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Channeled Message From The Dragon Realm

Beloved Souls,

Daniela feels so honoured to offer you this special opportunity where you can receive a personal message from the Dragon Realm as she tunes into their energy.  On the 25th of October an astrological alignment occurs which allows more beautiful energies to come to Earth. More beautiful Dragons will enter Earth for the first time.

Channeled Message

"Greetings. Greetings. Greetings. We are the collective consciousness of the Fire Dragons that reside deep within Earth. We come forth at this time to assist you on your journey. Open your heart to receive clearing, healing and transmuting as we have the ability and power to travel along the timeline of your soul journey. "


When you hear a full body YES. Take this opportunity to connect with Daniela and receive your channeled message from the Dragon Realm on a question of your choice or a message that they have for you. The choice is yours. Thank you. 

Your Personal Dragon Realm Channeled Message: 7 EUROS