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Your Limits Are Illusions

We all feel like individuals, although we are in spiritual truth expressions of One Being. When we are born we lose our awareness of our true nature, the nature of being One with all there is. Being here on Earth  is a re-discovery, a journey to reveal our inner most truth: “The sense of being a separate individual are thought patterns of our mind.” We define ourselves with “I am” and love to give labels like “I am tall”, “I am smart”, “I am a child”. Theses definitions are ideas of who we might be, there is no “you” behind. The “you” that you think you are is made up of thoughts. But who are you? This is an important question that leads you to different revelations. If we strip away all of the labels and ideas about ourselves, we are left with ” I am “. We are existing right here in the now and we are aware of that fact.

Words and definitions are not important, you know who you are when you experience your core power, your Essence. In oder to find out about your core power, you came here to Earth to experience two basic emotions: fear and love. These 2 emotions are the base for all other emotions, without exceptions. Fear is the energy that makes you suffer, leads to pain, confusion, it is the energy that contracts you. Love is the energy that makes you happy, peaceful and it is the energy that develops you. When you free your mind from all your fears, you gain more love, more of your true self. A very persistent illusion is the fear of importance. When something is important to you, you start to give up your power by either feeling the fear of not getting it or losing it. The importance is an illusion. Face the illusion and you destroy your fear. You will break free of your limiting beliefs. Expanding your comfort zone is a very powerful tool to eliminate your illusions, your fears. Let me remind you, your limits are thoughts that create an illusion based on fear. Nothing can ever happen to you unless you in perfect alignment with your desires, these might be love or fear based. Fear is a signal indicating you will attract an unpleasant outcome. Once you realize the concept of nothing really is important and there is nothing that you really need, you will destroy the illusion of importance and therefore all your fear. You will fill yourself with love and become unstoppable. Success will be yours!

I     L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D      W O R D S


Lift Your State Of Being

How do we lift our state of being? We all experience life and each moment we have as an opportunity to evolve and grow, because everything happens for a reason. Everything you experience is designed to help you grow. Lifting your state of beings is easy attained. Stop thinking “little” of yourself and start to feel gratitude, then each lesson you learn is a blessing. The key lies in surrender and let go of how your think things should be. Start to live from your heart. What do you truly desire? What do you enjoy most? Life is meant to be fun! Being joyful is the secret to manifest your hearts desire. How? Simply detach from a state of wanting or lacking. When you are detached you are in a state of gratitude and joy. You already have what you desire. I admit letting go of “they way we used to think” is a challenger. But because letting go or surrender is challenging does not mean it can not be done! When you learn how to surrender, you will understand that it is a process of learning to trust the universe and yourself. Know that when you act from a loving peaceful heart, you are aligned within your core power…

I    L O V E    Y O U R    B E Y O N D    W O R D S

Learning how to connect within as below so above can help you to step into your core power. Join my amazing workshop C O N N E C T I N G  Above & Below and learn how easily you can shift your awareness. This workshop is helping you to understand the powerful tools of working with yourself, healing yourself and the energy with and around you. You will be amazed how loving the energy feels once you are grounded. If you would like to know more about the workshop, please contact me or click here.

Thank you so much love.


Full Moon December 14th 2016 At Gemini

December’s Full Moon is another Super Moon that is bringing illumination to the world. This beautiful, powerful full moon falls in the sign of Gemini. Gemini the airy sign of duality combined with the full moon’s emotional change creates a wonderful energy that may bring up old events, feelings and emotions for you to release. A wonderful Super Moon as challenger to help you let go at a fast space. Like a time window opens up to release old energy faster and deeper than ever. Some of you may feel like that you are constantly pulled into two directions. Remember that every choice you make influences whether you raise or lower your vibration. Throughout your day, every interaction and reaction has an impact on your state of being, each moment of your life can change the vibration of your energy.

Know that this is an extremely powerful energy which is going to be helping you to surrender and let go of all that is untrustworthy and all that is not for your highest growth at this moment. Allow this beautiful energy to bring you the final illumination of 2016. So you can welcome with new beautiful higher vibrational energy the year 2017. Very sensitive people may feel the opening of a portal to a new realm. Each of you can use the super charing energy of this wonderful Super Moon. How? Its time to review: what did you learn in the past year? What wisdom did you gain? What will you bring into the new beginning? If there is energy within you that you are still processing, its most likely that you bring these issues with you into the new cycle of 2017. Unless you make a real conscious effort to transcend these low energies now. There is still time to let go, even after the Full Moon, but know that the energy will grow dimmer. However, the universe loves you so much that once you decide from a true desire to release low energies, an invitation from the universe will be offered to you to help you. You are always loved beyond words and you can transform into your fullest potential at your own space. To be able to work with the energy of this beautiful Super Moon, please tune into the energy. When you tuned into the gentle energy of the Full Moon, you gain access speeding up your releasing process. Entering into this beautiful energy portal is going to fee like a sudden, intensive cleansing that makes you feel reborn afterwards. It is a purifying process. Pay attention to what comes up for you right now. Whatever lessons you are still processing will most likely rise up into full consciousness. By being aware and ready to release, you will be able to work with the beautiful energy of this powerful Full Moon.

I    L O V E    Y O U     D E A R L Y


Living Up To Your Full Potential

Faith. Trust. Self-Worth. Living up to our full potential means living in the moment and being grateful for each experience we have. Learning from our failures, exploring ourselves and the way we feel. Discovering the WHY. Why we feel a certain way. Why we act in a certain way. Why we think a certain way…

Our full potential is achieved through struggle, failures, learning and discipline. When we attain the ability to freely express our inner power, that resides within all of us, we step into our full potential. Our inner power is aligned to the truth that we have unlimited potential. We are connected with all there is. Words, actions, Conscience and our inner presence are vibrating on frequencies, once they are aligned we co-create from our full potential. First we will release the illusions, limiting beliefs and old thought patterns that block our light from shining with ultimate beauty. Starting to recognize unlimited love, light, inner peace is one of the first steps to truly live from your inner power. Expressing unlimited love, light and inner peace is the very next step to take on the path of living up your full potential. Feeling empowered and free is a wonderful sign of being in your core power.

Beautiful soul, please know that when you live from the space of having an open mind and heart, you live out dreams without any limitations. By releasing your closed mind, your fears, your worries, your feeling of being offended you are becoming more and more your authentic self. Living in your core power with an attitude of gratitude for each moment. No more looking for outside conditioning, now you feel a great joy within yourself. You step into living up to your full potential.

   I     L O V E     Y O U R     B E Y O N D    W O R D S.


Follow Your Intuition

Intuition is your inner knowing, a sense that helps you to understand your truth within the huge masses of information and energetic impulses that you receive on a daily basis. All of us have an I N T U I T I O N. Its like a muscle that can be trained.

Your intuition is guiding you to your life purpose. The more you allow your intuition to guide you the more your consciousness expands. You feel more empowered, more confident in all you do. Listen to your inner knowing, it will show you intimate, important things that will lead you to a joyful life.

I    L O V E     Y O U     B E Y O N D    W O R D S.


Join me here, this workshop will help you to train your intuition as well.

Allow Yourself To Heal

Do you know the experience of being healed and a couple of months later you feel the exact same pain again?

The dis-ease exists in the first place because of a thought you had and you chose to have the same pain again, it does not mean that you chose consciously this thought again. For example, may be you are afraid of moving forward in your life, you are scared of making the next decision. But you are thinking about making a decision every day. Thinking about being afraid of making your next decision, holding it dear to yourself, because you think about it without making a decision. You are choosing to think about it. You sleep and rest your body, then you wake up and remind your brain again on being afraid of making that next decision. When you keep on thinking about a certain thought you start to manifest it into reality. In this case it will manifest as pain in your body because you are afraid of making a decision about your next move. So if you get healing and meet someone in a social gathering, who may ask you about your future plans and you say nothing. At some degree you may start to be afraid to make the next decision and cover it up with excuses, the pain that has been healed will return. It’s such a wonderful process, if you think about it. Our dear body wants to help us to heal and move on.

In other words, you may learn about the situation that caused your dis-ease and you can get healing for it. But if we do not act upon what we know we shall do, then the dis-ease comes back. Like a reminder to tell you. Stop what you do and keep on moving now.
Once you heal yourself from this thought pattern, you are healed for good. Remember it takes more than on thought to manifest pain in your body.

I am sending you blessings

12:12 Portal

Did you know that it takes 7000 people to shift the consciousness in the heart of all beings on planet Earth? Now is the perfect time for uniting with committed souls from all over the world to birth new Light on our beloved Mother Earth. The 12:12 Portal of Evolution opens on December the 12th, and stays open through the Solstice Portal on December the 21st, 2016. During that period a full spectrum of energies have set into motion. As science has proven that it takes only 7000 souls holding Divine Love, Peace  and Joy within their beings to initiate a shift of consciousness in the hearts of 7 billion people on Earth.

Now we have a perfect opportunity to exceed that number with our teleconference as we link with all over the world. Together we will activate the Light Body Codes that will be able to hold the wave of Divine Love. The new empowering energies begin today on December the 12th. You can join the gathering here – this teleconference is held by Shanta Gabriel and Shamanic Astrologer Kelly Beard.

The 12:12 gateway opens a new energy platform to anchor within your being helping you to expand your ability to receive. This new energy will be filling your High Heart with new ways of perceiving the world and your place within it. Allow the energy to expand into your energy system for a new profound level of divine connection with you. This realization of self is something that all of us can experience. It is a process occurring within merging the divine with the human. Do not worry or doubt the process of the Awakening of Consciousness on our beautiful mother Earth. You are about to awaken to your Soul’s most Divine Reality and this is wonderful! Unification of new life accelerating within you, it is an opportunity to unite your soul with the structures of new dimensional freedom on Earth. New light codes are magnified and radiated through all creation while your High Heart is empowered by Unity Consciousness. Through these activations we hold higher frequencies of light within us with more Grace. Enjoy the shifting of energies within you.

I   L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D    W O R D S


Flow Effortlessly

Effortless means that we make a small initial effort of letting go, turning over, discovering… By doing this, we learn how magical the space all around us is and we start to understand what awareness truly means. When you surrender to the flow of all there is, you will pass a state of mind where you become aware that effortless awareness is already within and around you. There is something that is effortlessly aware and people who operate in the flow state know very well. I am not talking about a meditative state. It is more like a trust in a natural intelligence.

Being in a functional flow state starts with grounding and I would love to teach you the importance of being grounded. When you let me inspire you with a fresh thought, concept and tools that create a new awareness in you. Once you apply these tools to your life then you can expand faster to your full potential living in your maximum joy and health.

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I   L O V E   Y O U   B E Y O N D   W O R D S


Beyond Words

Lets face it. You are here because you care about yourself and you are willing to grow into the most amazing version of yourself. There are no limits to the heights of an empowered, conscious lifestyle that you can reach. Pure bliss, pure happiness can enter any moment that you are open to receive it, all it requires is for your to walk on the path of consciousness. Being aware how great you truly are at the core of who you are is an experience beyond body, mind, spirit.

Ready to transform your everyday life into a passion-driven journey where you manifest effortlessly, because you are living in the flow. Join my workshop C O N N E C T I N G Above&Below. You will learn the wisdom & profound tools that literally transform your life.

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I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D   W O R D S

Namaste ♥

The Beauty Of Being You

There are moments in life, where we feel as a “misfit”.  A misfit is a person who seems to be different.  Being different can be the strength that will cut a path through the main stream. The strength lies within our own talents. All of us have a very special talent. Only a view of us take the courage to stand up for themselves and give voice to their own story.  Following your heart start with facing your inner fears. Fear is one of the main challenges that we face in our life’s. Feeling fear of shame, of not deserving any better or not being good enough creates an imaginary “stop sign” that tells our mind: “Stop here, do not go any further or you are being hurt.”  The truth is, it is an Illusion. A thought that keeps you away from reaching your hearts desire. Step out of feeling sorry for yourself and start to shift your self awareness.

Often we give up our inner power to the circumstances around us. How many times did you blame other for your situation? Wake up! It is not the fault of anybody. You are in charge of your own life. Start to take responsibility for yourself and your life will change for a better. Feeling as a “misfit” can help you to achieve your hearts desires. Tell your own story the way only you would. Trust that being yourself will create new opportunities for more abundance in your life. Do not fear making mistakes. We all make mistakes and it is your choice to see each mistake as a failure or as a chance to improve yourself. A chance to show your true beauty. Each moment we have the ability to reinvent ourselves to create a beautiful life that we truly enjoy. You are so beautiful and only you can tell your own story. That is your true beauty. Take the opportunities for an abundant life that are presented to yourself at any moment. Have the courage to belief in you.

It takes courage to stand up for yourself. We all have that courage within us. Courage comes from feeling worthy. The feeling of worthy requires you to see yourself with fresh eyes of love and self-awareness. Breath, relax and let go of all worries. Stop to punish yourself for not living the life you desire so badly. Know that all you every need is you. You have all that it takes to manifest your hearts desire. Have faith and take a step at a time. Soon you will see a huge change in your life. Connect within yourself and stay in your heart. Follow your heart. Take the courage. Enjoy the bliss of your true potential, of your core power and of being truly you.

Thank you. I love you dearly. You are so beautiful!


The 11:11 Portal – Code of Consciousness

The 11:11 portal opened on the 11th of November carries a very special energy signature that hold the key to unlock parts of our DNA. How exciting. This beautiful portal holds the energy of number 1. It resonates with the vibrations of new beginnings, creation, independence, motivation and raw energy. A reminder to all of us that we are all connected and we are all in our personal process of transformation.
We are now in synchronicity moving into a new phase, where we have the opportunity to make conscious choices for major changes in our life. New clarity about our life purpose is brought up into your consciousness. Being more sensitive to the unseen gives us the courage and strength from within to push through our veils of Illusion. Bringing forth the courage that we all have within us to step into our true potential and created the reality we truly long for. Our heart sings a beautiful song for us. Go within and listen to your heart. Listen to the beautiful melody of your true essence. Take a deep breath in and out. Feel the silence within you. Relax. 
With the 11:11 code activated, we are more connected on a deeper level within. All answers we long for come from within. Look for signs and pay attention to your gut feelings. You will hear a quite loving voice, the voice of your higher self, when you are about to make a decision. Listen to your higher self that always speaks from your heart. Ignore your loud ego voice that speaks out of fear. Spend time focusing inward daily and remind yourself of your worthiness before getting out of bed. Breathe in love and breathe out gratitude. When you breathe, relax and let go of all worries, concerns, fears, you lift your vibration.
Life is a journey, where we learn to love on a deeper level. The 11:11 portal truly allows the highest union to connected on a deeper level. A level of such a deep love that is rooted on a true heart and soul connection. As we seek a higher fulfilling love and as we choose to allow space for Sacred Union, we align to our true soul mission. Being in a Sacred Union is important and assists us to ascend faster. After all we are co-creators.

I love you so dearly.








The Unfoldment Of The Rose

We unfold ourselves and show different qualities. Each quality represents a aspect of our soul refined. A fine structure within each of us is visible in the way we communicate in speech, action, listening. A rose is very much like our spiritual journey. The pedals hold together the true magic of the heart of the rose. Different qualities show as the rose unfolds her true beauty. Her perfume is like the aura of our spiritual nature. Roses are a symbol of pure love, beauty and balance.

Yes, its right a rose is the perfect example for balance because the beauty of the rose expresses promise, hope and new beginnings. It is in contrast with its thorns that symbolize defense, physicality and loss. I love how nature shows in detail our beautiful truth. We are whole. We are all connected. We are in balance in spiritual truth. Did you know that angels love to use roses or the scents of roses to communicate with us? A rose has the highest electrical frequency of any flower on Earth. Angels have a very high vibration themselves so it’s naturally that they love to use roses as a tool of communication.

There are different aspects of a rose that are signs for love, death, secrecy, joy, union, wisdom, faith, passion, beauty.  Many meanings vary depending on its color as well. A red rose expresses romantic love and passion. Where as a pink rose is  associated with feelings of love and gratitude. The pure white rose conveys respect, purity and innocence. And the yellow rose holds the message of joy and friendship. Did you know that the Fairy Queen has a very special sacred rose. Her rose is the original wild variety with five green sepals and five petals in a circle. Roses are so beautiful and magical, they attract Fairies and so does the rose oil. It is said that in Germany the roses are protected by the kingdom of dwarves. Can you feel the magical feeling of a rose? May be it is because Fairies are attracted to the perfume of a rose or it is the high vibration you sense with your whole being. When you receive 3 roses, you may not be aware of it but the angels send you a very powerful message along. 3 roses are symbolizing union of love, life and light. It is a sign for immortal love that will never fade.

I love you all so dearly and I hope that next time you receive or give a rose, you will remind yourself of the deep meaning hidden within. Thank you. I bless you all.



The Power Of Tears

Did you know that tears connect us with our deepest emotions? Crying is very healing for our emotional, spiritual and physical body. When you cry you let go of stress. Tears are your body’s natural response to whatever challenging emotion you are aware of in your inner space. Did you know that emotions are designed to move through our body? Yes, they do, but we often suppress our feelings to keep the pain from intensifying or spreading. This resistance can cause an imbalance in our body. We stop the natural path of our feelings through our body and lock them into our body tissue. Stored emotions in our body tissue can manifest as pain.

Crying helps us to release emotions that are locked into our body tissue.  When we cry , we take our time to relax and process our experiences and feelings. It is a wonderful way to heal ourself in unexpected ways. Tears are neither happy nor sad, they are simply manifestations of a biophysical shift. When you feel safe and comfort you start to release tears. It is a very good sign to cry. After a “good cry” you feel better, lighter, free. It helps you to detox your body and to create more space for higher vibrations. Whenever you feel like crying, let your tears flow. You can ask the angels to help you cleanse your energy and release whatever it is that created these tears.Tears express our deepest feelings and are attached to an intense emotional experience that helps us to release and purify our body.

Do you have any story you would love to share with me about your beautiful tears? Please share them below in comments. Thank you so much.


How Much Do You Care About Mother Earth?

Did you know that technology is overrunning our planet. Beautiful Mother Earth and her natural habitat is being destroyed more and more by human kind living a “fast” lifestyle. Trying to manipulate nature, to gain more and faster resources, fruits or energy. If we keep up this speed we will influence nature and her cycle so much that there is no return.

Please listen to the call of nature, listen to the elemental beings that are reaching out to you willing to work with you to heal Earth. Yes, its right, we are not the only beings here on Earth, there are elemental beings as well. They are as real as you are. Elemental beings such as Fairies exist. They are made out of energy, just like you and me.  With a little training of your intuition you can sense them, feel their happy joyful presence and see their often reddish to golden hair, big blue eyes, pointed ears and high cheek bones. You may even hear their melodic voices. Fairies have an Etheric body, a body made out of energy. Have you ever felt this magical feeling of nature? Being outside in the Forrest and listen to the melody of the trees, birds and the wind? Smelling the fresh air of wild flowers. Feeling the joyful energy of butterflies dancing around you. Fairy energy feels just like that. It is the feeling you have when you sit in a wild flower field. It is that magical feeling when you walk through the Forrest.

We are all expressing individually how much we truly feel about nature through our daily activities. If you truly love trees, flowers, plants, animals and believe that they are magically creating a joyful life here on earth, then please stop to “detach” yourself from nature! Start today to reconnect to our beautiful Mother Earth! When you start to live in the moment of now, you are aware of the little but significant details around you. A bird singing a beautiful song. The wonderful reflection of the sunlight in the river. Or the leaves dancing in the wind. It is time now to heal ourselves and our relationship with nature. By connecting with the Fairies we can restore our original connection to the universe and Mother Earth. Start today and signal that all this matters to you. Go outside into Nature and listen to her wisdom. Quietly attune yourself to the feeling all around you. Be respectful to the plant, animal and fairy kingdom. Show kindness and open you heart. Ask in loving ways: “Beautiful Fairies please connect with me, show yourself to me and help me to reconnect to nature. Please make yourself known to me. I care for nature and want to help. How can I help? Thank you.” You can say it out loud or in silence, if you feel you even can sing a song. Important is that you are honest and express your true feelings. The Fairies will come to you and scan your energy to get to know you. They will flee from harsh or negative energy. Give the Fairies time to get to know you, invite them into your home and garden. You can even leave them gifts such as organic nuts and berries. The best way to show your love to nature is in picking up trash from parks or in the Forrest, help to keep nature clean. Start to use organic gardening and share your love. When your plants start to flourish more beautiful and wild life is increasing, you know for sure that Fairies are gathering in greater number in your life. Once you passed the test and Fairies start to trust you, they will make them self known to you. May be you receive little gifts or see beautiful light. Fairies are the most beautiful, sweet little beings imaginable. They are so beautiful and very shy. Fairies are the Guardians of nature and the animal Kingdom. They are very passionate environmentalists. They will connect and show you how to heal Mother Earth if you truly want to help!

Please share this post with your friends and pages if you care. My wish is that this message reaches as much people as possible. I think a lot of people are not aware and need to hear this as a wake up call. A wave of awareness to wake up people to reconnect with nature. Thank you! Did you know that nature has healing abilities? Yes its true. When ever you feel down, go outside into nature and sit underneath a tree. The spirit of the tree will heal you and lift your vibration. Mother Earth is such a wonderful Planet. Please help to heal her and yourself by reconnecting with nature! Thank you so much. I love you all.


If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. Thank you!

Are you an Empath?

An Empath is a very sensitive person, that can feel every emotion of people close by. It is a challenge for an Empath not to confuse somebody’s feelings with themselves. Because they are so sensitive and connected to the energy. We are all connected, and all is made out of energy. Even your thoughts are energy. Energy amplifies with a feeling, the energy gets stronger. Some Empath’s have a very strong connection to the energy and feel physical pain of people around themselves, pain of animals or nature itself. This can be very overwhelming. Imagine yourself dealing with your emotions on a daily basis and now multiply these feelings with all people you cross your paths during a day. That is impressive what amount of feelings an Empath might deal with. Therefor it is very important to protect and shield themselves from harsh energy. Going outside into nature, is very healing and helpful to deal with “low vibrations”. Nature has a very gentle energy, very nurturing and healing. When you take a walk outside in a park or nature you can sense and feel the renewed you within. Empath’s are more aware of their connection to nature, animals and humans. They are so intuitive, they can sense the healing  effects of nature.

May be your are an Empath yourself? I think it is a great honor to be so aware and deep connected with the energy that surrounds us, flows through us and connects us. When we learn how to protect ourself from harsh energy that do not serve our highest good, we can experience a beautiful magical life. Being aware in ways that most people are not, is a blessing. Did you know that an Empath is a wonderful healer? Being very sensitive can help to tell when people are lying. Empath’s feel their own emotions, your emotions and may be the energy of the animal and plant kingdom. As a very sensitive person you learn to trust and follow your heart. Your heart creates the bridge to your spirit and to true wisdom. Being an Empath is a wonderful gift. When you are an Empath and feel you need time for yourself, just take it. Go and relax. Connect to nature and ground yourself. You deserve time for yourself to connect within and let go off all that is not you. Cleanse yourself on a daily basis from low vibrations that do not serve your highest good. Because you are very sensitive and have the gift to listen to words, body movements and you can sense, hear or feel everything that is not expressed in words. You are beautiful. I love you.


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If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. Thank you!

How balanced are you?

Did you know that we live in a physical world in which energies often taken a physical from? Most people are not aware of the energies that are around and within us. Energies connect us and are invisible to most of us. Our body, mind and soul work together as a system that create our reality. We are either in balance or out of balance. The appearance of our body reflects our inner world, our thoughts and feelings. When a particular pattern develops emotional or mental, it creates over time our body shape and level of functioning.Our body gives us wonderful insights about our state of mind, soul and body. When our body is in perfect balance you feel whole, perfect, complete. Everyday we use our bodies to feel emotions. In order to protect ourself from unwanted emotions we lose or add weight on an unconscious level to our body. What does it mean? Your body tells you exactly where you have an imbalance in your life. Listen to your body, because your body will tell you exactly what you are doing that needs your attention. This is wonderful.

Respect your body and heal your relationships within to create a natural flow of energy throughout the body without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, we have an imbalance and our natural flow is interrupted as energy. This imbalance can cause emotional or physical pain and discomfort. Rebalancing yourself with holistic healing such as Reiki addressing the imbalance on all levels to align body, mind and soul. This change has to occur on all levels of your being. Healing requires physical changes, lifestyle changes as well as a change of mind. When your awareness changes your whole world start to transform.

Have you ever hugged yourself? Go on and do it now, give yourself a hug. Love yourself. Say thank you to yourself. Send love to your organs, cells, bones and to your whole body. Tell yourself how much your appreciate yourself, your organs, your cells, your blood, your bones for all the wonderful work they do for you. Bless yourself. Smile and be grateful for the gift of life. You are here and you are now aware of the communication between body, mind and soul. You can now listen to your body and be gentle with yourself.

Healing is a process of being aware, letting go and being open to new unexpected ways. Did you know, that we all have a masculine and feminine side? The right side of our brain controls our feminine aspect of self. It reflects creativity and emotions in the left side of our bodies. Feminine energy is the receiving energy. To be in perfect balance you have to receive as well as to give. Masculine energy is the ability to move forward, it is the giving energy that resides in the right side of your body. It reflects the analytical mind, mental drive and physical action of your body. While the left side of our brain controls our masculine aspect of self. Why do we need to be aware of male and female energy? Because it is important that both sides attain a harmonious whole. Life is to understand as a dance between male and female energy and how to be in flow within each other to balance the body, mind and soul. Meditation is one of the most effective tools that can be used to connect the heart with the mind. Once your body mind and soul are in alignment, your state of being is healthier, happier, more balanced within. I wish you all a wonderful day.


If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. Thank you! 

I Love Fairies

I Love Fairies, do you? Have you ever wonder if Fairies exist? Yes, they do.In almost all human societies and cultures you can find written documentation describing and discussing the existence of fairies. Records of the existence of fairies from societies long isolated , with no contact to human establishments for even 1000 of years, have proven records and explain to you how you can connect with fairies. These records tell you all about fairies like how they look like and how they live.

Fairies are the Guardian of Nature, they have a spiritual body. Because they do not take the form of solid matter, we as humans can not always see them with our physical eyes. We can learn to see them and we can learn to feel their energy. Fairies exist in the universe, they are comprised energy, just like you and me. You can feel Fairies because they are made from energy, even thought they might have an etheric body, it is still energy and you can feel their presence.

What does a Fairy feel like? Have you every been in the forest or outside in nature and all of a sudden you felt happy, you felt magical? Like your skin was glowing, glitter and sparkles all around you, you felt like magic. The feeling of magic is generated by only the fairies. There are more spirits of the forest – trees, plants, animals, gnomes, fauns and other creatures, but only the fairies radiate out a feeling of magic and joyful bliss.

To feel Fairies, go to a place that feels magical for you and meditate there, take note of the feeling on your body… Fairies feel like the magic you feel in a natural area, that is fairy energy. Do not worry if you can not feel them at first, it takes a view attempts to connect with the Fairies. Fairies are very shy, they love to scan your energy first and see if you are pure at heart, if you love animals and nature.

Elementals like the Fairies, Elves, Pixies and others elemental beings are very similar . They look like their namesakes, have often freckles, reddish to golden hair, high cheek bones, melodic voices and rather pointed ears. You can easily spot them because they look exactly like what they are. Elementals love to dance and celebrate with groups of friends to spend afterwards alone in nature. Their homes tend to have big windows with plenty of plants, animals, crystals inside. Did you know that elemental beings love to eat mostly plenty of nuts, seeds and berries? Its true.  Fairies are a very friendly group of the Elementals who love to be spoken to and asked for help. When ever you need help in manifestation call upon the Fairies and ask them, because they are very powerful manifestors.


If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. Thank you!

Unblock Your Abundance

Did you know that you are valuable? Yes, you are very valuable! The truth is money is a neutral object that we attach a deep feeling to. Valuing yourself helps to value money that you earn. Money is worth your time and you are worth money. You deserve more than enough money in your life. You matter more than you can imagine. You are created with divine love, divine wisdom, divine intelligence. You are the only on that can fulfill your life purpose.

Did you know that money is energy? Yes, everything is energy. So if money is energy, what kind of energy is money attracted to? Money loves Joy, Respect and Gratitude. Money likes to be free, to have a mission and to circulate. Manifesting money is all about your energy experienced. The more playful and open you are, the more likely is that the vibration you are radiating out into the universe is on a frequency to welcome more money into your life.

What is the key to unblock your abundance? Your consciousness is the key. First you set your intention. Take time to really get clear on the amount you are requesting from the Universe. Have trust and believe that you receive it, because the Universe loves you more than anything. Best time to set new goals and take actions to archive your new goals is NEW MOON. A successful way to archive your goals fast: Break your goals down into little baby steps and be grateful for each little step you take. Have faith and trust that each step you take will lead you to your goals. It will lead you to a masterpiece that you will realize once completed.

Now that you know exactly what you want to manifest, you can start to imprint your subconscious mind with new believes. How? Start with positive affirmations like I am always attracting abundance, I have a joyful abundant life. Repeat daily and surround yourself in the energy of abundance like visiting an expensive store or dressing up in your best outfit. Create the energy of gratitude daily. Practice to be thankful for what you do have right now. This can help you to get into the feeling space to welcome more wealth into your life.

Here are Secrets you can apply to manifest abundance faster: Already feel as if the money has manifested. Be grateful and give thanks for your prosperity. Apply love energy to the flow of money. Rewire yourself, send out love to each bill you get, to each meal you eat, to everybody and anything. The more love you feel the faster you invite the flow of abundance. After all money is energy experienced. Respect the money you have now and take one day at a time and be gentle to yourself.

I wish you a blissful abundant life.


Love Letter To The Universe

Dear Universe,

I am so grateful for all wonderful moments and gifts you offer to all of us. I love you so much. I love you always and in all ways. I love you more than I can express in words. I love you forever and way more. I love you like the wind dancing with the leaves. I love you like the water nourishes life. I love you like the sun loves the rain, creating rainbows full of wonder and beauty. I love you like a smile expressing Joy. I love you like the blossom of the trees. I love you.

To me the most powerful words and yet very simple describe my inner truth. I love you. I can explain I love you in wonderful ways. Words are powerful and words spoken can create beautiful images, beautiful words give you an impression of how much I really love you. I love you Universe. I love you, its simple and very powerful: I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you said with my pure intention and my pure love create a wonderful vibration. A warm heartfelt energy so gentle and pure with a powerful outcome. I love you. Can you feel that beautiful energy? It feels like millions of little butterflies dancing around you.

You are so beautiful, so perfect just like me. I am so grateful and happy to be part of you and that you are part of me. Without each other neither of us would be here. Thank you Universe. I am honored. I am delighted. I am humbled. Millions of stars sparkle in the sky, always there. Always sparkling like my heart radiating love. How beautiful of you Universe to remind me of my inner beauty and love each night when the sky is covered in diamonds.

I love you, Universe. I am so thankful for each atom and space that creates all. I am so grateful for each thought experienced. Thank you. Thank you for being you, me and everything. Thank you for being part of me and me being part of you. I love you.

Thank you.



Create & Manifest In The Vibration Of Love

Do you know that feeling of pure love? Think of somebody or anything that you feel pure love and pure joy for. Hold that vibration within you. Now connect to the light below and above. Send love energy to the heart of Gaia. Allow yourself to receive healing energy back. You are anchored now. What a wonderful feeling! Imagine yourself sending energy to the heart of the Universe. Allow the Universe to send you healing energy back. Congratulations. You are connected below as above.

Create a golden Shield of pure Light around you or ask Archangel Michael to protect you. Now think of something or somebody you love. Hold that vibration within you, now expand that energy. Wrap each cell and atom into love. Fill the space in between with love and radiate love out. Feel your whole body sparkling and tickle. Hold that wonderful energy. Fill your energy field, your aura. Expand your field more and more. Send love to all beings, to nature, to the animals, to the elemental beings. Share your love with everybody and anything. Imagine the whole world covered in love. Feel deep within that wonderful warm feeling of divine love. Hold onto that vibration for as long as you want to. Imagine your hearts desire and feel them. You are so grateful and thankful to have your hearts desire. Now say Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay , repeat these powerful light words 3 times.

How do you feel? Do you feel lighter? Do you smile? The Energy of Love is a very warm, gently feeling. That Energy can create anything, you can create anything because you are LOVE. You are pure Love as we all are.

Myasmia: When this word said, you command to set a clear intention. YaNonia: When this word said with force, you activate the strength of the intention that creates a path for manifestation. YaSintay: When this word said as part of trinity (Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay), you activate the perfect outcome. Create a simple I am…. I have … sentence. I am graceful. I have grace.I am graceful. I have grace. I am graceful. I have grace. Mayasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay. Mayasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay. Mayasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay. And so it is. Thank you.





The Consciousness Of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto captured water’s structure after it was crystalized and exposed to thoughts or music and the patterns changed depending on the vibration of the words or music. Loving words exposed to water showed brilliant, complex and colorful snowflake patterns, which proves that water does have a memory. Why does water resonate with the thoughts, words or music? Because thoughts, words and music have a vibration that resonate. Everything is made out of energy and has a vibration. I want you to do a test. Please rub your Hands for about 36 sec. and then create a little space in between your palms. What do you feel? Warmth? Can you feel the energy? Move your hands towards each other and again create a bigger space in between your palms, can you feel the energy created within that space? If you would like to know more about the consciousness of water then please click on the video below. Thank you.