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Choosing Love

What if we are here on planet Earth to learn trusting our heart instead of our mind? What if trusting our heart no matter how impossible it seems leads us to the happiest version of ourselves? What if listening and taking action from a loving place creates the most joyful life?

Your heart loves you so much that it sends you emotions for guidance. Your heart wants you to be happy and is whispering what you truly desire even you may not being aware of it at that very moment. Tune into your heart, listen to what your heart is telling you. Allow your whole being filled with pure love. Can you hear that loving voice of your heart? Your heart wants you to be happy – Guiding you no matter the choice you make as you heart loves you unconditional and respects you. When your heart feels light, its surly a sign that the path or decision you made is for your highest growth. But if your heart feels heavy, know that some false beliefs are pointing in a direction that might lead to suffering. Why is it such a challenge to choose love over fear?

In extreme situations we tend to choose love, but what happens when fear kicks in? We start to doubt, we get confused and feel miserable. Fear is an Illusion, a thought pattern based on false information, false belief. We are programmed since we are born to fit into society. We copy the energy of our family, our friends and any experience we allow into our life and hold dear to us. We start to believe that we want a life that everybody else has, so we fit into society. But is this true for yourself? Is it true from the bottom of your heart that you can only be loved and feel happy if you do what everybody else is doing. Does your mind has such a power over you that you rather trust your thoughts than your feelings? Your heart loves you unconditional and knows what is best for you. Allow yourself for today to choose love and trust your heart. Take that risk and choose love. The path to a happy life will unfold step by step. Have you every ask yourself – what if your life is more important than anybody’s opinion? What if you choose love over fear and have a happy life? What if not fitting in creates more joy than you can ever imagine…?

And now ask yourself – do you love yourself enough to take massive action today and choose love? Love will always lead you to a happy life. What if we start to trust our heart and do whatever it takes to create that life of our dreams? Your heart may lead you onto a path that is challenging and unfamiliar, but know for sure, your heart knows what makes you the most happy. Trust in your heart. Trust in yourself. Allow miracles to enter into your life.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥