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May’s Full Moon In Scorpio

The next Full Moon falls on  May the 10th/11th in the sign of Scorpio sending us an infusion of extremely powerful and potent energy. Did you know that the energy of the Scorpio is all about transformation? You are bathed in high frequency light that carries the ability to reach extremely low levels of consciousness. This Full Moon is going to help open your consciousness to a new level so you can become aware of a new things.

Now is the perfect moment to embrace and accept any recent changes. The powerful shift that you are going though allows you to move forward rapidly. In fact, after the energy of this powerful Full Moon, you may be feeling a greater sense of understanding where you are heading to as you begin to remember your personal power. Very often we forget that we have strength and power within us. This power supports us in taking responsibility over our lives, reminding us that we hold infinite wisdom and potential within. Claim your personal power now!

You are born here to remember that you are a highly advanced and intelligent energetic being that has a soul that is both timeless and endless. Go within and send out your wishes to the Universe. When you reach to your spiritual guides, they help and support you, so please use this powerful energy to your advantage and call for guidance. Your Angels are waiting to answer your inquiry. It is time to use the magical energy of May to speed up your manifestation work.

I love you beyond words and wish you a powerful, joyful Full Moon experience! Know that your intense personal interactions will reveal exactly how you feel about someone and how they feel about you. Allow your self to experience a positive transformation as relationship will evolve to a deeper level or send you free to move on. Clean away the clutter in your mind and your environment, now is the perfect time to get to the root to eliminate destructive behaviors.

Namaste Daniela ♥♥