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Join This Wonderful Healing Experience

Beautiful Souls,

We are happy to announce this wonderful group clearing event which we will be hosting with the Dragon Realm and the Angels to bring about and restore harmony and balance within the energy body of Gaia and within our own energy field.

To join us for this powerful healing, please click on the " Join Us NOW " button. You will be redirected to our event page where you will find more details about the event. We are so happy and excited to work with you soon. Lets connect. Thank you.


Daniela and Deborah team up as channels together to offer this group clearing to people to help them to make an impressive step forward now at this important time of the Equinox. They will both be channeling the energy of the Dragons who are powerful transformers of negative energy, and bringing in the energy of Archangel Michael and a team of Angels to magnify the clearing on a Planetary scale.


Clear all unwanted energy within our own energy field any forms of blockages that cause a build-up of low frequency energy that is no longer serving you and which often results in physical discomfort 

Group Clearing For Gaia To Bring Harmony

A group clearing for Gaia to bring harmony in places where there is strife due to an imbalance such as we are currently experiencing in our weather.

Sharing Powerful Tools

Sharing powerful affirmations and tools which are guaranteed to keep your energy frequency as high as possible so that you are more equipped to deal with the low frequency energy of people around you, especially those Souls who are yet to awaken

Dates and Time:

Wednesday the 20th  & Sunday the 24th

12 noon in New York ⋅ 8am Los Angeles ⋅ 5pm London ⋅ 6pm Germany ⋅ 6pm South Africa