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Happy Easter – Gift Yourself!

I invite you to celebrate Easter totally different this year. I offer a free Chakra Healing to everybody that books a Card Reading or ReiKi Session from 10th of April until 13th of April. This is my FULL MOON EASTER SPECIAL!

What is so special about a CARD READING? A Card Reading gives you instantly insights at where you at in your life at the very moment. A deep feeling of calmness and truth at your core. Confirmation that you know is 100% authentic to your path and it feels so good. Choosing an oracle card reading might show you that your obsessive ambition will never satisfy you. The good thing is that SPIRIT has a plan for you! Card Readings are an instrument to give you instant insights, by holding up a mirror that confirms what your bodies are telling you. You may not be aware or may be you do not know how to understand what your bodies tell you. Even your ego may want to make you believe that you know exactly what you want, how and when. The truth is, nothing can hide when I work with the cards personally. I ask the question and ask SPIRIT to show me the TRUTH. Oracle Cards are like taking a SELFIE with SPIRIT behind you. There is no way to hide. Spirit shows you what your truly desire at your core and confirms that what is truly yours will never be withheld from you. Book your Card Reading now.


My special GIFT to Everybody interested! When you book a ReiKi Session or Card Reading with Daniela from april 10th – 13th you receive for free a Chakra Healing Session!

What is so special about a ReiKi Session with Daniela? Each Session is connected to the highest vibration available at this moment on Earth the Diamond Light Ray. This beautiful Light heals you on your emotional, physical, mental and energetic level. How? ReiKi flows to any part of you to heal and help you to leave anything that is toxic to you, it might be a person, a situation or a place. Bringing to your awareness that you have done your best to heal the conditions, but sometimes the circumstances become intolerable and the healthiest choice is to move on. This naturally brings up feelings of confusion and insecurity. However, rest assured that whenever you are on the right path, everything works out for the best. It is time for a change allow healing to occur on all levels! Book your session now and receive a free Chakra Healing as well!

My special Invitation is limited until the 13th of APRIL. Make a gift to yourself today!

What is so special about a Chakra Healing? Daniela takes you through each major chakra one by one to bring your energy centers also known as Chakras back to balance and alignment. You can unblock any energetic imbalance through Chakra Energy Healing and create a balanced life in which you take care of all your needs. How do you know if you are out of balance? The first sign is a sense of feeling unhappy! But there can also be a sense of anxiety, a feeling insecurity ( root chakra ) or addictive carving such as alcohol, sugar ect… ( sacral chakra ). May be you have issues with control, leadership or power ( solar-plexus chakra ) or its difficult for you to trust yourself, others. Past feelings of pain may hold you back ( heart chakra ). Another imbalance could be in your throat chakra as you are holding yourself back from expression yourself, your inner truth, being authentic. Another sign is a sense of confusion, not feeling your intuition and expression your gifts ( third eye chakra ) or you feel spiritual disconnected ( crown chakra ). If any of the above resonates with you, it is an indication of an area in need of healing. Allow yourself to receive cleansing and restore your balance within your major chakras now! Make a gift to yourself for Easter. Bring yourself back to your natural state of high energy, intuition and creativity!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥