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Double Helix Healing

Welcome Beautiful Soul!
Double Helix is a very powerful and an intensive enhanced distance Healing method, where 2 powerful ReiKi Masters have joined forces.This healing method is working at deep, deep levels and can be used to advance you on your spiritual path or to reinforce your natural healing ability.
During a Double Helix Session, the energy of Deborah and Daniela intertwine to give you an intensive healing sent over a distance. Once connected, you will immediately feel that a tremendous force works through you as it is magnified Diamond Light Life Force Healing that performs on deep levels. Energy is in everything and can be sent over great distance as energy is not bound to time or space. When your energy is synchronized to the higher frequency, healing occurs naturally. Therefore you can receive the energy in the comfort of your own home and personal space.

Meet Deborah:

Deborah Faith is a Diamond Light ReiKi Energy Healer & Master Teacher, Intuitive Writer, Energy Re-Sourcing™ Therapist and Messenger for the Realms of Spirit. She works very closely with Archangel Michael, her Master Guides and Guardian Angel. Deborah created a new way of higher frequency ReiKi, which she called Diamond Light ReiKi. The Diamond Light frequency of energy is of the highest frequency of Light available on this Planet in this present moment and it is extremely powerful! This energy is all-knowing because it knows what to do and where to go to effect the highest possible healing potential for the person receiving it. 
For any question or more information about Deborah, read more on her website: New Paradigm ReiKi

Meet Daniela:

Daniela Vogt is a Diamond Light ReiKi Energy Healer & Master Teacher, Intuitive Writer and Messenger for the Angelic & Elemental Realms. She was attuned to the Diamond Light ReiKi Energy beginning of 2017 to practice a new high frequency healing. Her Higher Self works closely with Daniela to assist each of us on our paths of mastering Self.
For any question or more information click here.
What to Expect
The Double Helix brings new awareness at all levels to allow you to let go of old blockages at very deep levels. Releasing these blockages will help you to gain balance and harmony within. Your connection to your heart , to Mother Earth and to the Divine will strengthen as your energy will be cleared. Higher frequency can integrate into your energy, expand your awareness and upgrade your DNA. Your Life Force energy will be restored on all levels. The magnified Diamond Light Life Force works directly on the problem and conditions. It promotes a positive mind, brings more joy into your life, creates a healthy body and heals diseases. 


In your healing session you will receive the Life Force Energy from Deborah Faith and Daniela, both Reiki Masters working with the Diamond Light, Archangels, Ascended Masters and Elementals. The beautiful healing Energy will be delivered to you as a remote healing to allow the integration and maximum healing effects to take place.

Remote Healing

In our healing session we prepare the energetic transfer of the healing energy at the specific time and date as designated by you. At that time you will lie down or sit in a comfortable position and allow yourself to receive the healing energy which will be over-lighted and safely delivered to you by Archangel Michael. We highly advice you to receive your healing before going to sleep and to switch off all electromagnetic devices in the room you are sleeping in. Electromagnetic devices such as cellphones, wifi, internet routers, moderms could interfere with the integration of the Diamond Light coded energy during the one to two hours following the actual healing transmission which last for apporximately 45 minutes. For your ultimate healing allow yourself to relax in a place without electromagnetic devices. Each of us is unique as some may feel a warm or tickeling sensation as the beautiful healing energy integrates may others feel cold or even nothing. Be assured the healing is taking place and a deep relaxtion occurs.

The energy of the Diamond Light Reiki is infinitely intelligent. This intelligent Life Force Energy will heal any area in your life. Due the time zone difference, as Deborah lives in South Africa and Daniela lives in Germany, it would be best to check time zone differences by visiting


Please fill in the booking form opposite first and arrange your payments accordingly. Once we have received your booking form and payments we will contact you by email. If you have any questions, please contact me here. Thank you.

Booking Form

The Double Helix can be a great benefit to many conditions by helping you deal with the pain, release emotions attached to the symptoms and assist in healing on a very deep level. Dis-ease are  layers of negative emotions and stress. It takes years to manifest dis-ease in the physical body. And it takes time for the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies to be brought back into perfect balance. Working with Double Helix will speed up the healing process as each layer will be lifted and released in gentle ways. The Double Helix creates further expansion of the Pineal Gland and offers alignment of the chakras. Each Session last for approximately 45 mins. Once you made your payments, Daniela or Debbie will contact you by email to set up  and confirm your appointment for the Distant Double Helix Treatment. Thank you.

1x Double Helix Healing With Deborah & Daniela - EUROS 111,-

Y O U   A R E   L O V E D    B E Y O N D    W O R D S!

N A M A S T E ♥♥

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