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Messages For You – Energy Reading For July 18th – 23rd 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week is challenging us in different ways. Connect with your heart and follow your Intuition. Do not allow outer conditions to distract you. Know that all is connected.

The week starts with “Balancing Act”.This is a time when it’s important to address the areas of your life where there is discord. Are you fixated on getting your own way? Are you obsessed with one thing, neglecting essential matters that require your attention? Taking your own inventory is a necessary step toward rebalancing your life, and it’s the only way to reach an equitable solution. Adjust yourself to the conditions of your environment that you have no control over, and balance will come much more easily. If there is to be fairness, it must come from you. Stay calm within!

By the middle of the week ” Unexpected Visitors ” join us. Invite miracles into your life. The energy is shifting creating new openings for the unexpected. No matter how detailed your plans are, and how clear you believe the road ahead to be, there are times when the best plans are waylaid by unforeseen circumstances. At first, detours may seem inconvenient, but a surprise turn of events signals that the adventure of life is beginning to get interesting. No one can plan for synchronicity—for fate and destiny to meet—except Spirit, who knows what you can’t comprehend for now. Life is full of surprises, so stay on your toes and enjoy this exciting new adventure you weren’t expecting. There is a plan for your life that may not match up with your agenda. Be open to unexpected opportunities!

In the end of the week we are ” Flying ” into the weekend. When we are above things, we see things from a higher perspective. This card reversed is a gentle reminder that there are times to take flight and times to remain grounded, and for now you must avoid overreaching. There is still work to be done before you earn your wings. Be patient. What you seek will not be out of reach forever. Doing too much, too fast, too soon only serves to prevent a beautiful flight later on. 

Beautiful Soul, be your authentic self and listen to your heart. Your heart will always guide you in loving ways. For more guidance or a very personalized into the depth energy reading, please book below. Thank you.

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I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥