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Messages For You – Energy Reading For July 25th – 30th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week is a reminder to all of us – we are one Unity – lets celebrate! Connect with your heart and follow your Intuition. Know that all is connected.

The week starts with “Komme in deine Kraft”. It is a perfect moment to remind oneself of Unity. We are all connected, respect each part of our Unity. Respect nature, the animal kingdom, the elemental realm and bring yourself into alignment with our beloved Mother Earth. Go deep within, step into your heart and core power look for signs as your beautiful angels are guiding you. Follow these signs and you will be rewarded abundantly. There is also a message of waking up to your true authentic self.

In the middle of the week our beloved nature guardians invite us to an adventure to celebrate the ” day out of time ” & the new beginning of a new cycle. Bring joyful energy into your life and do whatever brings you joy as you celebrate yourself you celebrate life itself. “Abenteur” calls you to step out of your daily routine. Bring some new exciting energy into your life. These new energies will assist you in opening new doors for you. Ready? Creating joy leads to new adventures – all you are asked to do is to stop for today with your routine and do something unexpected that makes your heart sing.

This beautiful week ends with 2 cards symbolizing action. Its time to get active. Set your new intentions now for the new cycle and follow each sign you receive from the beautiful angels that support you each step of mastering self. Go within and ask yourself what is it that you truly desire? What values are still the same? What values changed? You are worth it, beloved. Let go, surrender any part of you that no longer serves your highest growth. See your true beauty, nourish yourself, love your whole being. You deserve to be loved. Open your heart to all the gifts that are being offered to you. Open you arms now and say to yourself: I Allow Myself To Receive Now All Gifts For My Highest Growth! Thank You. ( And see yourself receiving beautiful light, flowers or whatever you are aware of ). I wish you all a blessed week.

This is a beautiful week full of magic. For a more personalized reading with more details please click here. Thank you so much, beloved!


L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥