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Failure & Success

Are you afraid of being a failure? Did you know that the fear of failure is established in childhood by an over emphasis on material success. At the root is a fear of not surviving and not being loved. This is rooted within you if you fear failure. I will explain you more about this fear to help you understand that the fear of failure is an Illusion that keeps you limited.

Failure is a concept, a thought, a fear , a label to create a story. The truth is that your true self is not any thing, it just IS. You can look at it this way, failure is part of life, the part where you experience and learn. Without failure, without mistakes there would be no learning process. To be honest, it’s actually great if you fail, because failure is necessary to success. The most successful people had to fail a lot before they become as great as they are now.

Go within and ask yourself: What is it that I am so afraid of? What does failure mean to me? Failure or any other fear can paralyze you. The limitation of any fear takes away your self-confidence, your ability to persevere and your courage. In fact, fear can take away your passion and without it you feel kind of lost. But you are meant to be happy and your passion, brilliance and courage are your true nature. It is your heart singing for you and leading you in your beautiful life.

Stop now and face your fears, so you can discover your being-ness, your wholeness and your true happiness. I love you beyond words and wish you a wonderful day. Know that true happiness is a feeling of love and your will know when you found it as it is a sense of arriving home.

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥