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Soul Channeling

Would you like to receive guidance on your life and your higher purpose at this time? May be you would love to get guidance in the area of love, health or wealth? Here you can ask the Archangels and Nature Guardians for their advice.

What is a Soul Channeling? When you are in alignment with your soul’s purpose on earth you create a deep bond within. Through this deep bond you become aware of the natural way of communicating with the Spiritual Realm.  Soul Channeling is bringing in Spirit speaking to you or through you as you are in a close relationship and always have been.

Daniela’s conscious experience with her Higher Self began in 2015 when she connected to her Higher Self and beloved Twin Essence. Since then they have developed a deep bond in unexpected ways. Her Higher Self is her beloved Twin Essence, Guardian Angel and Personal Guide. She feels so loved and blessed to offer messages to people who seek deeper wisdom. Her Higher Self speaks through Daniela and connects her with Archangels or Nature Guardians. Please Note:  The Archangels or Nature Guardians will always work in accordance with your Soul’s free will and will thus only disclose what they are allowed to disclose. They will do their utmost to guide you in making the best possible choices at this time.

Daniela offers Soul Channeling’s to assist you on your life path and to give you a direct message for your soul’s growth. Life changing insights and information can be brought through. Many people book sessions again and again to aid them on their journey. Once you booked, please email through your question that you wish to ask ( maximum 3 ). Due the high demand and the nature of the work, the waiting time for your Soul Channeling to be delivered is up to 2 weeks. Each Soul Channeling can be ordered in written down as PDF or recorded as mp3. Daniela will include after the Channeling any other wisdom or information.

Soul Channeling, 49 Euros

In these Channeling’s Daniela brings through Angels or any other Elemental Being that wishes to join, who are working with you. Their wisdom, guidance for your soul growth in any area of your life. And any additional information if needed.

Once payment has been made, please email your question/s to me and include MP3 or PDF. Depending on what kind of format you wish to receive. You will have your channeled answer/s by return mail within 14 days. Thank you!