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Energy Reading

Welcome Beautiful Soul! Here you can receive powerful insights from within as you allow yourself to heal in gentle ways. Each energy reading is intertwined with an Angel Healing. How does it work? Daniela connects to the Universal Heart and Mother Earth before she draws any cards for you. Once she is connected, she will call in Archangels like Michael or Raphael for support. Then she connects with your Guardian Angel to receive messages full of personalized insights, healing and guidance. Excited? Choose your reading below.



Gift Yourself -  Energy Healing Reading, 21 euros:

Gift Yourself - is a special offer I make for people who work for the first time with me. This is a  very personalized detailed one card reading, where you can either ask for a general message from the Archangel or Nature Guardians. Or you can receive your reading on one specific topic. The Card and messages that I receive will be written down and send to you by email or you book a Skype call ( 30 minutes ) where I tune into your energy to give you live in person your reading. Once your received your reading, the angels will work on your energy to release any blocks that wants to be lifted at that moment. Angels work in loving and gentle ways, you may feel more relaxed, think all of a sudden of a certain memory or feel emotionally. This is normal as energy blocks are lifted. Gift Yourself is a wonderful empowering reading for people who prefer to live with greater love and wisdom.  

 Energy Reading, 55 euros:

Beautiful Soul, I am so honored to offer you this very special Energy Reading. You can either choose to receive your personalized messages by email or during a 45 minutes Skype Call. During the Reading I tune into your energy and pull 3 or more cards for you. All messages and insights that I receive on your behalf will be written down. After the reading you receive additionally an Angel Healing to support your well-being. The Archangels clear your energy and create perfect balance from within. When you in a state of perfect balance, you have a clear mind and joyful heart. This is a highly personalized healing with a very detailed reading. Each reading is different and unique. Insights that you receive here is wisdom from deep within your soul! On some level you are aware of the answer that you are seeking! I am here to guide you if you wish so. Book your Energy Reading below, and find out what the unexpected has in store for you.

Personalized Energy Reading, 122 euros:

In this special for you designed Reading, you will receive a chakra healing, card reading and a special healing from the angelic realm. We connect via SKYPE for our 45 minutes session, where I scan your energy and send you healing to all your chakras. The healing will help you to lift your vibration and release any core energy blocks. You may feel warm or cold in certain parts of your body during our session, that is normal. When energy awakens it takes a different form for each person. After all your energy centers are back to balance, I will start to draw cards for you as I feel guided. During our session you can ask me any question that may come to your mind. To complete your personalized Reading, you will receive a PDF by email including your reading and special messages that I received from the angelic realm. Once you received my PDF file, the final healing will take place. Usually it takes 48h, where the angelic realm works on your energy to release any core blocks. The Reading can be also done only by email. The choice is yours!

Each Energy Reading is unique! You can choose from a General, Love, New Years, Relationship, Career, Health, Wealth, New Moon, Full Moon or any topic that you wish to receive an Energy Reading on. In case of doubt, contact me here to discuss your needs. Below you can read through Testimonials that I have received!  



"Daniela, Thank you so much for my wonderful and insightful reading." Daniela is a very professional and caring Angel and Fairy card reader. She gives details and explain clearly what is presented in the readings for her clients. She offers more information if the client has questions on the reading. I give my recommendation of Daniela to those of you who are looking for an Angel or Fairy reading. You won't be disappointed."

Vivian, Dayton, OH USA

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A Wonderful Message From The Angels

"Beloved, it is safe for you to see the energy of love in all of its forms, such as angels, auras and visions"

The angels assure you that you are beautiful and you can trust yourself. They love you beyond words and are happy to help you with your inquiry. Please feel safe to ask your angels or me anything. The Wisdom of the angels, nature guardian and spirit guides provide us with deep knowledge that we know in our hearts.  We are all searching for the answer that enriches our soul and brings light to those around us. We are all energy. Your life is connected to all that has been, is and will be. What you think, feel and act up on creates the world you live in. Your thoughts, words and movements have a specific energy. You are constantly creating your own reality through the choices you make. Messages from the elemental & angelic realm will guide you, give you insights and heal you within but the choice will always be yours! Have faith, trust yourself and keep your endless curiosity to enrich your inner world.

I am so happy and feel deeply honored that you are here.  I offer you here the opportunity to receive a beautiful personalized energy Reading. Each Reading is connected to an energy healing in the vibration of pure love and joy. Lets connect together with your Guardian Angel and any Archangel or Nature Guardian that wishes to join. Choose above any reading you wish to receive or contact me directly here to discuss your needs. Thank you!


I love to hear from you!