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Make Mistakes!

We are growing and evolving because of making mistakes! When our body makes mistakes we had the “wrong” impression. When our mind makes mistakes we “judged”. That is how we learn and grow until we realize that Our Soul is perfect. We are perfect. Our mind and all around is perfect, so there is no need to judge. And our body is beautiful! We are the creators of our lives. We co-create as we receive a certain impression. Feelings, thoughts, ideas, you choose to empower them. Focus wisely but do not be afraid of making Mistakes. Each Mistake leads to inner Wisdom, to inner growth so all that truly is happening is allowing yourself to expand as you gain experiences. Mistakes are a beautiful tool to grow rapidly!

Fear of making mistakes is an Illusion! There is ” not such a thing as a MISTAKE “. Its more like a process of evolving. We discover more about ourselves like a Lesson that needed to be learned. We learn how to forgive, what limits belief we have and how to break through. There is so much to learn or lets better say to REMEMBER. As we are all on a journey of remembering who we truly are! Being afraid of stepping forward is blocking you, but even this might be a Lesson be learned! Sometimes we prefer to rest and enjoy the moment as nothing is really moving on. We enjoy it until we ready to move on. This may occur on a subconsciousness. Either way we expand and evolve.

 Go on make “Mistakes”, Learn and Grow! Enjoy the Journey!

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥