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Messages For You – Energy Reading for May 23rd – 28th 2017

What awaits us this week? Remember that all is connected!

This week  is full of the energy of the New Moon in the sign of the fiery Aries. New doors open for a new start or an upgrade in our life. Be aware that the message below is for you as you are here for a reason. You are here at this moment to receive guidance and insights about yourself. 

This week starts with BIG BOLD VISION. You were born to play an important role in your life. Now is the time to dream bigger than ever before. Create a Vision of who you are that is bigger than you ever thought of and allow even more unexpected things into your life. Invite now new opportunities and surrender attachment to exactly how it will all work out. Know that there is something – a vision or an ideas – that is coming to you. This is meant to be yours. Face fearless your new inspirational ideas and trust that you will be assisted in the process. Take first steps towards your new Goal! This card comes in combination with a beautiful powerful stone. ” Auralite 23 ” has a sedative effect on the mind, stilling it so that profound healing and conscious connection with your beautiful soul, the universal mind and higher dimension occurs. You are a multilayered soul on a beautiful mission here on Earth to share your knowledge. You have the ability to move between different dimensions to anchor new vibrations into the earth plane. Connect to your heart and higher self for guidance, this way you raise your consciousness and allow new energy to enter into your life.

Wednesday and Thursday empowers you to heal deep wounds. The ” Peridot ” frees the mind from unwelcome envious thoughts and night terrors. This beautiful stone is transmutative and purifying. You are reminded to surrender any pain from the past. Stop holding on to the past. Stop beating yourself up over mistakes. You are deeply emotional connected to events to your past and this card assures you that with the New Moon Energy you have the courage and strength to learn to forgive and surrender. It is now time to detoxify your emotions while you recognize how outside influences operate in your life. Develop you own protection as you learn to rely on your own inner guidance. Know that you have a powerful destiny and great integrity – Money is earned from your talents! Combined with the LEGACY OF LIGHT – you are being ask to honor the legacy of light. This card comes to you when you need confirmation that a creative choice you are making is in alignment with your sacred purpose. Whatever it is that comes to your mind at this moment, know that it is of utmost importance to your spiritual growth – even if it seems like a relatively insignificant thought or question.

This Weekend will be magical as you gather a tremendous force of light around you. It is attracted to the purity of your intention to create from your heart. As your intention grows so does the light. Magic wants to happen for you now! Everything is perfect in synchronicity now. Needed information will seem to be drawn right to your door. Your heart evokes many new successes and attracts an abundance of opportunities your way. Surrender your resistance or fear and allow the light to flow freely. The card FOCUS ON THE LIGHT comes with the card Flint. The ” FLINT ” stabilizes energy and cuts through to the core of issues, clearing blockages and loosening ties. This beautiful cards signals that are new portals open to hidden aspects of yourself. Do not be afraid to explore this hidden side as it contains treasure beyond knowing. This beautiful stone connects you to your ancestors. You are being ask now to pay attention to energetic boundaries and core strength. Cut through confusion to the core of the matter and face your fears.

Can you see how perfect the messages go in another and supporting each other? The message assure you that you are here for a reason. You needed to hear these words to motivate and confirm you that  new opportunities come to you as you set new intentions. Dream bigger than ever. Connect to your heart and follow any ideas or inspiration that you receive. Surrender any past suffering, pain or fear. Allow the change to happen and allow deep old emotions to surface now so you can transmute them into pure love. Cut through any confusion to the core of the matter as you focus simultaneously on the light. And know that you are so loved!

Beautiful Soul, what would you do when you had unlimited time, energy and money available? What is the first thought that comes to your mind? That is your inner truth, and there is always a way to make it work on any budget and schedule. Any change—even a positive one—can be stressful, but with playful outlets like hobbies and good friends, it can feel purposeful and joyful. I love you dearly, beloved. I wish you a week with wonderful new opportunities! And whenever you feel guided to get a more INTO DEPTH energy reading, then click on link below:


Insight Card Reading


I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥