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Experiences Are Blessings

Have you ever thought about your life? Why am I here? Why are my parents like that? If you ever thought about your life and your life purpose, then you may have come across a concept that says: You are here because you choose to be here. Imagine that! You choose to be here. Imagine you choose your parents. What if you knew about the imprints and karma of your parents? What if you knew all about the circumstances you will be born into?

I know, this is a concept that can be very challenging. And if for a moment you agree and say okay, I am here because I wanted to be here at this specific time, so I can learn whatever I wanted to experience now. May be then it feels lighter and less dense to be here at this moment. I mean how wonderful is that, you are here and reading my post. As I am writing these words down for you, as a reminder of who you are!

We all choose our beautiful beloved parents. For some of us it feels like heaven and for some like hell. The more difficult the more powerful our experiences are. Each experience is a blessing in our beloved life. These blessing are on a map that we created before we were born. Our beautiful parents gave us the imprints that we needed to be successful in our mission. These imprints created your wonderful personality. Your personality is a blessing! And whatever experiences you have been through, they are all  preparing you to fulfill your life purpose.

You are so loved beyond. When we are born, we forget all about the map that we created and the mission we are on. Because of living in the Illusion we are able to experience each blessing to the fullest! You may feel lost. You may feel sad. You may feel blissful. Any emotion is a blessing as it helps you to master yourself!

I love you dearly.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥