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Messages For You – Energy Reading For 9th – 15th October 2017

We are all connected as we are all energy vibration on different frequency. We are connected to the life force that binds the soul to the body. Our soul is itself everlasting and not bind to time and space therefore it holds great wisdom. Connect within this week to gain clarity on what you truly enjoy in life.

The beginning of this week the "Green Dragon" is with us to support each one of us. Did you know that our beautiful nature kingdom is a magical place in which all our answers are held for us? Luminous green dragons help us to read these answers. So, if you can, sit quietly in nature, call a green dragon and ask for guidance.The response may come to you consciously or unconsciously, so accept that something important has been activated within you, whether you are aware of it or not. You may feel the need to walk somewhere particular. If so, follow this impulse, for your green dragon will be guiding you. Keep your eyes and ears open, for the answer may come through a tree, bird, insect, animal or something else entirely. Your green dragon will glide with you, directing you to the answer you need. This calls for deep trust and an understanding that the divine plan is perfect. Drawing this card also suggests that you would benefit by spending more time in the green world. Your green dragon will be with you, so acknowledge it and let it touch you with its wisdom and greatness.


In the middle of the week the magical  "Silver Lunar Dragon" joins us. This beautiful card came to you at this moment to remind you that the Silver Lunar Dragons are waiting for your call. Please call upon them, as you bathe in their energy, they help you in practising peace, harmony, equality, co-operation, love, unity and wisdom in your daily life. A lunar dragon will be close by, helping and supporting you. As you are bringing yourself into balance, you are doing your part to bring the planet into equilibrium. And whenever you ready this week, sit down and visualise your causal chakra as your own personal moon. Then call upon the silver lunar dragons. They will touch and expand your causal chakra until the frequency is high enough to allow pure white unicorns to step through it. These beautiful pure white unicorns will guide and communicate with you. Allow yourself the receive their wisdom.


On the weekend a powerful "Dark Blue Galactic Dragon" is calling out for you. These magical beings invite you communicate with the masters of the Universe, the Intergalactic Council, where you can contribute your energy for the smooth ascension of the planet. It is time to listen and serve. Your soul journey has taken you to the stars and beyond, dear one. Ask these wondrous dragon who has come to you to tune you in to the Intergalactic Council, where you will be offered the honour of petitioning the council. Decide whether your petition is for the welfare of animals or humanity, or to assist the ascension of the planet. Then ask the dragon to take you to the council to present your petition. Dark blue galactic dragons will also instruct you during meditation or sleep. This will enable you to serve in a galactic capacity and will hugely expand your energy fields.


What a wonderful message for this powerful week! I wish you all a beautiful start and enjoy these high frequency beings of pure love that wants to connect with you this week. Leave a comment if you want to share your experiences. I would love to hear your story and what wisdom you received if you like sharing it. 

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"Daniela really helped me by giving her powerful and accurate Card Readings! Her energy is gentle and she uses wonderful Card decks. Her messages are consoling, uplifting and inspiring! Thank you so much Daniela!"

Tosca, from the Netherlands March 24, 2017

 Thank you so much, Beloved!

L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥