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May’s Full Moon In Scorpio

The next Full Moon falls on  May the 10th/11th in the sign of Scorpio sending us an infusion of extremely powerful and potent energy. Did you know that the energy of the Scorpio is all about transformation? You are bathed in high frequency light that carries the ability to reach extremely low levels of consciousness. This Full Moon is going to help open your consciousness to a new level so you can become aware of a new things.

Now is the perfect moment to embrace and accept any recent changes. The powerful shift that you are going though allows you to move forward rapidly. In fact, after the energy of this powerful Full Moon, you may be feeling a greater sense of understanding where you are heading to as you begin to remember your personal power. Very often we forget that we have strength and power within us. This power supports us in taking responsibility over our lives, reminding us that we hold infinite wisdom and potential within. Claim your personal power now!

You are born here to remember that you are a highly advanced and intelligent energetic being that has a soul that is both timeless and endless. Go within and send out your wishes to the Universe. When you reach to your spiritual guides, they help and support you, so please use this powerful energy to your advantage and call for guidance. Your Angels are waiting to answer your inquiry. It is time to use the magical energy of May to speed up your manifestation work.

I love you beyond words and wish you a powerful, joyful Full Moon experience! Know that your intense personal interactions will reveal exactly how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. Allow your self to experience a positive transformation as relationship will evolve to a deeper level or send you free to move on. Clean away the clutter in your mind and your environment, now is the perfect time to get to the root to eliminate destructive behaviors.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥


Messages For You May 1st – 6th 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

The message for this week is to surrender and let Goddess be! This message is for everybody who fell guided to this insightful post!

This Week starts with a “Miraculous Healing Of The Goddess”. For you beloved, Isis offers a miracle Healing. No matter how much you have struggled with a particular matter, no matter how impossible it may seem to imagine your life without this old wound, addiction, problem, relationship issue or inner struggle being part of it, you are guided now to accept the possibility of miraculous healing, to let go and let the Goddess be! Allow Isis to lift whatever it is that has become too heavy for you to heal on your own, beloved. She can only help you if you allow her to. Releasing for healing means trust, letting go of attachment to outcome and how that outcome might be achieved! Be willing to release it to Her however! To hand something over for healing takes a radical change of mind and heart! To dare to hope without becoming attached to how or when, to fully surrender without forgetting to follow your intuition and act accordingly, to trust even though you may have been disappointed or hurt in the past – all these things take skill and courage! Are you ready to hand over you pain to The Goddess ISIS?

You are receiving blessings from the Divine. The Queen of Heaven reminds you that you have a Life Path of spiritual leadership to bring qualities of mercury, compassion and wisdom into the world. Your feminine energy within you is calling out to you and confirming your leadership and spiritual authority whether you are in a male or female body in this lifetime. Isis offers Initiates of the light. She inspires through the heart and empowers you to break through whatever that is that is holding you back. Call upon Isis the Queen of Heaven to work with you  to help you fulfilling your life mission.

Isis signals you that a dark phase and struggle is over. A new phase is upon you, one of hope, glory, light and triumph. Even when you felt like giving up, you chose to stay strong, to surrender to the Divine and continue with the path. Often what we meet are the difficulties of birth, literal and symbolic. We might feel great emotional or physical pain, spiritually bereft, alone and yearning for deeper union. During times of despair and struggle, we came back to our hearts, seating for faith within, searching for signs to support us as we take the long journey downs the spiritual birth cal, into Love in even greater expression.

You are so loved beloved. Call on Isis now! I love you!

I wish you all a wonderful week!

 I L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Purification – Are You Ready ?

What is Purification? Purification is a process that takes place on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It represents the means through with each embodied soul can recognize and return to the divinity that lies within. The process can cause re-examination of identity as it gives new meaning to the physical difficulties one may have endured. When we have a totally pure and clear aura, no harm can befall us. Our auras are fully surround our mental, emotional, physical and etheric bodies. If our essence is pure our auras are a huge light surrounding and protecting us.

But if we have negative or unresolved issues our auras show as shadows with dirty marks. The more we evolve the brighter our auras become. When we are facing a challenging period it is because there are lessons involved to be learned. Like someone is pushing “our buttons”, they are serving us by pointing our negative spots in our auras. They act as a mirror to reflect whatever it is that we still are holding onto in our energy. This could be old wounds, anger, fear, resentments or anything else that makes us feel unhappy. These emotions or thoughts created dark spots in our aura and in order to heal these spots we magnetize challenges in our lives to make us aware of what still needs to be healed.

How can we purify our selves? The elements are excellent purifiers. Each of the five elements represents a state of matter. Earth is not just soil, but it is everything in nature that is solid. Water is everything that is liquid. Air is everything that is a gas. And fire is that part of Nature that transforms one state of matter into another. Fire is a very powerful as it burns matter and transmutes the negativity held within our memories. When you burn photographs, the negativity held within will be transmuted into pure light and our memories plus our energy will be changed as it purifies. This is a very powerful tool! Another cleanser is Water. When you bath, particularly in salt water, our auras are washed clean. Sea salt is rejuvenating for our body, to breathe it in saunas can purify your whole respiratory system. Bathing in water with sea salt brings us minerals and draws out toxins. Air is an extremely powerful purifier as it clears the mind and brings clarity. Being out in the wind has a positive affect upon our auras as it purifies them. Earth is a very gentle purifier. Walking barefoot on sand, green grass or mud allows our negative energies to go down through our feet into earth, where they can be cleared by our beloved Gaia. Another powerful tool is light, imagine a ” white light ” from the Universe coming to you, through you and anchoring into Earth, then see yourself cleansed. Feel the happy, joyful energy filling your aura.

Did you know that our auras have a color, smell, taste and texture? Amazing right! There is so much more to be explored about our selves. And everyone can learn to see auras. Auras tell so much about a person. Auras can be felt, they can feel light, heavy, think and dense. An aura that feels heavy represents that we hold within unresolved emotions. Only people with a similar energy and aura will feel comfortable in the presence of a person with a heavy aura. Any addictions are behaviors that repeat in order to suppress our natural feelings. Addictions and not taking care of our self pollute our aura. By not taking self-care I am referring to negative thinking, little exercise, living with dirt or mess, eating unhealthy or over-working our selves. These locked-in, stagnant feelings and conditions need to be released from our auras in order for them to become clean, clear and pure.

Are your ready to purify yourself?





 I L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥






Message For You April 24th – 30th

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

The message for this week is a protective as new challenges lie ahead. This message is for everybody who fell guided to this insightful post!

This Week starts with a reminder that you are more than a person trying to get ahead and make things happen for yourself and others. You have an immortal soul and are gifted with a human life through which a Higher Power can express itself. At this time, you need to be conscious of your connection to Spirit and foster it through prayer and meditation. Ask: What is the highest good for all? How can I serve? Then get out of your own way and trust that there is a plan for your life more wondrous than you can ever know. You are always protected and Divinely directed.

On Wednesday be mindful of the tendency toward impulsive action, overconfidence, and aggressive behavior. Think before you act! The appearance of this card isn’t cause for fear, for life is all about learning lessons. Practice temperance, diplomacy, and thoughtful consideration before making a move.

This Coming Weekend reminds you to avoid drama at all costs, especially when it comes to other people’s “stuff.” Your sensitivity is on overload these days, and you’re best served by keeping your distance. Know that all drama will pass, and you will carry on, unscathed and blameless.

I wish you all a wonderful week!

 I L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥


How can you cleanse your body, mind and soul?

One way is to dink warm lemon water first thing in the morning, if you like you can add some cayenne pepper. Afterwards sit for at least 12 minutes in silent meditation before you start the rest of your daily routine. Make breaks to go for a walk in a park or nature. Ideally barefoot for an optimal grounding experience. During your day practice mindfulness while you are working or eating. Mindfulness is very powerful tool. Being mindful helps you to approach all situations from a place of compassion. This state of mind is intentionally observing experience from a place of calm objectivity, anchored in the present moment.

Another way is to let go off all toxic through a good cry. Tears are a beautiful healing method! Did you know that tears connect us with our deepest emotions? Crying is very healing for our emotional, spiritual and physical body. When you cry you let go of stress. Tears are your body’s natural response to whatever challenging emotion you are aware of in your inner space. Crying helps us to release emotions that are locked into our body tissue. read more

” How spiritual you are has nothing to do with what you believe but everything to do with your state of consciousness.”

~ Eckhart Tolle

A full body, mind, soul cleanse can be done through practicing conscious breathing! When you breathe in you feel, sense and see a beautiful light filled with divine love filling you up and when you breathe out you let go of any fear you have been holding on to. Breathing in love, breathing out fear, ect… Breathe through the discomfort and do not push the pain or fear away. Emotional pain is a part of us that needs tending to. See what it has to say and what you can learn from it. Be present and compassionate. This way you will build you emotional and mental strength. Take courage to face your fear, be mindful and remember this is an Illusion. Observe your thoughts and feelings, do not judge them. Be aware, learn and allow your pain and fear to go.

Cleansing your body, mind and soul through Gratitude, Joy and Fun is also a very powerful way. When you are grateful all your thoughts and emotions focus on what truly matters to you in that very moment. Gratitude is a practice that lifts your energy and state of mind onto higher frequency. The more you practice the more beneficial it is in you life. Same happens when we add lots of Joy and Fun into our daily routine. Our heart starts to sings and we feel light, happier and deeper relaxed attracting more beautiful energy like that into your life. We detox from stress, worries and dis-comfort as our body heals through laughter, joy and gratitude. I wish you a wonderful day and hope that these tips will assist you in having a full body , mind, soul experience as you cleanse deep anchored wounds.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

ReiKi – The Secret About An Ancient Healing Method

ReiKi originates from Japan, a healing method that infuses YOU with Life Force Energy. This energy flows through any human, animal, plant, basically through any living being. ReiKi flows to any part that needs healing to create perfect harmony and balance in your physical, emotional, mental, energetic bodies. This form of healing restores naturally the balance of Body, Mind and Soul. And this is achieved through he clearing of discordant energy within your bodies.

ReiKi is for Everyone! Everyone needs healing on some level to help clear, rejuvenate, restore and re-balance their energy body. ReiKi clears blockages that are causing illness, dis-ease or imbalance in your body. Love and acceptance are the key to inner freedom. When you really love and except yourself exactly as you are, they everything in life flows naturally. Love creates life and so does this beautiful Universal Life Force Energy as it is the same as the highest frequency called Divine Love! Its time to create miracles in your Life! Are you ready to experience a beautiful change in your life? More joy, more peace, more love will fill your presence.

Book Your Session NOW!

Do you feel stressed out? Do you feel out of balance? Do you feel stuck in life? If you answer any of these questions with yes, then ReiKi is for you! ReiKi reduces stress and creates deep relaxation, triggers the body’s natural healing abilities improves concentration, motivation.

Do you have ups and downs? Are you feeling tired of the situation or people? Do you feel challenged in your life? If you answer any of these questions with yes, then ReiKi is for you! ReiKi helps bringing about inner peace and harmony. Through Life Force Energy your mental balance is restored which helps to enhance learning, memory and mental clarity. ReiKi can heal  mental and emotional wounds as well as work through dysfunctions in several situations.

Do you feel pulled into 2 directions? Do you feel confused? Are you recovering from a break up, divorce, loss or surgery? ReiKi can be an effective way to treat immediate problems and speeds up the recovery process. Ready to experience this beautiful ancient healing technique for yourself?

Book Your Session NOW!

For any questions, please contact me.


I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥



Message For You – April 18th – 23rd 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

The message for this week is of great importance as all 4 elements are joining together. This message is for everybody who fell guided to this insightful post!

This week starts with “6 of Earth”. Whatever you have sent forth in love comes back to you now many times over. Generosity of others become apparent and unexpected resources show up. The universe is exhibiting its generosity, reminding you that the world is full of pleasant surprises. Spirit is sending you a special gift. What will you unwrap today? This powerful weeks continues with “7 of Water”. Time to tune into the infinite possibilities that exist and begin to play with them. Everything begins in the world of imagination, and you are asked to seize the opportunity to dream. Allow your intuition and desire to blend in an alchemical way, forming something new. Castles in the air can become castles on the ground when you release rigidity, bend the rules, and remain flexible and open. Limitations and boundaries give way to manifestation. This week ends with the Energy of Air “9 of Air” combined with Fire “Page of Fire”. Very powerful indeed. Spirit is telling you with a very gentle, mellifluous voice, that you will be okay. Any fear is an Illusion that appears to be real. Forgive yourself because you are a perfect divine light having a human experience and you do your best. Call on Spirit to remember who you are. Allow yourself to remember that you can do better as new possibilities begin to gather on your horizon. Spirit is sending you a boost in confidence and courage to assure you that now is the ideal time to act upon your new ideas. Start your new project! Take action and allow a new adventure to happen. You are truly the Co-Creator. Take your first steps into something new now. Value your divinely inspired Ideas!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Unique Challenges Of An Empath

Being an Empath can be very challenging. I am an Empath myself and its is such an adventure as we Empaths face unique opportunities in life due to our empathic abilities. Most of the time we have a little understanding of how it all works. Empaths are emotional sponges absorbing both stress and joy of the world. We can feel the pain and pleasure of plants, animals, any living being. We feel everything, often to an extreme. As a result of having little guard up between ourselves and others we often become overwhelmed by excessive stimulations. An overload of information, feelings can cause exhaustion. Being in balance helps to overcome the challenge of feeling overloaded.

But how can you protect yourself? Becoming aware of being an Empath is a major step towards protection, it helps you to understand yourself better. Empaths have an extremely sensitive neurological system, they filter differently, they are super-responders. Another tool to protect you is keeping distant from crowded places and giving yourself enough alone time. Being alone helps us Empaths to replenish from challenging moments. Express your needs and set clear boundaries with others is very helpful to protect yourself. When ever you feel uncomfortable with people or a situation, call upon you Higher Self, or Your Angels, or Your Spirit Guides, or your Guardian Angel or any divine Being of Love you loved to work with. Ask them to support and shield you. You can also create a shield yourself, all you got to do is imagine a light around you that allows only positive energy in and shields off toxic energy. This light can be green, yellow, red, blue, purple, white, golden ect any colour, even multiple colours whatever you feel guided to.

When you feel things first before you even think then you are very likely an Empath. Empaths sense subtle energy and absorb it into our owns bodies. This way we can experience the energies around us in extremely deep ways. Since everything is made out of subtle energy such as emotions, physical sensations, feelings and more. We often have trouble distinguishing someone else discomfort from our own. Some Empaths are more attuned to others people physical symptoms than others. Many pick quickly up emotions of other people. An Empaths Intuition is more evolved and therefore its easier to communicate telepathic or to tune into the spiritual world. Each Empath has a beautiful nuanced sensitivity be it more attuned to elements, animals, nature, people, food ect…

It is a Blessing to be an Empath. Being so sensitive allows you to sense people with a good or bad intent in advanced. We have a huge heart and love to help being in need. Our love and appreciation makes us loyal friends and mates. Empaths often love Water! They can feel and sense deep wisdom and healing effect of Water. Water has a very deep detoxifying effect on our energy and is extremely powerful. Grounding and Visualizing a protective Shield are very profound tools to create a more peaceful life especially when you are an Empath!


I      L O V E      Y O U      B E Y O N D      W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥


Message For You – April 10th – 16th 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

A beautiful message for April 10th  –  16th to all that fell guided to this insightful post!

This week starts with a beautiful Full Moon, perfectly aligned represents the message of the Universe “MOVING”. This card indicates that you are  clearing old energy and start anew, it can also literally mean that you are moving or just moved into a new home. This is a huge change affecting every part of your life. Self-care becomes even more important now. Take your time to rest instead of rushing to get everything immediately completed. Keep up your normal routines of exercise and healthful eating. You need your strength and energy for this “move” be it emotionally cleansing or physically relocating… give yourself time to adjust to the new circumstances and energies!

On Wednesday and Thursday a new adjustment to your daily routine is recommended in form of a change in your exercise program. This may mean you simply start exercising if you’ve been sedentary. Most likely, though, it’s a sign for you to change your fitness regimen so that it suits your current lifestyle. Notice the first thought that comes to mind about changing your workout routines, and your answer will be there. One thing’s for sure: you are being guided to exercise in a way that you’ll find enjoyable and stimulating. As a result, you’ll look forward to exercising, and you’ll gain practical benefits such as increased energy, confidence, productivity, and flow of new ideas—along with all the known health benefits.

Friday and The Weekend can be very exciting as we are going to celebrate Eastern! During Eastern you may want to work as a volunteer to help people. This very effective change will attract new energies into your life. Ideally you do something that you are passionate about, something you wanted to explore for such a long time, something you might be interested in as a potential career or something where you meet like-minded friends. This card is guiding you to volunteer in a way that is meaningful for you. Remember that when you give, you also receive. May be you Volunteer as EASTER BUNNY to share your gifts and love that your created passionately with your loved once. The very special EASTER CARD: “Focus on the Light” brings our focus back to our mission here on Earth. New Energy of the Full Moon brings  a tremendous force of light around each of us. Attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intentions grows, so does the light. Know that magic wants to happen for you now! The synchronicity, perfect timing, opportunities and information that are needed will seem to be drawn right to your door. New abundance and new success is at reach. Give yourself time to adjust to the new field of light as you expand. Any resistance or fear will inhibit the continuing free flow of the light so that it can manifest its beauty through you, in the physical world where it is needed. Trust yourself!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Happy Easter – Gift Yourself!

I invite you to celebrate Easter totally different this year. I offer a free Chakra Healing to everybody that books a Card Reading or ReiKi Session from 10th of April until 13th of April. This is my FULL MOON EASTER SPECIAL!

What is so special about a CARD READING? A Card Reading gives you instantly insights at where you at in your life at the very moment. A deep feeling of calmness and truth at your core. Confirmation that you know is 100% authentic to your path and it feels so good. Choosing an oracle card reading might show you that your obsessive ambition will never satisfy you. The good thing is that SPIRIT has a plan for you! Card Readings are an instrument to give you instant insights, by holding up a mirror that confirms what your bodies are telling you. You may not be aware or may be you do not know how to understand what your bodies tell you. Even your ego may want to make you believe that you know exactly what you want, how and when. The truth is, nothing can hide when I work with the cards personally. I ask the question and ask SPIRIT to show me the TRUTH. Oracle Cards are like taking a SELFIE with SPIRIT behind you. There is no way to hide. Spirit shows you what your truly desire at your core and confirms that what is truly yours will never be withheld from you. Book your Card Reading now.


My special GIFT to Everybody interested! When you book a ReiKi Session or Card Reading with Daniela from april 10th – 13th you receive for free a Chakra Healing Session!

What is so special about a ReiKi Session with Daniela? Each Session is connected to the highest vibration available at this moment on Earth the Diamond Light Ray. This beautiful Light heals you on your emotional, physical, mental and energetic level. How? ReiKi flows to any part of you to heal and help you to leave anything that is toxic to you, it might be a person, a situation or a place. Bringing to your awareness that you have done your best to heal the conditions, but sometimes the circumstances become intolerable and the healthiest choice is to move on. This naturally brings up feelings of confusion and insecurity. However, rest assured that whenever you are on the right path, everything works out for the best. It is time for a change allow healing to occur on all levels! Book your session now and receive a free Chakra Healing as well!

My special Invitation is limited until the 13th of APRIL. Make a gift to yourself today!

What is so special about a Chakra Healing? Daniela takes you through each major chakra one by one to bring your energy centers also known as Chakras back to balance and alignment. You can unblock any energetic imbalance through Chakra Energy Healing and create a balanced life in which you take care of all your needs. How do you know if you are out of balance? The first sign is a sense of feeling unhappy! But there can also be a sense of anxiety, a feeling insecurity ( root chakra ) or addictive carving such as alcohol, sugar ect… ( sacral chakra ). May be you have issues with control, leadership or power ( solar-plexus chakra ) or its difficult for you to trust yourself, others. Past feelings of pain may hold you back ( heart chakra ). Another imbalance could be in your throat chakra as you are holding yourself back from expression yourself, your inner truth, being authentic. Another sign is a sense of confusion, not feeling your intuition and expression your gifts ( third eye chakra ) or you feel spiritual disconnected ( crown chakra ). If any of the above resonates with you, it is an indication of an area in need of healing. Allow yourself to receive cleansing and restore your balance within your major chakras now! Make a gift to yourself for Easter. Bring yourself back to your natural state of high energy, intuition and creativity!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Make Mistakes!

We are growing and evolving because of making mistakes! When our body makes mistakes we had the “wrong” impression. When our mind makes mistakes we “judged”. That is how we learn and grow until we realize that Our Soul is perfect. We are perfect. Our mind and all around is perfect, so there is no need to judge. And our body is beautiful! We are the creators of our lives. We co-create as we receive a certain impression. Feelings, thoughts, ideas, you choose to empower them. Focus wisely but do not be afraid of making Mistakes. Each Mistake leads to inner Wisdom, to inner growth so all that truly is happening is allowing yourself to expand as you gain experiences. Mistakes are a beautiful tool to grow rapidly!

Fear of making mistakes is an Illusion! There is ” not such a thing as a MISTAKE “. Its more like a process of evolving. We discover more about ourselves like a Lesson that needed to be learned. We learn how to forgive, what limits belief we have and how to break through. There is so much to learn or lets better say to REMEMBER. As we are all on a journey of remembering who we truly are! Being afraid of stepping forward is blocking you, but even this might be a Lesson be learned! Sometimes we prefer to rest and enjoy the moment as nothing is really moving on. We enjoy it until we ready to move on. This may occur on a subconsciousness. Either way we expand and evolve.

 Go on make “Mistakes”, Learn and Grow! Enjoy the Journey!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – March 30th – April 2nd 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

A beautiful reminder for March 30th  –  April 2nd to all that fell guided to this beautiful post!

This week is all about YOU! You may have notice that changes occur around you. You are entering a period of intensive clean up. The Universe calls you to look within. Take a moment to really understand who you are. See the Illusions that block you from moving forward. Connect to your Intuition and follow your heart.

Step back and take a moment to calm yourself. All the drama around you is triggering old belief patterns within you. It’s like a Mirror showing you what you need to look at in order to let it go. This can be very confusing as you are being pushed into a new direction. Uncertainty may create doubt. Handle this doubts and concerns to the Angels and ask them to clear your mind. With a clear mind you can see the bigger picture and you can re-act in a loving way.

All these changes are here to prepare you for a new life. A happier life. A life where you live your truth, where you are you authentic self. No more old believe patterns, no more past-lifetimes issues – everything will be cleansed, cleared and transformed into pure love. Are you ready to transform? If you say yessss, well done! Now here is the challenge, face your fears, face old belief patterns, face any drama and look at the roots so you can clear it. While cleaning any “old energies” you get more and more clear on what you want. You discover who you are! Enjoy your journey! I wish you all a successful week.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥


ReDiscover The Infinite Love That You Hold Within

Can you imagine to uncover your truth of your being?

I am talking about a very personal journey that you take for your Self. When you re-discover the infinite love that you hold within yourself, then you are facing a new opportunity handling multiple aspects of your life in an in-depth way. This Change is a transformational process from within as you move into your new self. Your growth within attracts new changes from the outside. Higher vibrations are always matching higher energy and when we are letting go of old patterns we rise our vibration. Everything you know deep within will be revealed to you. Did you know that each of us is connected to their roots. These roots hold deep wisdom and unique gifts. Allowing you to experience a happier life as your highest guidance pinpoints what is really going on with you including what you may not be conscious of.

Does that sounds interesting? Would you like to start your journey? If you do, then I explain to you how. Starting a very personal journey into your Self is exciting. During you awakening process you may prefer to have a Mentor. A Mentor will guide and support you. A Mentor acts as a catalyst for your transformation. This process is helpful and very supportive while you connect more and more with your Self! Throughout the process, you are always being empowered to be your one light, love and guiding truth. Each session is filled with a profoundly healing connection that serves to reconnect you with the truth of your Self. You will enter into a transformational journey, where you unfold on all levels as you experience shifts in your life.

The ultimate Mentor lies within you, as you are your own ultimate Guide! There may be moments where you prefer to have a Mentor that connect you to your ultimate Guide. In these moments its best to choose a Mentor you connect with and trust. Look for somebody you feel a happy to work with. I wish you all a wonderful day and if you feel guided to work with me then I would be more than happy to explain to you how I work as a Mentor.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

The Law of Detachment

In detachment lies faith, trust and wisdom. Often when we detach from places, people or situations we feel uncertain as the freedom of our past is about to change. All that we have known to is changing now. But this uncertainty comes with conditioning, as we keep ourselves imprisoned. Deep within we long for expansion. We want to grow. Detach and be willing to step into the unknown, which holds a great variety of possibilities. As you detach and surrender to your creative mind, you dance in the rhythm of the universe.

  • Just for today I detach myself from all conditioning and worries.
  • Just for today I commit to be my true self and accept everybody around me the way they are.
  • Just for today I am willing to uncertainty and solitude.
  • Just for today I step into my core power and allow all possibilities to enter my life now.
  • Just for today I experience bliss, joy and fun.
  • Just for today I express love and allow to be loved.
  • Just for today I detach to free myself as I spread my wings and fly!

When you detach you allow yourself to attract all possibilities into your life. Detaching is letting go of conditioning, worries and trusting in your core power. I wish you a beautiful day.


The Ultimate Healer Within You

Did you know that we are our own most powerful guides and healers? Yes, its true, our life moves in a cyclical motion. Where we revisit times to help to shine our light when it is needed most. We are so powerful. Our intuition navigate us through anything as nothing can truly stop us except ourselves.

Amazing how powerful we are! There are moments in life where we get distracted, we forget who we are and we get confused. In these moments its best to listen to your intuition. But your intuition can be clouded because of too many information that you are perceiving. There are simple tools that can assist you in going back into a clear state of mind. One simple but powerful tool is MEDITATION another one can be CARD READINGS or READING A BOOK and so much more…

I will post here my inner wisdom, tools and techniques that can help you to create a deeper bond within your core power! My mission is to empower you on your path of Mastering Self. I am here to remind you that you always have a choice. Know that life’s lessons are here to assist you in learning and moving forward. It takes great strength, faith and trust to rebuild your life. The process of creation is part of you. I will wake you up onto your path, because you are exactly where you need to be, even if you are  only subconsciously aware of it. YOU ARE  THE ULTIMATE HEALER! There is not a thing that I have to teach you as you already know all you need. What I am here for is to remind you and prove to you that you are your own Healer, Guide, Oracle and Co-Creator.

How? Through my readings, soul channeling, guidance, posts, mentoring and ReiKi.

My Insight Card Readings are here to give you a gentle reminder or insights into whats real for you now. They are here to help you ground, gain clarity and to connect to your own core power of Being-ness. I deliver the message of your spirit that you already know deep within on some level.

Our ReiKi sessions together are a gift to yourself. A needed break for your body, mind , energetic presence and soul. I am here for you when you are calling for extra attention on any level as you are the only one who can decide, if this is something  you want to do for yourself. I am working with the Diamond Light ReiKi energy, the highest frequency available at this moment on our beloved Mother Earth. It is the energy that beats your heart, powers all living things and replenished your God Source Universal Life Force energy. Life Force energy can become depleted within the body due various factors that have a direct impact on your health.

My Meditations are a gift to you, helping you of letting go of any stored emotions and energies within your cellular structure. Each Meditation is infused with the Life Force Energy. These Meditations are a very powerful healing tool, connecting you to deeper wisdom from within.

My Blog is here to inspire you. I write intuitively about a holistic lifestyle. You can find posts about healing, spiritual tools, nutrition and new thought-provoking concepts. This blog is a reminder for everybody that feels guided to my posts and artworks. A reminder of who we truly are.

Regardless of how we work together, I am here to create a place where you can breathe and integrate your true self. My intention is always of expanded and loving consciousness. Assisting you on the path of mastering self, where you can be, who you always were meant to be. Your true self!

Beloved Soul, are you ready to get started?

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

Namaste Daniela♥♥


Welcome! Spring

The Spring Equinox occurs in the Northern Hemisphere on March 20, 2017.This time of the year is the celebration of fertility and new beginning as longer days are approaching our body, mind and soul.

Are you ready to honor yourself? New beginning, new-found joy, new promises of new life – very powerful hope. The word ” Equinox ” means equal night. Our day and night create balance as each of them are approximately the same length. The spring is beautiful as it shows how all things can find balance. What a powerful message – finding balance in each moment as the journey never ends through the cosmos! It is like magic. New awareness of the interconnection between spirit and all that is arises within each of us. Even though we are at different levels on our mission here on Earth, we all dance the discovery of oneness. This Spring Equinox is the perfect time to explore our deepest emotions as we allow to flow with the divine plan. Surrender and fall in love with yourself, with life, with nature , with another and with all there is!

Did you know that during the Spring Equinox we wake up to a new level of consciousness? Its like the wind blows new energy into our body where our mind and spirit received a great boost of joy and inspiration. We start to clean, clear and transmute old energy patterns so we can expand while we fill ourselves with more love. Spring creates a sense of comfort and safety within us. May be it is the beautiful blossom that makes our feel more connected with nature. This is a beautiful start of the new as you allow acceptance of your journey. Accept your desire. Accept yourself as who you are at this moment. See your inner sparkle and accept your core power to be part of you as it always have been! Go for a spring walk and enjoy your time. This is the perfect time to plant new seeds for the future. Be mindful! Be love! I wish you all a beautiful start!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥

Messages For You – March 7th – 12th 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy, even you are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

A short, but powerful message for March 7th  –  12th to all that fell guided to this motivational post!

This week you are entering a period of profound and heartfelt love. It is a deep emotional time where you focus on questions that matters to you the most. New values come to your surface now as your spirit guides lead you a long a path of self-discovery. Your passion, connection within and appreciation for life are heightened now. There may be moments when your emotions overflow to the point of being almost unbearable. This is a very precious time as you are healing deep within. Your inner light and wisdom illuminates, heals and inspires you. Start to do something fun. Be creative. Be spontaneous. Follow your intuition and trust in your inner wisdom, in signs and messages that you receive. Flowing, surrendering and trusting in the process of the divine, where you rediscover enthusiasm, joy and bliss. Relax when you feel the need to. It is important to take great care of yourself. In this time we heal from pain and fear based thoughts, feelings and expressions. You are on the right path. More steps are unfolding now to show you the truth in all situations. Remind yourself to let go of all dysfunctional emotions. Bless yourself for the experience gained and live from now on your life to the fullest. Know that your vibrations rises as you are stepping into a new level of consciousness. Keep on pushing your boundaries out and feel yourself expanding energetically! Feel it! Its pretty amazing?! Fear is replaced by pure love. Feel, sense and see the value of your existence. You are a gift to yourself and all there is! Spread your wings now!

I wish you all a successful week.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥

Waking Up To Your Inner Wisdom

There are different ascension waves entering Earth transforming, re-structuring our self. The first wave woke up the ” way showers “. They had to learn how to cleanse and heal the physical and all the different bodies like our emotional or energetic body. Ancient teachings, science, changelings , intuitive knowing and their own experience are guiding them so they can teach the wisdom to the ” Early Followers “. The second wave of awakening transforms even faster. These two waves have gone through a lot of very intensive energetic changes since 2012. All is happening in preparation to assist the first wave of massive awakening – started in 2016. Now we are all preparing from the second big massive awakening that may reach us about 2020, depending on the timeline choices we all make as a collective. Know that the process may reach us later or sooner. The awakening process started and will be complete, only free will can delay or accelerate the process as people may choose love or fear.

What is happening now? Depending on what wave you are on you can have totally different experiences.

The ” Way Showers ” start to experience ultimate relief, where the last fears disappear. They are in a state of bliss or neutrality. The neutrality is something to get used to as human drama can not trigger emotionally any pain or fear. They look from a soul perspective. All drama is perceived as unreal, as a programming of illusions. We all learn to live from our heart. Complete trust and being in the now is necessary to transform into a free spirit. We detach from all material belongings as we connect deeper and deeper with the cosmic heart. Mind and heart are aligned and are playing together to co-create through pure intention! Manifestation comes easy and abundance is flowing on all levels in all areas in life. We all still deal with physical cleansing, healing and restructuring. All of this happens to be able to increase the ability and receptiveness for higher frequencies. Time is dissolving completely and it can be the you do not remember what happened as reality changes for you. Sleep patterns may change, timeline switches happen more often ect… Do not worry, these are the last aspects of self that are being transmuted into pure love!

The ” Early Followers ” are still dealing with their core beliefs and deep pain. They can get caught up in duality and certain beliefs as they are experiencing deep emotional clearing. Many may feel the need to exit and stop as it feels too painful going through such deep emotions. It takes courage to get back onto the path of mastering self. Finally they will push through all the drama. A Glimpse of the higher state of being motivates to surrender and have total faith, total trust!

People who woke up caused by the first big mass awakening start to experience a new awareness. Their emotions are triggered by all the chaos on the planet. A deep knowing of change is coming to the surface. Old belief systems fall apart. A deep longing for a more fulfilling life. Fears come to the surface. These fears can block the realization of new ideas, thoughts and belief patterns. Nevertheless these people start to research information about science, universal energies, new concepts and spirituality. An unexpected push from within is challenging the status quo and longing for the truth. These people experience unexpected emotional breakthroughs. Many values lose their meaning in their life’s. All of a sudden a feeling of being alone, fear and confusion arises within as they go through new challenges, unexplainable emotional breakouts and endless thought spirals. Questions will lead to new concepts and a new understanding of “Who am I ? What is my Purpose?” as they start to open their hearts.

People who still ” sleep walk ” experience their reality from a fear based perspective. These people can only see the drama and often end up in victim mode. Only rare moments of joy and bliss is part of their life as they live from fear, lack and blame. The energetic system is completely closed including the heart center. They are completely unaware of the new high frequency of pure divine love. Depending on the choices they make, they also experience the new frequency as pain, heart attacks, cancer ect… Many of these souls have chosen to experience third dimensional drama of duality in this life time. The fifth dimension is welcoming all souls that are ready for the transmission onto higher frequency. Each of us have a free will choice that can choose fear or love at any given moment. We are in different stages of the process of expansion and growth. Everyone is responsible for their own reality. We experience our creation, be it consciously or unconsciously through the energetic vibration that we are emitting. Only when you ready for a change you will receive and be aware of new ideas and concepts! Everybody has to make this choice for themselves as going through the awakening process can only be done by each self!



Namaste Daniela♥♥

What is a psychic?

A psychic is a person that holds gifts to do energy work. Each of us has special talents and gifts, but only a view are listening to their intuition and work with their healing powers. Psychic go beyond and deeper than what you may expect. They connect to your heart and speak to your spirit.

We are all here as creation to continue creation as there is unlimited potential within each of us. There are countless different kinds of psychics and the service they provide. Each reading offered can be done differently as we are all unique! Know that only YOU can tell whats right for yourself. Your inner guidance and navigation is the strongest you can ever encounter and work with. Take your time and practice until you fully trust yourself! Start to listen to yourself and follow your own intuition. Go and ask a psychic or person that provides healing service if you feel guided to. Be assured that this person if it feels right from the heart for you, will have confirmation or insights that will lead you into the right direction on your path! Be certain that the work and realization is still your part, but hearing certain words can activate a deeper level of awareness within you leading you to a clear mind.

Remember – each and every one of us holds gifts that are very unique. We all carry certain frequencies that we are naturally attuned to. Within your core is a part of you that holds unconditional love. And this pure love frequency can create ANYTHING! Pure Love is the ultimate  creative healing energy! We are all here together: learning and remembering. Once we come to the point the only way to walk is surrendering, than we can finally accept that any experience we encounter is in perfect divine timing.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥