart is telling you. Allow your whole being filled with pure love. Can you hear that loving voice of your heart? Your heart wants you to be happy – Guiding you no matter the choice you make as you heart loves you unconditional and respects you. When your heart feels light, its surly a sign that the path or decision you made is for your highest growth. But if your heart feels heavy, know that some false beliefs are pointing in a direction that might lead to suffering. Why is it such a challenge to choose love over fear?

In extreme situations we tend to choose love, but what happens when fear kicks in? We start to doubt, we get confused and feel miserable. Fear is an Illusion, a thought pattern based on false information, false belief. We are programmed since we are born to fit into society. We copy the energy of our family, our friends and any experience we allow into our life and hold dear to us. We start to believe that we want a life that everybody else has, so we fit into society. But is this true for yourself? Is it true from the bottom of your heart that you can only be loved and feel happy if you do what everybody else is doing. Does your mind has such a power over you that you rather trust your thoughts than your feelings? Your heart loves you unconditional and knows what is best for you. Allow yourself for today to choose love and trust your heart. Take that risk and choose love. The path to a happy life will unfold step by step. Have you every ask yourself – what if your life is more important than anybody’s opinion? What if you choose love over fear and have a happy life? What if not fitting in creates more joy than you can ever imagine…?

And now ask yourself – do you love yourself enough to take massive action today and choose love? Love will always lead you to a happy life. What if we start to trust our heart and do whatever it takes to create that life of our dreams? Your heart may lead you onto a path that is challenging and unfamiliar, but know for sure, your heart knows what makes you the most happy. Trust in your heart. Trust in yourself. Allow miracles to enter into your life.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading For June 6th -11th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week remember to live in the NOW. You hold the power to connect to the ultimate guide that lies within your heart at any moment you choose too.

These beautiful cards came to us to remind each of us that we are living in the now. When humans created time, everything changed and contracted. People have come to look at life in a linear way, imagining that the past is behind them and the future ahead of them. But what if that isn’t true at all? What if everything—creativity, beauty, chaos, and order—were happening now, in a glorious timelessness? You have all the time in the world to co-create the life you desire, so release your agenda. Let go of your need to shape each moment to your expectations, knowing that what is yours will never be withheld from you. Miracles are here right now and always show up when you need them, right on time. Know that even in Relationship everything has its season especially when it comes to the matter of the heart. You are so loved dear one, and you always have enough time for love—to find it, to nurture it, to give and receive it. Its clock is eternal and ticks according to the beating of your heart, in perfect rhythm.

Allow opposing forces to create chaos that serves you well as any parts of yourself that no longer are needed will be left behind to create space for a new version of you. This is a time to understand rather than be understood. Know that every storm passes and chaos leads to a reordering of things. Take this time to learn about your values and be true to yourself. Some things are nonnegotiable. If thats true, allow everything to be shaken up so you can find the real path to your happy, joyful, wealthy life. Look for signs and red flags as Spirit always has your best interests at heart and loves you so much to show you where you need to be aware of so you can surrender anything that may hold you back. I love you dearly and wish you a wonderful week.

Beautiful Soul, be your authentic self. Have the courage and strength to follow your hearts desire. For more guidance or a very personalized into the depth energy reading, please book below. Thank you.

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I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Cornflower – Refinement

Did you know that our beautiful Cornflower encompasses the patterns of all the beauty and pain of Earth’s pouring forth her healing? Yes, this beautiful blue flower is magnificent as it is holding the vibration of pure love. Cornflower opens oneself to pure love by empowering the spark of interest to attract significant others into their lives. Feel the passion, allow yourself to speak your truth and allow fresh ideals to enter into your energy.

Whenever you feel drawn to a cornflower, connect with her and listen to her message. She is a true master of healing you on all levels and her beautiful essence can help you see your true beauty as it increases the love for oneself. Re-discover Love with the energy of the cornflower. Tune into her gentle energy and allow your consciousness to awaken to new levels. The cornflower is the light that shows you what you are – embodied, crystalline light. Your light-body is holding the beauty of your energetic pattern and with the assistance of the cornflower self-sabotage patterns will be revealed to you. Are you ready to discover the blueprint of your Soul?

Connect with this beautiful blue flower and allow her wisdom to reveal to you your souls purpose. Her powerful energy can effect you at a very deep level. Remember the blue cornflower is known for love, protection, serenity, clairvoyance, abundance and fertility. And her indigo color is the universal color of peace and tranquility. Indigo blue carries the energy of devotion, intuition and perception. It promotes deeper understanding of oneself and is helpful in opening the third eye. Connect with the image of the cornflower above and let me know what you experience…

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Divination – Dandelion

Are you ready to calling in spirit? Dandelion have such a warm, gentle energy that allows yourself to relax and connect with spirit. Their sunburst flower heads reflecting the heat like the sun and welcoming  spring to the lands – like charging themselves up with healing love and light. This beautiful yellow flower has medicinal qualities. In fact, the entire plant is bitter. Bitters are found in the wild and help our digestion very much as it stimulates all digestive functions. When you look at bitters as a tonic, then you are more than happy to eat Dandelion for optimal health.

Beyond the immediate physical benefits a Dandelion has powerful spiritual implications for those who seek them. I encourage you to spend some time and sit with the dandelion plant. Watch her softly move in the breeze and allow her magic to heal you on all levels. This is truly a magical flower looking like the sun itself, yellow and bright when it blossoms. The seed head itself reminds more of a full moon until the wind blows them away like little fairies dancing to a new pay ground. Remarkable flower!

Did you know that Dandelion are considered to be an omen of good luck? This little yellow flower belongs to the planet of wealth also known as Jupiter. So the next time you see lots of Dandelions, be assured this is a sign of unlimited abundance coming your way. This beautiful flower is a symbol of friendship, good luck and making a wish come true . The healing ways of Dandelion spread so effortless as the seeds float in the wind, which is so divine and so magical. The magic of a Dandelion is to succeed despite difficult obstacles and adapt fast. Dandelion can attune you to the essence of the sun, which allows you to upgrade the function of your liver, gallbladder system. Her power assists you as well in clearing any toxic imprints. I just love this simple but yet incredible powerful flower – helping us recognizing, resolving, releasing emotional trauma and overcoming mental blocks. What a magnificent harmonizer! Dandelion I love you.

Allow yourself to change and connect with the energy of Dandelion. Allow her healing to wash away painful emotions, mental blocks while it creates perfect divine balance within you. Did you know that the Dandelion resonates best with the solar plexus chakra? It is very healing in any area and issues related to fears, ego challenges, self-worth, understanding personal power.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Detoxification With The Magic Of The Laburnum Tree

Have you ever wonder about the power of trees and their influences in our live? Trees are magical they make our air breathable through the process of photosynthesis as they take in carbon dioxide and water while releasing oxygen.Trees can absorb negative forces and transform them into a beautiful loving energy. They are an energetic bridge from heaven to earth. The more rooted the tree, the higher it can extend to heaven.

This beautiful Golden Chain Tree connects us with the natural world supporting us detoxifying body, mind and soul. All parts of this tree are toxic if eaten. The wood is very hard and can be used for making musical instruments. If you ever have the chance to connect with a Golden Chain Tree listen to the Wisdom as trees are constantly in meditation and subtle energy is their natural language. Your understanding of their language grows, you can begin to develop a relationship with them. They can help you open your energy channels to balance your stress and tension level. The Golden Chain Tree increases detoxification process and the growth of creative potential. It flows towards the earth in harmonious waves allowing any toxic to be transmuted into pure love and light.

Did you know that all plants have the ability to absorb the light of the energies and transform it into food? In fact, they depend on light for most of their nourishment, while water and earth minerals make up about 30% of their nutritional intake. Wonderful. Plants are truly magical and very powerful healers! Allow yourself to connect with any tree you feel drawn to. Trust your intuition!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading for May 29th – June 4th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week  is full of the energy of transformation & trust. You hold the power to connect to the ultimate guide that lies within your heart. 

Monday and Tuesday starts with “The Lotus Throne” – You are being asked to trust your inner guidance above all others now. Have faith in your own heart and know that you are divine. Even is troublesome times you can connect with your conscious awareness to your own inner light so that you may come to realize the power and beauty that your are in truth. This card has come to you to guide you to trust that your own inner teacher is growing stronger, that you have more wisdom than you may be aware of. Trust yourself and your own heart’s guidance at this time, it will be very beneficial for you!

Wednesday and Thursday empowers you to show your true self. “Reveal The Peacock Beauty” – The beauty of the peacock is breathtaking, with stunning lush color unfolding in graceful and proud display. You too are a great beauty, beloved! Within you resides a glorious divine being of beautiful light/ Now is the time to express the beauty within you as you ask for Divine Blessings on all your plans, projects and words. As the Soul grows spiritually, the creative energies begin to rise from the sacral chakra in the hips and pelvis, to the throat chakra, where they can be translated into sound and made manifest. Be inspired, allow healing on all levels and express your truth. When you start to create divine beauty through your words and actions, then you become an active healing force for divine beauty in our world.

This Weekend will be magical as you transform through blessings into higher vibrational frequency. “Enter The Jade Temple” – A resolution and healing of any situation that is concurring you is already underway. In fact, you are being asked to begin to feel the relief of that resolution now, so you can more readily receive the divine solution and blessings. There are moments on the Path where conflict arises and struggles emerge. these conflicts may begin within us or appear to be in an external relationship or situation. These conflicts can help us raise our vibration to find unity as we still honor our individuality. Allow the Divine Goddess & Priestess of the Jade Temple, Kuan Yin to assist you in transforming any struggle, any situation even the deepest conflict through blessings into the energy of divine peace.

Can you see how perfect the messages go in another and supporting each other? The message assure you that you are here for a reason. You needed to hear these words to motivate you. Connect to your heart and follow any ideas or inspiration that you receive. Surrender any past suffering, pain or fear. Allow Kuan Yin to assist you in your healing process.

Beautiful Soul, be true to yourself and stop to worry. Your path is only meant for you! Stop harming or ignoring yourself and follow your path without compromise, as any compromise at this time will put you out of sync with the rhythms of success, health and happiness. You are a role model for following your inner truth! Take action as you know by your heart what path you truly want to follow. For more guidance or a very personalized into the depth energy reading, please book below. Thank you.

Energy Reading

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Peony – The Blessed Herb

Peony is called the blessed herb for their magical and medicinal ability. This beautiful flower holds the power of legendary healing within as it is named after the Greek Paeon, whom was known for his excellent healing abilities. I just love Peony, when they blossom displaying the energy of plenty and bringing anybody into a very deep relaxing state of mind.

Peony is the flower of healing, love, passion, protections, wealth, honor and fertility. Energetically they are excellent cleanser, bringing healing to the emotional body while removing any blocks, old patterns and challenging attachments. This very relaxing vibration aligns your energy to the frequency of abundance. Therefore symbolizes this powerful flower confident and relaxation, excellent for job interviews or any other performances where a clam, relaxed, confident mind is needed.

Peonies represent unlimited abundance and pure beauty in the welcoming nature kingdom, where the sweet scent carries the vibration of pure love. In chinese culture the peony is a symbol for feminine beauty, elegance and fertility. Their softly abundant petals and lovely feminine colors exude the vibration of femininity. Their fragrance is beautiful, sweet but gentle. When you love to invite more love into your home, cut fresh bunches and place them around your home. These powerful flowers enhance your relationships, encourage your fertility, boost your reputation and attract more wealth into your life. Once you connect with the vibration of a Peony your life will change as your perception receive an upgrade to tune mire into the energy of true nature of another. A deeper sense of true nature creates a clear mind and brings yourself into an even deeper connection with your heart and life purpose as this wonderful flower empowers ones heart desires. Peony is known for its purifying magic.

Ready for an energetic upgrade?

Connect to the vibration of Peonies. I love you dearly.

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Define Yourself – Iris Holds The Power of Commitment

Iris like the Greek Goddess, helps you to define yourself. Each of us has a unique spiritual essence within just waiting to be honored and expressed. Expressing our inner light brings unexpected gifts forth as we become more clear and open channels of divine healing. Aligning on all levels is essential to get in touch with our spiritual essence and Isis is helping us getting in touch with the deepest, truest essence of who we are. This wonderful flower assists us in becoming more clear. The clearer we are the more receptive we become. To open your creativity outlet try spending time with Iris. She will work heal you as she is a master energy healer. Iris creates perfect balance on all levels, she is like a rainbow possessing all colors in equal measures, she adds whatever is needed and releases exactly what is not needed. Yes, Iris is that powerful!

Iris holds great wisdom, she is the doorway between the all-knowing and our level of awareness. Irises posses a very purifying and protective energy, get some of these powerful flowers into your home and allow her wonderful energy to protect you. But how does the healing work occur?

Flowers are powerful, they are living beings with great healing ability. They offer us information of an energetic nature. The architecture of a Flower and its growing habit have a unique vibration belonging to a unique electrical pattern. Flowers are the highest vibrational expression of a plant and reflect divine love and beauty. A Flower is such an important healing gift as she resolves issues on an energetic level. All our bodies are connected and all of them impact our health. Unaddressed issues in any of our mental, emotional, etheric or physical body will eventually create dis-ease in our well-being. It is such a blessing to resolve an energetic disharmony in one of our bodies before it becomes an issue in the physical body as well. Therefore is the healing work of plants very important to our well- being.

Life force energy is within any plant, any living being and it enters our physical body by traveling through our other subtle bodies. These subtle bodies can get out of alignment through various factors. Flowers hold a wonderful gentle power that helps our subtle bodies to be perfectly aligned with our physical body. Our beloved Iris holds the wisdom of understanding commitment in its true sense.

I wish you a beautiful day, beloved!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

The Chameleons Of The Plant Kingdom.

Hydrangea flower are very powerful healer, they cleanse your energy and dissolve any discorded energy. Did you know that a Hydrangea symbolizes heartfelt emotions? This beautiful flower is known as the chameleons of the plant kingdom. Hydrangea appears in a number of colors and the acid content of soil can use them to change from on color to another. White Hydrangea have the ability to hold aluminum, therefore the flower can quickly turn blue based on the acidity of the soil. No matter what color she is, Hydrangea’s sensitivity slightly changes and she can help us experience our psychic gifts while honoring our boundaries. The Wisdom of Hydrangea is about experiencing the fullness of your inner power while still standing in your strength and maintaining healthy boundaries on all levels.

Hydrangea is such an amazing flower. Sitting next to her beautiful blossom creates a peaceful mind. Have you ever faced more than once the same recurring conditions in your life? The source may go back to your ancestors, these ongoing issues are most likely a challenging karmic pattern that is interwoven into your family tree. When consciously charged with intention, Hydrangea can help penetrate these types of patterns. This is such a blessing. Just go and sit near this powerful Flower and set clear intentions, then allow the healing to occur. Even more powerful is the energy on a full moon night. Hydrangea will help you with your karmic challenges. Remember to thank the flower after her healing work. Flowers love to assist us in healing our body, mind and soul. Each Flower has a wonderful nature Guardian also known as Fairy. Flower Fairies love to take care of their flower and when they see you and your open heart, they are more than happy to assist you and the energy of the flower for healing work. Fairies have magical dust that enhances energy. So when we work from our heart, we receive way effective healing! Show your kindness and respect to any plant and her nature guardian.

I wish you a wonderful day.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Protection – Daisy & Their Hidden Strength

Did you know that a flower in a manifestation of divine beauty and wisdom? Each flower has a unique vibration and so does the flower DAISY. Whenever you have the chance to be near a daisy, reach out to her and allow here wisdom to integrate with your being.

DAISY have the ability to awaken perfect balance within. The energy of DAISY activates our crown chakra. Spending time withDAISY’s can help open up your corns chakra and connect you with the nourishing flow of the Universal Heart. Our bodies are lightning rods, our thoughts are electrical impulses and our feeling have resonance and therefore we all have the ability to connect to the divine. We all have the ability to channel healing energy through our hands, thoughts, feelings and intentions. A flower contains life force energy and can heal our personal energy. Like Merlin, the beautiful DAISY specializes in alchemy and energetic fine-tuning. Are you ready to receive a fine-tuning?

Get ready and allow the powerful DAISY to align you with your magical power. You can also sit next to a Field of DAISY Flowers and silently listen with your heart to her wisdom and guidance. Let her now your intention to come tin alignment and have confidence, then wait for an okay. You will sense it, if she wants to talk to you. And remember always be grateful and kind to any flower.

The essence of a DAISY can boost your psychic and intuitive power. If you wish to enhance your intuition, you can add DAISY essence to your drinking water. Water itself is a potent psychic ability enhancer and ideal to help you increase your Intuition. The essence of a DAISY will boost the power of clear spring water. Drinking plenty of water infused with the essence of Daisy will bring about great results. Having DAISY’s in your garden brings great protection as these beautiful flowers strengthen your energy field.

I wish you a wonderful day.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Lilac – The Power Of Natural Healing

Beloved, beautiful Mother Nature created a wonderful display holding very powerful healing energy for you. Did you know that Lilac helps you to relax while its beautiful smell increases your vibration creating more joyful thoughts? Lilac is full of the vibration of joy and loves to work on your heart and third eye chakra. Flowers are more than creating a good feeling when you look at them, they are a part of the plant and have lots of life force energy. Therefor Flower medicine is very effective for body, mind and soul. Depending on which flower you are using and how you are using them, they will work on a physical level, mental level, emotional or energetic level. That is so wonderful!

The power of Lilac address the emotions and energy behind any imbalance on any level of being through the sweet aroma and energy of the flower. Any flower essences work directly at the core of any imbalance for creating wholeness and wellness. The magic of Lilacs is all about the perception of things as it expands our conscious awareness. This beautiful flower is about romance on higher levels.

Ideally you spend some time outdoors near Lilac to balance your energy field. The invisible wheels of light along your spine also known as chakras are being harmonized by the sweet scent of Lilac. Inhale this beautiful scent and allow the healing to occur. You might like to bring fresh lilacs into your space for further healing. Fresh Lilacs or Lilac essential oil can help you to calm and bring you into the space between the worlds where all magic is possible.

Are you ready to enhance your abilities to perceive and work with subtle energy?

I love you dearly. And wish you a wonderful day filled with the essence of Lilacs!

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥



Blue – Blossom Of Honesty & Inner Strength

I love these flowers, can you feel their Energy? Forget-me-not Flower holds the vibration of clarity and focus. When you simply gaze at this beautiful flower your mind refreshes with calmness. Indeed, the flower’s vibration is highly clarifying and can help with matter that require focus as this beautiful flower aligns  body , mind and soul while harmonizing the organs. Like a very good friend,Forget-me-not can lift you out of a stressful mindset. After all, “Importance” is an Illusion. So when life feels overwhelming go outdoors and look for your new friend :Forget-me-not . This powerful flower will clear your mind and being a new sense of peace into your life. I just love the power of flowers, look at Forget-me-not and feel the beautiful blue radiating out, touching your heart. Bright blue flowers are calling out to us as they appear out of the ground each year in springtime. Blue holds the symbolic meaning of peace, truth, harmony and honesty. It is sincere, quiet and reserved. This very powerful color represents confidence and inner security. Can you feel how it reduces your stress level while it creates a sense of calmness and relaxation?

When you capture the energetic pattering of Forget-me-not  into essence form, this aspect of its nature translates as an ability to enhance communication on many levels. Every day we experience a complex exchange of energies and our beloved friend Forget-me-not  can improve the communication between all aspects of ourselves as it increases the connection between our higher chakras and the conscious mind.

What do you feel when you look at this beautiful picture of FORGET – ME – NOT ?

Please look at the picture above and allow your energy to be lifted while you release negative thought patterns and recall past information that wants to be healed. This powerful flower aids communication between all the levels of the subtle anatomy enhancing responsiveness to unexpected situations and letting go of emotional tension such as worry and toxic thoughts.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – Energy Reading for May 23rd – 28th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week  is full of the energy of the New Moon in the sign of the fiery Aries. New doors open for a new start or an upgrade in our life. Be aware that the message below is for you as you are here for a reason. You are here at this moment to receive guidance and insights about yourself. 

This week starts with BIG BOLD VISION. You were born to play an important role in your life. Now is the time to dream bigger than ever before. Create a Vision of who you are that is bigger than you ever thought of and allow even more unexpected things into your life. Invite now new opportunities and surrender attachment to exactly how it will all work out. Know that there is something – a vision or an ideas – that is coming to you. This is meant to be yours. Face fearless your new inspirational ideas and trust that you will be assisted in the process. Take first steps towards your new Goal! This card comes in combination with a beautiful powerful stone. ” Auralite 23 ” has a sedative effect on the mind, stilling it so that profound healing and conscious connection with your beautiful soul, the universal mind and higher dimension occurs. You are a multilayered soul on a beautiful mission here on Earth to share your knowledge. You have the ability to move between different dimensions to anchor new vibrations into the earth plane. Connect to your heart and higher self for guidance, this way you raise your consciousness and allow new energy to enter into your life.

Wednesday and Thursday empowers you to heal deep wounds. The ” Peridot ” frees the mind from unwelcome envious thoughts and night terrors. This beautiful stone is transmutative and purifying. You are reminded to surrender any pain from the past. Stop holding on to the past. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes. You are deeply emotional connected to events to your past and this card assures you that with the New Moon Energy you have the courage and strength to learn to forgive and surrender. It is now time to detoxify your emotions while you recognize how outside influences operate in your life. Develop you own protection as you learn to rely on your own inner guidance. Know that you have a powerful destiny and great integrity – Money is earned from your talents! Combined with the LEGACY OF LIGHT – you are being ask to honor the legacy of light. This card comes to you when you need confirmation that a creative choice you are making is in alignment with your sacred purpose. Whatever it is that comes to your mind at this moment, know that it is of utmost importance to your spiritual growth – even if it seems like a relatively insignificant thought or question.

This Weekend will be magical as you gather a tremendous force of light around you. It is attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intention grows so does the light. Magic wants to happen for you now! Everything is perfect in synchronicity now. Needed information will seem to be drawn right to your door. Your heart evokes many new successes and attracts an abundance of opportunities your way. Surrender your resistance or fear and allow the light to flow freely. The card FOCUS ON THE LIGHT comes with the card Flint. The ” FLINT ” stabilizes energy and cuts through to the core of issues, clearing blockages and loosening ties. This beautiful cards signals that are new portals open to hidden aspects of yourself. Do not be afraid to explore this hidden side as it contains treasure beyond knowing. This beautiful stone connects you to your ancestors. You are being ask now to pay attention to energetic boundaries and core strength. Cut through confusion to the core of the matter and face your fears.

Can you see how perfect the messages go in another and supporting each other? The message assure you that you are here for a reason. You needed to hear these words to motivate and confirm you that  new opportunities come to you as you set new intentions. Dream bigger than ever. Connect to your heart and follow any ideas or inspiration that you receive. Surrender any past suffering, pain or fear. Allow the change to happen and allow deep old emotions to surface now so you can transmute them into pure love. Cut through any confusion to the core of the matter as you focus simultaneously on the light. And know that you are so loved!

Beautiful Soul, what would you do when you had unlimited time, energy and money available? What is the first thought that comes to your mind? That is your inner truth, and there is always a way to make it work on any budget and schedule. Any change—even a positive one—can be stressful, but with playful outlets like hobbies and good friends, it can feel purposeful and joyful. I love you dearly, beloved. I wish you a week with wonderful new opportunities! And whenever you feel guided to get a more INTO DEPTH energy reading, then click on link below:


Insight Card Reading


I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

New Doors Open – New Moon

On March the 25th – 26th 2017 falls the NEW MOON in the sign of Aries, representing new beginnings. I invite you to set your new intentions as Aries New Moon is very powerful. A new opportunity to surrender the old ways of doing things is given to you by the Universe for a few weeks. Make the most of it to transform your life into a blissful enjoyable one. Important is to get clear on what you truly want. What emotions do you want to bathe in on a day-to-day basis?  Once you have an understanding of your goals, you can start shifting your life in a more joyful direction.

Go within and find out what brings you joy and what bring you down. Be aware of what feels best for you, there are no ” right ” or ” wrong ” paths as there are no mistakes. Each lesson is a blessing and leads us to our inner most desire! I know it can be fearful to accept yourself for who you are as your surroundings know a different you. But living an authentic life is what will bring you joy as you be who you enjoy most. Trust the process and allow your life to head into a direction that will lead to even more bliss and joy. This powerful New Moon will help to give you that push that you may need to move forward. So set your intention and take the first step forward. Trust that everything else will unfold accordingly.

All is connected and if you feel guided to then join me for a card reading where I will reveal old belief patterns and anything that wishes to surface in the energy of the NEW MOON. Click below to get your NEW MOON reading.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Embrace YourSelf

Are you tried of facing same old belief patterns over and over again?

Join me for a free consultation where we will discuss healing methods that I can offer to you. Each Healing session helps you heal on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Depending on your life mission, each session  is different and heals as much as you are ready to release within. A session can involve a combination of removing energy created by negative thinking, negative emotions, physical problems, traumas , emotional wounds and attachments. You may experience a sense of feeling closer to your natural self, more in tune with your intuition, happier and lighter. You will be cleansed during each healing, your energy field and chakras as well as any blockages or specific issues you have. After a healing session each area of your life will improve, you are more easily to love and forgive yourself as well as to let go of past pain.

Ready to heal your body, mind and soul to enjoy a happy relationship with everyone including yourself in your beautiful life?

Did you know that we are our own most powerful guides and healers? Yes, its true, our life moves in a cyclical motion. Where we revisit times to help to shine our light when it is needed most. Our intuition navigate us through anything as nothing can truly stop us except ourselves. And still there are moments in life where we get distracted, we forget who we are and we get confused. In these moments its best to listen to your intuition. But your intuition can be clouded because of too many information that you are perceiving. There are simple tools that can assist you in going back into a clear state of mind.

How? Through readings, soul channeling, guidance, posts, mentoringReiKi…

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I am looking forward to hear from you.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

The Power Of Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a very powerful tool of spiritual growth. When we start facing our inner most, we surrender ourselves to the cosmic flow as we step into our power. The only way we feel hurt is when we have given away our power. Whereas forgiveness empowers you to surrender any pain, hurt feelings and sadness into the light, where it will be transmuted into pure love. Forgiveness is yours to give, and in giving it you take your power back.

Often getting hurt is fueled by the Illusion of Expectation. Expectations create Limitation. When we expect a certain outcome we put ourselves into a lower energy. But without expectations we allow all possibilities to enter our life. This is wonderful! The Power of Forgiveness releases any expectation that we hold within. It can transform expectations, anger, hurt feelings into peace and it can help you overcome personal conflicts. As we forgive we are giving up the suffering of the past and open our heart to heal. By being willing to forge ahead with far greater potential of inner freedom we invite healing on deep levels into our life. The pain of the past is causing dysfunction in our current life. Healing can only occur when we stop blaming and start forgiving, especially forgiving our own self! You can make a list of everyone you want to forgive. Then you call in his energy and say:” Dear [ Name of the person, place or situation you want to forgive ], I love you, I forgive you on all levels and with my complete self.You are free. I thank you for valuable lesson that I learned, I am willing to heal completely now. I forgive myself.  I set any expectations or pain-free. I am healed. I am free and so it is. ” When you start taking responsibility for the condition in your life, you step into the power of co-creating. Free yourself from any past pain with the power of I FORGIVE YOU.

Understand that your past is all over! Surrender your past pain, release it, forgive whom ever and look for your lessons. Forgiveness is very vital to living healthy. And you are so powerful that you can step into your power at any time, any place to start releasing low, negative energy that is within your tissues. Once you forgive yourself and whomever you want to forgive, you signal the Universe that you are ready to heal. Forgiveness can even heal physical pain in our bodies as pain is often caused by our mental and emotional state of mind. Remember Forgiveness is releasing expectations, pain, bitterness, stress, resentment and way more.

I wish you a blissful life!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You May 15th – 21st 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week  is full of the energy of LOVE as we all integrate the new energy codes from the last full moon. The message below is for you. You are here at this moment to receive guidance and insights about yourself. 

This week awaits us LOVING SELF! These beautiful cards remind you that you can love all that is. Say to yourself: “I am that I am. I am love. I am lovable. I am part of all living beings. I am that beautiful tree. I am that breathtaking flower. I am that magical bird. I am that I am.” You can love your tears and your sadness. They assure you that you have an open heart. You can love your numbness and fatigue, for they show you its time for rest. Love yourself. Love your anger because underneath it is a desire for respect. You are so beautiful, beloved! Start this week with loving and kind words towards yourself. Be kind even if there is something challenging or worrying you. Send it love, even if it hurts for it is part of your own divine nature awakening. Love it until it make all sense to you. ” Riding the cosmic wave” assures you that you can be carried further by the cosmic wave, please surrender as you are in the middle of this week stepping closer towers the edge. Prepare to leap and then let the cosmic wave of love carry you forwards. This beautiful card brings an important message: “There is a time to work hard and a time to allow the fruits of one’s labour to manifest, when one may be carried by foresee set in motion, by the energy of life itself. Give yourself permission to just ride the wave. Surrender, dear one. On Friday and the weekend the Goddess is awakening within your life. Let her reach you. She is calling to you from ancient times, calling you to allow her more deeply into your life. Celebrate the divine feminine as your life will be touched by her magic. Change is at hand!

I love you dearly, beloved. I wish you a wonderful WEEK!

 I L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Loving Self – A Pathway Of Self Discovery

When a child is born, her mother loves her newborn without reservation. It is such a pure love completely forgiving and accepting all that is. But many doubt that love. Looking in the mirror and failing to love ourselves unconditional. You may see yourself wanting and needing love. May be you feel insecure about being lovable. But where does our self-doubt come from? When we are little we receive so much love, loving ourselves as we are. We except us as we are. We are authentic! While we grow up our surroundings start to influence us. We start to see different behaviors, we learn new beliefs and we slowly forget that we are perfect! We start to belief limitations.

May be our family, friends or society living in these limited beliefs, but that does not mean this is true for YOU. Breakthrough and be who you truly are. Embrace yourself as you are! We are all individual. Each of us perceives life in different ways but all of us hold deep within unconditional love! Free yourself! When all limitations are left behind, love becomes unconditional. The relationship with yourself is divine. There are no needs or wants. You are perfect as you are! Feel that unconditional LOVE, call upon your Guardian Angels and ask them to bathe you in unconditional Love!

Allow yourself to surrender to pure LOVE. Negative forces in our lives will be transmuted into bliss and joy. Now is the perfect time taking care of yourself in the best way possible. Step into your power, step into your loving heart! Allow yourself to feel abundant, to bathe in the feeling of plenty and to enjoy ultimate bliss. First step is to accept yourself. Self-acceptance works wonders. It allows you to be authentic and helps you to relax. Everyone has their own path. You will have to find yours. I am here to guide you and remind you of who you truly are at your core!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You May 9th – 14th 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This week  is full of the energy of LOVE as we all receive new energy codes from the full moon. The message below is for you. You are here at this moment to receive guidance and insights about yourself. 

Beautiful Soul, this week starts with ” Love – Oneness “. In all of life, there is only the illusion of separation. In fact, we are all reflections of one another. When I make choices, I tend to see things as either/ or. What if every choice I make is about an experience, a sharing, and an exploring? When I choose to see the unity in all things, magic abounds. Love is all around me, Spirit loves me unconditionally, and I can give and receive abundant love. The Angel Number 6 signals you that you are surrounded by unconditional love. This number encourages you to be loving, caring and nurturing of yourself and others. Watch out for heavenly signs, dear one.

The Full Moon magnifies our true essence that we hold within. All that is not you is falling away. Great changes are happening now. The energy of the beautiful Full Moon reminds you to flow in excitement and joy. Embrace being part of something larger than yourself. It is a time to play together as we co-create. We are friends family and companions, who are sharing experiences. Remember that when we accept each other as we are, with both shadow and light within, than we truly can have a full experience of all that is offered to us.

After the powerful Full Moon this beautiful week ends with the message for the card ” 5 of Fire ” – what seems crazy today proves tomorrow to be brilliant. You hold great freedom within, beloved. Explore your ideas that seem the most far-fetched. Be like a child, willing to stretch you imagination when a new play-mate comes into the garden of possibilities. Open to new people and new ideas. Allow the fire within you to set your joy , excitement and passion free.

I love you dearly, beloved. I wish you a wonderful Full Moon!

 I L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥