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Would you like to receive guidance and support as you step into the fullness of the love that you truly are?

Here you can connect with Daniela for personal Mentoring.This is the moment that belongs truly to you. The focus in our one-on-one sessions is on you as you express what you want to work on. These Mentoring session are designed to help you moving forward in your ascension. Daniela tunes into your energy and work with her Higher Self to support you. Each Skype Call last for about one hour, they are most definitely confidential and very personal.

During each personal journey, you will have the opportunity to clear multiple aspects of your life in an in-depth way. Then take time to integrate the transformation and growth until your new way of being feels natural to you. Daniela is a channel working with Beings of Pure Love & Light. These benevolent Spirits come through in working with you to provide even further insights and assistance as needed. However, the highest intent of these sessions is to help you experience your own True Self of Oneness Love. Once you can experience that, everything else that you need simply unfolds from within you perfectly. Therefore, your time with me as a spiritual mentor might be short. 

Benefits of personal Mentoring: 

  • Support in reconnecting with your Core Power
  • Guidance as you step into your True Self
  • Assistance in clearing Obstacles
  • Help in Allowing BEingness
  • Teaching you tools that create Harmony within yourself
  • Listening to your inner most realizations
  • Experiencing your true Essence with someone who understands the process you are going through
  • Deepening your Connection with Your Higher Self
  • Empowering you on your path
  • Receiving healing on deep levels
  • Transformation, Unfoldment, Unexpected Shifts onto Higher Dimensions

Ready to RE-CONNECT with your Soul Essence? Ready to make a shift in your CONSCIOUSNESS? Join Daniela for a co-creative relationship to re-educate, support and guide you. She will take you through a journey that speeds up your ascension process. As you learn and take personal responsibility for your own health, well-bing, healing and ascension by connecting to your Inner Higher Self. Your Higher Self is the ultimate Guide!



Each Mentoring Session last for about 1h , we will connect via Skype Call.



"Daniela is amazing in her reading, guidance and healing. In my life I had an issue that was blocking me and I had forgotten about it. Daniela suddenly with her reading, reminded me of that issue in my life. With her amazing spiritual connection to Angel realm - Daniela ask for help and support, instantly I feel the healing. It was really years and years issue which was blocking my love, relationship and business life, when within seconds a big shift inside happened. She is really good in channeling in her intuitive side. I really recommend you to work with her, you will be amazed after the healing. Things will be more in flow in your life. She, herself is very positive, supportive and a loving open big hearth. Get her support. She listens to your problems and knows intuitively what to do and how to guide you with the help of her guides. The reading offers you a healing as well. You get your reading and as well any healing needed to resolve that issue. That is amazing. I love you Daniela. You are really awesome, a talent that God and Angels bring you to us. Thank you, god bless You."


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