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The Trinity Of Blessings Attunement

Archangel Michael gave this attunement as a gift to Theresa Helton, Patroness & Master Teacher. The Trinity of Blessings is also offered by master teachers who have been certified by Theresa or other master teachers. This beautiful attunement will re-connect you to the energy of Divine Love, Joy and Peace. It is a new rebirth. This wonderful high vibrational energy is the key for unlocking the powers within to manifest your desires.

When you start to work with this beautiful higher vibrational energy, you will transform your life as you allow more Divine Love, Joy and Peace to fill your whole being. This beautiful energy aligns you with who you truly are. You are an infinite being having a human experience. In spiritual truth you have infinite Wisdom, Potential and Creativity. Your core power lies within you. Once you connect with your core power, which is your Higher Self, you receive more blessings and miracles into your life.

When you accept and receive the Trinity of Blessing attunement from Archangel Michael, your give him permission to appoint these energies to your energy centers or chakras. This beautiful energy offers to unlock your true powers that exist within each and every one of us. Your true power can manifest your hearts deepest desire and lift your vibration onto higher frequencies. There is no distinction made regarding your religious beliefs.

The Trinity of Blessings has one level of attunement. When you accept and received your attunement you will be a Master Teacher of the Trinity of Blessings. You are asked to pass the attunement on to others. Please know that there are two stages within the attunement. In a period of eight days your are asked to perform daily blessings and the meditation so that the energy can fully integrate within you. After that you are a Master Teacher and can request a Certificate from me. Incorporate this beautiful energy into your daily life even after receiving your Certificate and your life transform more and more.


What To Expect 

Once you arranged your payments, Daniela will contact you by email to explain further steps with you. During busy periods the responding time can take up to 3 working days. During the Attunement Archangel Michael will appoint the Energy of the Trinity of Blessing towards you furthermore you will receive a PDF document with instructions and Divine Wisdom. The Trinity of Blessings is a very powerful tool that can change your life in profound ways! If you have any questions, please contact me.


Disclaimer: Neither The Trinity of Blessings™, nor its novices, teachers, students, patronesses or patrons offer treatment or diagnosis of any physical, medical, or emotional conditions. Anyone seeking such help should consult with a qualified physician or health care professional. The Trinity of Blessings Attunement is not meant as a treatment or diagnosis of any medical or emotional condition and should not be used as a substitution for the care of a qualified medical or health care professional. Neither the owner nor any person associated with this website or The Trinity of Blessings will accept liability for any use or misuse of this information.