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Embrace YourSelf

Are you tried of facing same old belief patterns over and over again?

Join me for a free consultation where we will discuss healing methods that I can offer to you. Each Healing session helps you heal on your mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level. Depending on your life mission, each session  is different and heals as much as you are ready to release within. A session can involve a combination of removing energy created by negative thinking, negative emotions, physical problems, traumas , emotional wounds and attachments. You may experience a sense of feeling closer to your natural self, more in tune with your intuition, happier and lighter. You will be cleansed during each healing, your energy field and chakras as well as any blockages or specific issues you have. After a healing session each area of your life will improve, you are more easily to love and forgive yourself as well as to let go of past pain.

Ready to heal your body, mind and soul to enjoy a happy relationship with everyone including yourself in your beautiful life?

Did you know that we are our own most powerful guides and healers? Yes, its true, our life moves in a cyclical motion. Where we revisit times to help to shine our light when it is needed most. Our intuition navigate us through anything as nothing can truly stop us except ourselves. And still there are moments in life where we get distracted, we forget who we are and we get confused. In these moments its best to listen to your intuition. But your intuition can be clouded because of too many information that you are perceiving. There are simple tools that can assist you in going back into a clear state of mind.

How? Through readings, soul channeling, guidance, posts, mentoringReiKi…

Click here to book your Free Consulting Session.

I am looking forward to hear from you.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥