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Diamond Light ReiKi

Welcome Beautiful Soul.

Diamond Light ReiKi energy is pure God Source Universal Life Force energy. Every aspects of Life contains God Source Universal Life Force energy. This beautiful energy can become depleted within your body due various factors. These factors have a direct impact on your health and well-being. Diamond Light ReiKi is the highest energy available at this moment on Earth and it will replenish your God Source Universal Life Force energy to restore full balance within you. Are you ready to experience a life in alignment with Body, Mind, Soul? 

We love the healing art of ReiKi.

ReiKi is an ancient energy healing therapy. It is a simple, natural, safe method of healing that everyone can use. The word ReiKi is  made of two Japanese words - Rei and Ki which means " Universal Life Force Energy ". This very powerful healing system is based on the idea that Life Force Energy can be channeled to support and strengthen the body's natural ability to heal itself. ReiKi is the energy of life itself. The power which brings forth all life in the Universe as the Life Force Energy flows through all there is. Everybody is born with ReiKi! 

ReiKi's origins dates back 2600 years, where an ancient healing was discovered in a Sanskrit text in Tibet. This text called " Tantra of the Lightning Flash" contained the secret transmission for healing all illness of body and mind. This natural healing art was revived over a century ago in Japan by Dr. Mikao Usui. He developed a simple way of connecting oneself with the Universal Life Force Energy to heal oneself and others. As ReiKi restores the natural balance of body, mind and soul through clearing discordant energy within your whole BEing-ness.  ReiKi is a unity concept, that teaches and creates unity - harmony with nature, animals, people and can even be used for purification of the elements.



When our life force energy is low or restricted in its flow, we are more likely to fall sick. Once we receive the powerful Life Force energy, we can feel or sense a shift in our vibration. Our body starts to relax deeply, emotions and thoughts lift to a more positive mind-set. ReiKi connects you with the divine cosmic energy and starts to heal you on all levels. As this intelligent energy knows best where you need healing the most.  

What Does A Treatment Feel Like?

ReiKi healing fills you with a sensation of peace, bliss, deep relaxation, joy, vitality and divine love. It helps healthy changes in Bio-chemical processes in your body as it accelerates the process of regeneration of cells and tissues while your consciousness expands. Emotions and energy blocks are being released within your whole being.

 What are the benefits of ReiKi Treatments?


Restores inner peace, balance and harmony on all levels
Strengthens the body's immune system and increases energy level
Reduces dissolves tension, stress, anxiety and promotes deep relaxation
Assists in healing family members and relationships
Speeds up the healing process as ReiKi accelerates the body's self-healing ability
Increases concentration, memory and self-confidence
Creates balance in the energy of your chakras, aura and mind
Expanse your consciousness, productivity and growth on all levels
Anyone can experience healing through ReiKi, even plants, babies, animals
Helps overcoming fear and confusion
Clears blocks in relationships, Karmic cycles, aura, chakras
Promotes a natural balance between body, mind and spirit

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Double Helix is a double spiral configuration of energy intertwined about a common axis.This healing method is new!  The energy intertwines as 2 powerful ReiKi Masters have joined together to give you an intensive healing sent over a distance. Once connected, you will immediately feel that a tremendous force works through you as it is magnified Life Force Healing that performs on deep levels. Energy is in everything! The Double Helix activates your natural healing ability and intensify's the effect of Healing on the deepest levels in all areas of life! Ready to meet the 2 powerful ReiKi Masters who are performing this beautiful Double Helix Treatment?


Myriam H, Australia: "I had a long distance healing from Daniela. We connected via Internet and I followed her instructions carefully. I was so relaxed and allowed myself to receive Diamond Light ReiKi from Daniela. The session ended and it had such a powerful effect on me. Things definitely changed. I have more energy and o am sleeping again and also generally feel more at peace. I highly recommend using Daniela's services. I believe her to be the genuine thing and am thankful for her loving kindness and compassion. Namaste Myriam."

Duygu Laleli, Turkey: " Daniela is an Angel! Her card readings, her mentoring, her healing work is amazing. She is working with light and cord cutting. Daniela is very talented and she has a strong bond with the angelic world , where she can sense or see any cords that are connected to you. When I was suffering from heart and throat pain, I contacted Daniela and told her all about my problems with my heart. She gave me an amazing 1hour healing treatment with Diamond Light ReiKi. During the healing I released stored emotions in my throat chakra, heart chakra and sacral chakra. Right after I felt lighter and happier. Daniela connected to the Life Force Energy, to the Angels, to the Unicorns to get all the support I needed. She delivered an extremely intensive healing to me. Ever since, I feel myself in the flow and lighter. All her work is very valuable. It can not be valued, I guess. Because you will get a healing, that no one else can provide the way Daniela does to you. Daniela has a designer background, during that period she developed her intuition and visual eye, therefore her  3rd eye is very clairvoyant. I have worked with lots of people on energy healing, but Daniela is a really special talent in her business. I personally recommend her to anybody that values life. It is worth it! Because your life is very valuable. Working with Daniela has made me realize how beautiful life truly is! God Bless you. Thank you for being in my life."

Deborah Faith: "Daniela has a very gentle, loving and healing energy. She is a gifted energy healer and she is highly intuitive. She is very much in tune with the Elemental realms and the Ascended Masters and Archangels. My healing experiences with her have been wonderfully relaxing and after Daniela has worked with your energy, you will feel as though all your burdens and stresses have been melted away."

We love the healing art of ReiKi.

Energetic Healing methods look beyond the physical, where the cause of the dis-ease can be located. When we clear these blocks, we start to heal from within. We become aware of distorted energies on our emotional, mental, etheric and physical level. Diamond Light ReiKi helps you to open your consciousness to the areas where you need to work through in order to heal. Releasing old belief pattern, thoughts and emotions that are stored within your cellular structure. Healing occurs to bring your life back into perfect balance and harmony. Remember, all is connected. 



What if I told you that when you take full responsibility for your life, you can heal anything with the power within you. Everything you see, hear, taste, feel, touch, sense and any experience you make is your own choice that you make on a subconscious or conscious level. Taking complete responsibility for your life will change your world. How? We are all connected with another. All the beauty and sadness of our beloved Mother Earth is connected with you. Go within, find the place in yourself that created that sadness and heal it. When you heal yourself you heal Mother Earth as well. You are Divine Love at your core and all you will ever need is YOU! You are here on Earth to learn and grow in all aspects of self. There might be aspects of you that work on a subconscious level, that may hold you back or block you. With Diamond Light ReiKi these blocks can be lifted in a very soft way, helping you to realise and release anything that stops you from moving on in any area of your life. Diamond Light ReiKi transmutes anything that is keeping you from experiencing your truth, your soul essence. And I will assist you on your path of healing.