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Love – The Wise Master

Beautiful Soul,

are you listening to the voice in your head or to the voice of your heart? Your heart knows exactly what is needed for your evolution. When you start to trust your heart and follow it, you will be happy. Love can naturally flow from you.

But what if you listen to the voice of your head? Your head is a simple thought stream that runs on the energy of fear. Fear based thoughts create Illusions of wisdom that is false. Have you ever asked yourself if fear actually serve a purpose? Have you ever questioned your fears? Fear is an Illusion because without it, there would be no misunderstanding of reality. Fear is a thought or thought pattern in your head, they stem from your own mind. Your own mind creates these fears based on thoughts about the future or past. Notice what you are thinking. Notice how often your thoughts are about the past or future.

Each moment of your life, you can make a choice. The choice to listen to your heart or your head. Listening to the voice of your head is easy, as we are so used to it. This voice is loud and creates lots of doubts and worries. Choosing the voice of your heart is more challenging, this is the voice of your very own intuition. It is more like a whispering, a deep knowing with a strong urge. Learning to understand what your heart is pointing out towards yourself can be clear but difficult to follow as it asks you a great deal of trust. Trust coexists with love and trusting that there is another way to live takes a leap of faith. Your heart is a great mystery and the wise master that guides you to true happiness.

Developing trust in yourself is the key. Go and do what you truly want. Make your heart sing, because only you can choose to do what will make you happy and the whole universe will guide you along. You are so loved and supported. Allow yourself now to take courage and trust in yourself. With every success achieved over fear you gain more and more courage, trust and feel loved. Little by little you gain trust and courage in life by experiencing the truth about life.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥