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Create & Manifest In The Vibration Of Love

Do you know that feeling of pure love? Think of somebody or anything that you feel pure love and pure joy for. Hold that vibration within you. Now connect to the light below and above. Send love energy to the heart of Gaia. Allow yourself to receive healing energy back. You are anchored now. What a wonderful feeling! Imagine yourself sending energy to the heart of the Universe. Allow the Universe to send you healing energy back. Congratulations. You are connected below as above.

Create a golden Shield of pure Light around you or ask Archangel Michael to protect you. Now think of something or somebody you love. Hold that vibration within you, now expand that energy. Wrap each cell and atom into love. Fill the space in between with love and radiate love out. Feel your whole body sparkling and tickle. Hold that wonderful energy. Fill your energy field, your aura. Expand your field more and more. Send love to all beings, to nature, to the animals, to the elemental beings. Share your love with everybody and anything. Imagine the whole world covered in love. Feel deep within that wonderful warm feeling of divine love. Hold onto that vibration for as long as you want to. Imagine your hearts desire and feel them. You are so grateful and thankful to have your hearts desire. Now say Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay , repeat these powerful light words 3 times.

How do you feel? Do you feel lighter? Do you smile? The Energy of Love is a very warm, gently feeling. That Energy can create anything, you can create anything because you are LOVE. You are pure Love as we all are.

Myasmia: When this word said, you command to set a clear intention. YaNonia: When this word said with force, you activate the strength of the intention that creates a path for manifestation. YaSintay: When this word said as part of trinity (Myasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay), you activate the perfect outcome. Create a simple I am…. I have … sentence. I am graceful. I have grace.I am graceful. I have grace. I am graceful. I have grace. Mayasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay. Mayasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay. Mayasmia, YaNonia, YaSintay. And so it is. Thank you.





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