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Equinox Meditation With the Unicorns

Beloved Souls,

Our Beloved Unicorns came forth to give you a powerful Healing at this time. In this sound healing meditation you are taken on a journey with the Unicorns where you receive Healing, Clearing, Protection and Gifts from the Unicorn Realm and Archangel Metatron.

Message From The Unicorn

"Greetings, it is with great honor to step joyfully forth at this time. In this unique meditation we are ready to assist the light workers who know the healing light that we can offer to help you heal your heart and light body. Healing the heart and light body will aid you greatly as you welcome our magical healing. We are here to help you shift onto higher octaves as we share with you our wisdom. Our light codes will help you to clear any discorded energy, any confusion and any fear holding you back at this time. Doubt is being lifted of you as we fill you with the purest light. Each one of you goes on a journey for healing self worth and traumas. We have been waiting for this beautiful chance to connect with all of you once more. Showering you in love and joy. Namaste, Adoni."

What To Expect...

The Spiritual Significance Of the Equinox, September 22 is about change and bringing something new into our lives. It is a wonderful period of transition where the old patterns fall away to create space for the new. Once purchased you receive a guided Meditation with sound healing, as well as beautiful gifts from the Unicorn Realm. When you buy your Healing Meditation you receive a personal Message from the Unicorn Realm.