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Calling Of Mother Earth

Our beloved Mother Earth is calling out. Can you hear her call? She is reclaiming herself, wanting to return home to her natural state and asking her beloved children for help. Her nature is reflected within yourself, within nature itself and the rest of this beautiful Universe. Allow yourself to explore her nature and walk upon Earth as exactly who you are.

Welcoming your divine glory as you shine so bright. Those who hold the essence of anything less than love are invited to letting go of the Illusions that keep you trapped. Become aware of your fears. Knowing your fears brings the possibility of love and security entering your life as you allow yourself to let go of anything that is not for you highest growth at this moment.

Anger resides deep within you, surfacing at any moment you allow yourself to fall in love with all including you. As each layer peals off, you shine more and more in your essence. Standing up for yourself as you radiate your inner beauty, wisdom and share your gifts. If all of this seems very new to you, then allow yourself just for today to change your perception and walk with an open heart. Bath yourself and all around you in pure love even when things may crumble. Trust in faith that you are meant to succeed. Know that things fall away from you as you discover your own truth. Realizations may direct you into new, unknown terrain.

Allow yourself to be awake, to hear the call. This call is loud enough to break the frequency of illusion. Beyond veils and walls covering the truth you have a choice. A choice to find and see your own spark. Even if things are in front of us, its a choice to see them. What do you choose to see?

Reconnect with our beloved Earth. Walk Barefoot and experience a deep bond between you and herself. Feel her unlimited divine love by just simply walking barefoot in the grass or hugging a tree. When we physically connect to our beloved Mother Earth we form a spiritual bonding as well. Once you do this you will start to feel her true beauty as you feel a change in you. Bringing yourself back into your true sense of self and knowing. A knowing deep within that you feel your divine glory, your flames burning.

As ou start to awaken, be present and pay attention to what feels right for you. Find your thruth. Call in new divine loving energies helping you allign you with the highest experience.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥