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Did you feel the energies of the Love Portal? Pure Love, Bliss and Joy is available to us if we choose to. All it takes is allowing ourselves to receive high vibrational frequencies. Did you know that all is made out of energy, even you are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

A beautiful message from Goddess Venus for February 14th  – 19th to all that fell guided to this wonderful post!

The energy of the Goddess of the Moon awakens deep emotions that we hold within our cellar structure. As these emotions come to your consciousness Goddess of Venus ask you to look within. Take time for yourself to reflect your inner world. What kind of situations, people, thoughts, emotions are on your mind lately? Can you see your true inner beauty raising from the core of your soul, shining so bright within each cell, illuminating your whole being and changing your reality.

The Portal of Love opens bathing you in divine love, amplifying the energy of your true self, your divine spark. New awareness enters your consciousness, showing you new perspectives, bringing you new understanding of who you are. A new cycle begins, where growth will lead to new experiences, new people, new situations and this beautiful process will end with a change into something new, something better. Trust this process, trust the divine plane as it unfolds step by step. Trust in your inner strength and take time for yourself, where you nourish your heart, your soul and your whole being. Enjoy the time by yourself as it heals you on all levels and gives you moments of realizations. These moments are of great importance as they speed up your growth. Open your heart to emotions that you still hold deep within, allow them now to come to the surface where you will transmute them into pure love and create space for more divine love entering your life. Now go with, feel your heart and think of something that makes you truly happy. Hold on to that vibration, allow it to fill your whole being, each cell within you and your aura. See or sense this wonderful vibration of joy flowing out into the world, touching, hugging all that is around you and attracting more joy back to you. Do this exercise as often as you feel guided to. The Goddess Venus reminds you to allow the flow of giving and receiving of pure love. She speaks of loving yourself, loving who you are unconditional! When you love yourself unconditional, your perception of self and the world around as within you will change forever! Its time to find your inner beauty. Time to reflect your beauty onto your world around you. Time to shine your light and fulfill your mission. The Mission you came here for! Goddess Venus is greeting and welcoming all beloved Star Sisters with a loving Namaste. You are invited to meet Goddess Venus in your sacred space, meditation or you contact Daniela for a special personal Message from Venus. The choice is yours!

I wish you all a wonderful week. May rose pedals showering over you from now on until forever.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥