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Messages For You – Energy Reading for August 14th – 20TH AUGUST 2017

We are all connected as we are all energy vibration on different frequency. We are connected to the life force that binds the soul to the body. Our soul is itself everlasting and not bind to time and space therefore it holds great wisdom. Connect within this week to gain clarity on what you truly enjoy in life.

” Suche Das Schöne – Search for Beauty ” is a reminder to all that got so attached to the Illusions of lack. What is blissful in your life at this very moment? Where can you see beauty? Look within, what is it that you truly love about yourself? Is it your smile? May be your generous heart? Love each aspect of your self. Embrace who you truly are!

The energy of this week will support you in clearing anything that is no longer for your highest growth. All that is brining you joy and make you sing direct you onto higher frequency, keeping you light and at ease to attracting new abundance into your life ” Das Grosse Ganz – The World ” is at reach. Open your arms, allow yourself to receive all that the Universe is offering to you. Detach from what you think how your abundance shall look like, breakthrough your limits and say to yourself :” I AM READY TO RECEIVE. I AM LOVED. I AM OPEN FOR NEW ABUNDANCE TO ENTER INTO MY LIFE NOW. I AM OPEN TO RECEIVE NOW. I AM JOYFUL AS I RECEIVE MORE ABUNDANCE WITH EASE. THANK YOU.” Go within and hold the vibration of love for as long as you can in your heart, let it expand bigger and bigger. Bigger than your home, bigger than your country, bigger than Earth, bigger than our Galaxy.  And remember that ” Inehalten – Within ” you carry divine love and nothing can stop you from receiving more than 100%, allow yourself to bathe in limitless. Go within and allow any resistance to surface now so you can transmute them into pure love as you bath yourself in unconditional love.

New opportunities and experiences awaiting you as you find your true beauty. Your perception changes and now you can see that your are supported, protected and connected to unlimited abundance as you allow yourself to receive. Enjoy your beautiful weekend outside in nature and look for her beauty. Allow to fill yourself up with Mother Natures Divine Love. You can receive it as you take time for yourself to connect with your heart to nature. I wish you a blissful week.

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L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥