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Lunar Eclipse in Leo

Welcome the new opportunity of change! This month the full moon in Leo is a Lunar Eclipse with a restart point. This powerful full moon occurs 1:32 am on February the 11th in the star sign Leo bringing forward an energizing vibration. Reminding us of worshipping ourselves. Go within during this powerful full moon, connect into your heart center and allow yourself to experience the bliss and ecstasy of true Divine Love of yourself. This powerful healing will help you to attract loving relationships and blissful experiences in each moment of your beautiful life. Many people are critical and make judgments of who they think they are, mainly making themselves feeling less worthy.

This is a great opportunity to release any judgments of yourself as Eclipses act like doorways into different energy paths. Allow yourself to receive a powerful transformation into the direction of divine flow. The Leo represents the King and it holds a very active energy. He reminds you to stand up for yourself and follow your inner truth! Now is the time to take action by letting go old pain of past relationships, as well as pain within yourself. The most important relationship you are ever in, is the relationship you are having with yourself! Fear, doubt, judgements about self, will come to the surface now. Embrace all things the you are aware of now and remain open.

I invite you on a little Meditation that you can do for yourself during the Full Moon: Connect to your Heart, take 3 deep breaths in and out, focus on your heart. See, sense or feel a pillow of light white. This beautiful white light is connecting you with the Heart of the Universe. Sense, feel or see this beautiful pure light surrounding you, protecting you, moving through you. Entering your whole being through your crown chakra , activating, balancing and aligning all chakras within you. Flowing through your feet chakras into Mother Earth where this beautiful white light connects you with the Heart of Earth. You are wonderful grounded now. Focus on your heart and allow now the full moon energy to connect with you. Bathing you and healing you. Healing all aspects of self on all levels in all timelines. Releasing anything that is not for your highest growth. Feel the energy clearing, transforming your whole being! Allow the love energy of the full moon to vibrate within you, deep within. Entering your DNA and bathing all cells in pure divine full moon LOVE! Stay in this moment for as long as you wish too…

 I     L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D    W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥