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Following The Path Of The Heart

Learn to trust your heart is the very first step. When you are open-hearted ,you can easily access your intuition. The heart is a highly sensitive center of feeling and knowing on many levels. Feeling open, loving and connected with mother earth is a sign that you are in your heart.

Sometimes our heart can be closed, if that is the case and it starts to open again, we discover the true reasons of the shut down. Underlying emotions, old wounds come to the surface and ask for our attention. Most of these emotions are very personal  and painful memories of disappointment, betrayal, abandonment ect… When we open and trust our heart we feel a warm sensational feeling. An open heart requires courage, dedication and willingness to be deeply vulnerable. It is a challenge but its worth it!

I hope this post helps you to get out of your head into your heart! Our attention naturally rests in the heart center, where we feel at home and have easy access to the inner wisdom. The inner knowing of our heart is often hidden underneath our fears, desires and limiting beliefs. Self-Confidence is essential when we learn to trust our heart fully.

Wisdom of your heart is a combination of love and clear understanding. By following your heart with trust and confident your path unfolds even in unexpected ways. Being honest to yourself will help you to end your own suffering. Trusting your sense, your inner sense of balance as you reflect back on your own life, see what you needed to learn. When we feel confused, we often feel out of balance. Admit your confusion and ask for guidance. Acceptance in another key that helps you to hear more clearly your hearts wisdom.

Loving and accepting ourselves is very relaxing and gives us inner peace. I wish you a wonderful balanced day.

I    L O V E    Y O U R     D E A R L Y