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Lilac – The Power Of Natural Healing

Beloved, beautiful Mother Nature created a wonderful display holding very powerful healing energy for you. Did you know that Lilac helps you to relax while its beautiful smell increases your vibration creating more joyful thoughts? Lilac is full of the vibration of joy and loves to work on your heart and third eye chakra. Flowers are more than creating a good feeling when you look at them, they are a part of the plant and have lots of life force energy. Therefor Flower medicine is very effective for body, mind and soul. Depending on which flower you are using and how you are using them, they will work on a physical level, mental level, emotional or energetic level. That is so wonderful!

The power of Lilac address the emotions and energy behind any imbalance on any level of being through the sweet aroma and energy of the flower. Any flower essences work directly at the core of any imbalance for creating wholeness and wellness. The magic of Lilacs is all about the perception of things as it expands our conscious awareness. This beautiful flower is about romance on higher levels.

Ideally you spend some time outdoors near Lilac to balance your energy field. The invisible wheels of light along your spine also known as chakras are being harmonized by the sweet scent of Lilac. Inhale this beautiful scent and allow the healing to occur. You might like to bring fresh lilacs into your space for further healing. Fresh Lilacs or Lilac essential oil can help you to calm and bring you into the space between the worlds where all magic is possible.

Are you ready to enhance your abilities to perceive and work with subtle energy?

I love you dearly. And wish you a wonderful day filled with the essence of Lilacs!

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥