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Welcome Beautiful Soul,

here you find GUIDANCE in from as Soul Channeling, Insight Card Readings, Meditations and Mentoring. You are here for a reason. Your energy resonates with the Guidance that I have to offer. Now please take a moment and connect with your heart. Feel or sense what form of Guidance you wish to receive. Know that I am here to give you a gentle reminder of what is real for you at this moment of your life. These insights will help you to gain more clarity. When you are ready and only if you want it from the bottom of your heart, then I will take you by your hand. Your inner level of commitment and readiness is crucial to your success and impact you make within your reality. Are you ready for stepping into a new Dimension of your BE-ing? Choose below the method you want to work with to empower you, strengthen your faith and to remind you that you always have a choice. Allow me to guide you to your true inner wisdom now:

Soul Channeling: Daniela is blessed to work with angelic and elemental realm as a messenger through which the angelic and elemental realm speak with people. These beings of pure love and light came to me to assist, guide and protect human beings on the Earth plane. In accordance with yours Soul’s free will and will thus only disclose what these beautiful divine beings are allowed to disclose. Each of them will their utmost to guide you in making the best possible choices at this time.

Insight Card Reading: Daniela feels very happy and honored to offer you an insightful energy Reading. Each Reading is connected to an energy healing in the vibration of pure love. She will connect to the Universal Heart and Mother Gaia before Daniela draws any cards for you. These cards are spiritual guided from her Higher Self. As her Higher Self connects with your Guardian Angel – we all have at least one, when we are born. Your Guardian Angel will work together with Daniela to create a message full of personalized insights, healing and guidance. Know what regardless the message you will receive, the choice and action steps to take are always be yours!

Meditation: Daniela honors the Divine Spark within you. She knows that you are your own most powerful guide and healer. Through her Meditations she assist you to connect to your core power, where your intuition will heal and guide you through anything. Your Soul Essence is a raw creative energy that vibrates on a higher frequency. During Meditation we reduce our stress level and connect to our Soul Essence as we focus within. There we discover the Truth of who we really are – Pure Love! When you allow yourself to let go of your past, future – you start to relax into the present moment. Our belief patterns create the reality we are living in at the moment. These belief patterns lie within our subconsciousness. Meditation assists us to bring these belief patterns to the surface where we can clear them. Once we cleared and transmute anything on all levels that is holding us back from our happiest version of self. Then we truly experience a life in total Bliss.

Mentoring: Daniela knows from experience how challenging your journey into the Mastery of Self can be once you have awakened. New awareness, new perception can make you feel lonely as it seems that nobody understands what you are going through. Know that the perfect guide that you can trust the most is within you – your Higher Self. Whenever you feel that there are obstacles to overcome, or you are in n crisis and you feel disconnected from your inner Wisdom, please contact Daniela. Reach out to her and her Higher Self as they will always guide you with pure love and compassion.