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Messages For You – Energy Reading June 12th – 18th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This weeks energy remind you go within. You hold the power to connect to the ultimate guide that lies within your heart at any moment you choose too. You are here for a reason, you are meant to hear the messages below.

Yang represents the power of action, the energies that propel the world forward, and manifesting thought and desire into concrete form. Now is the perfect time to act, for you can easily build momentum and make headway. What you want will come to fruition if you proceed confidently. This card signifies new life and is a sure sign that obstacles have been overcome. There is no reason to hesitate. Despite of temporary conditions, go within and find your harmony, do not look to the outer world to provide certainty. Remember you are the shaper of your destiny now.

Ready for a real change in your consciousness as you challenge the structures that are limiting your authentic self? Spirit is calling you to revolution! Focus on what you really want to achieve, regardless of whether it feels so far outside the box that the established order may reject it. Genius, invention, and transformation are rarely comfortable, and less likely to be accepted by the mainstream. It may be time for you to say no to the way of your group, take a stand, and make real changes. It could be that the structure of your inner world is alerting you to the need for a complete overhaul. This is a time for transformation, so let go of the fear of change. Your intuition will lead you through the darkness. There is no turning back now. Trust that light will dawn. Epiphanies will surely lead to miracles.  

Beautiful Soul,  I know it can be very challenging to listen to your heart. Just know that we are here to learn to trust our heart, as it will always lead us to a happy place. Your heart loves you so much, it wants to make you smile. Allow your authentic self to shine now. Have the courage and strength to follow your hearts desire. For more guidance or a very personalized into the depth energy reading, please book below. Thank you.

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I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥