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How balanced are you?

Did you know that we live in a physical world in which energies often taken a physical from? Most people are not aware of the energies that are around and within us. Energies connect us and are invisible to most of us. Our body, mind and soul work together as a system that create our reality. We are either in balance or out of balance. The appearance of our body reflects our inner world, our thoughts and feelings. When a particular pattern develops emotional or mental, it creates over time our body shape and level of functioning.Our body gives us wonderful insights about our state of mind, soul and body. When our body is in perfect balance you feel whole, perfect, complete. Everyday we use our bodies to feel emotions. In order to protect ourself from unwanted emotions we lose or add weight on an unconscious level to our body. What does it mean? Your body tells you exactly where you have an imbalance in your life. Listen to your body, because your body will tell you exactly what you are doing that needs your attention. This is wonderful.

Respect your body and heal your relationships within to create a natural flow of energy throughout the body without blockages or resistance. When out of flow, we have an imbalance and our natural flow is interrupted as energy. This imbalance can cause emotional or physical pain and discomfort. Rebalancing yourself with holistic healing such as Reiki addressing the imbalance on all levels to align body, mind and soul. This change has to occur on all levels of your being. Healing requires physical changes, lifestyle changes as well as a change of mind. When your awareness changes your whole world start to transform.

Have you ever hugged yourself? Go on and do it now, give yourself a hug. Love yourself. Say thank you to yourself. Send love to your organs, cells, bones and to your whole body. Tell yourself how much your appreciate yourself, your organs, your cells, your blood, your bones for all the wonderful work they do for you. Bless yourself. Smile and be grateful for the gift of life. You are here and you are now aware of the communication between body, mind and soul. You can now listen to your body and be gentle with yourself.

Healing is a process of being aware, letting go and being open to new unexpected ways. Did you know, that we all have a masculine and feminine side? The right side of our brain controls our feminine aspect of self. It reflects creativity and emotions in the left side of our bodies. Feminine energy is the receiving energy. To be in perfect balance you have to receive as well as to give. Masculine energy is the ability to move forward, it is the giving energy that resides in the right side of your body. It reflects the analytical mind, mental drive and physical action of your body. While the left side of our brain controls our masculine aspect of self. Why do we need to be aware of male and female energy? Because it is important that both sides attain a harmonious whole. Life is to understand as a dance between male and female energy and how to be in flow within each other to balance the body, mind and soul. Meditation is one of the most effective tools that can be used to connect the heart with the mind. Once your body mind and soul are in alignment, your state of being is healthier, happier, more balanced within. I wish you all a wonderful day.


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