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Welcome Beautiful Soul!

Would you like to create a deeper connection within? Working with below Meditations assist you to connect to your core power, where your intuition will heal and guide you. Each time you mediate you reduce your stress level and deepen your bond to your heart and divine soul. It is like a discovery of your gifts, talents, desires and inner wisdom. Allow yourself to experience new dimensions of Beingness. Release any old belief patterns that want to be cleared now and unleash your full potential!

Bliss is your birthright! Choose any Meditation from below to encode your cellular matrix to the next level & clear your path to the totality of self. These guided meditations are jewels that take you into a journey of expanded conscious awareness. The highest purpose of these mp3 recordings is to assist you in a deeper understanding of your self. You can repeat listening to them as often as you wish to. Written and produced by Daniela Vogt, one of her talents lies in the delivery of deep healing through her voice transmission.Enjoy your J O U R  N  E Y!


Love Portal Meditation, FREE

Go within and connect through your heart with the divine energies that are available now. Allow yourself to experience a unique energy upgrade to your heart centre. Set free all your pain from this and past lifetimes. Call in energies of pure divine love, joy and contentment. You will be supported by the energies of the Moon, Star Beings of Venus and Goddess Venus. “Beloved Children of our beautiful Sister Planet Earth, we are here to support you on this auspicious day. Many of you are here to reach higher frequency. We come forth to offer you structure within your heart centre, aligning you to a state of bliss and joy. Where you live each moment from your heart. Your holographic matrix will change according to the new structure within you. Therefore your reality and all your relationship’s with yourself, with others and Mother Gaia herself will alter. The Portal of Love is open now. Namaste.” ~ Star Beings of Venus & Goddess Venus


Connecting Above & Below Meditation, 27 Euros:

This powerful grounding Meditation helps you to ground your energy. We are all made out of energy. Energy is moving through our body and can create dis-ease. When we start to connect above and below on a daily basis, we improve our health, well-being, gain emotional balance and a clear mind. Connecting start with breathing and feeling grounded to Mother Earth. In this beautiful meditation you will learn to listen your body, mind and soul. This powerful Guided Meditation come as an mp3 and with an E-Book ” Connecting Above & Below “. The E-Book explains the importance of Breathing & Releasing Techniques and Fundamental tools that can transform your life. Once you arranged your payments, you will be contacted by Daniela. She will send you an email with your mp3 record  and E-Book enclosed.


Chakra Healing Meditation, 12 Euros:

This powerful Meditation provides healing on all levels. Your energy will be called into the sacred space where the healing will occur. Archangel Raphael, Archangel Metatron and the Unicorns will assist you during the cleansing and healing process. This Meditation is infused with Angel and Life Force Energy, which allows the energy to flow wherever it is needed!  Once you arranged your payments, you will be contacted by Daniela. She will send you an email with your mp3 record enclosed. Listen to this beautiful Meditation as often as you feel guided to. Each time a new layer will be lifted and higher frequency can integrate more easily into your energy.


Breakthrough – Higher Self Meditation