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Clearing Energy Blocks

Beloved Souls,

I am happy and honored to offer you a special gift! To celebrate Lion’s Gate and the Full Moon energies, I offer you a special Dragon Healing. You can book your session below. How does it work? Once you arranged your payments via PayPal , I will contact you within 48h working days to set up an appointment with you. What to expect. In our 30mins session you will receive a clearing of energy blocks created by your beliefs, that are conditioning you to the flow of limitation. The blocks that are being lifted will increase your abundance flow.

The dragon represents all that is mighty and powerful within the forces of creation. Working with the Dragon Realm is very powerful and effective as Dragons are great transformers. In awakening the dragons you also awaken man’s ability to create. Ready for a shift in your energy?


Are you ready to meet my beloved Dragons? Lets celebrate together and clear deep emotional pain from your holographic matrix with the power of the Dragon Realms.

L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥