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Messages For You – January 3rd – 8th 2017

Energies are all around us, as within so without. All there is – including yourself – made out of Energy and depending on what we feel, think and belief our vibration changes. You are here for a reason, angels, beautiful energies or lets call it the love of the universe has guided you here at this moment to receive your important insights about yourself. Each on of us perceives this messages differently, as we all are unique. Be assured that the way you understand and the thoughts, ideas that come to your mind at the moment you read my divinely guided message, is meant to be and all connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

This beautiful week of January the 3rd – 8th start with an important message for all feeling guided to my post!

Card ” Verletzlichkeit ” – Vulnerability: It is a reminder to listen to our body and to take a rest. Our beloved body, mind and souls is asking for acknowledgement of the rhythm of life. It is the perfect time to be aware of all that is around you. How do you feel within? What do feel, see or hear around you? Can you see the beautiful clouds in the sky? Have you noticed that they are in ever lasting movement? Tuesday and Wednesday is a time to rest our beautiful body and become aware of our true nature. Listen to your inner voice and trust your wisdom, you received a positive sign from heaven that all will turn out to your favor. Positive changes are on your way.

Card ” Du bist es Wert ” – Your are Worthy & Card ” Triff eine Entscheid ” – Make a Decision: The message for Thursday and Friday comes in very interesting combination assuring you that you are worth to receive a blissful life, all it take is to make a decision. When you decide that you are worthy to receive all abundance, all joyful experiences, then you open your self up to the ultimate flow of abundance in all areas of you life. Change will follow. New opportunities arise. Relationships will improve or end depending on with whom you have the relationship with and if that partnership is for your highest growth. These cards remind you to allow yourself to receive compliments and to let go of all that keeps your vibration low. Take action and shine your true light!

Card ” Gehe Behutsam mit dir um ” – Be careful with yourself: On the weekend our beloved Mother Earth ask you to give yourself time for new adjustments. You are birthing new Ideas, Concepts, Thoughts, Energies, Opportunities, Relationships into your life. The new energy flows towards you, open yourself to receive. All signs showing a positive outcome, now is the perfect time to start a new project! Have faith and trust within as you align to the new energy that surrounds you.

Card ” Mache immer das Beste aus Dir ” – Be the best version of yourself: A beautiful mermaid rides on the back of a seahorse to inspire you to be your true self. Be authentic. Be the best version you can at all times. Go within and listen to your heart, you inner voice. Do not accept less than you worth. This beautiful card is a reminder for the whole week and comes in combination with each card that I described here to let you know that you deserve more than you ever think or allow yourself to. Allow yourself to open up for an unlimited flow of abundance! Any limits that keeps you away from your true desire is an Illusion that you are in charge of. Blow that Illusion and overcome your fears. It is time to live happy, joyful, peaceful and blissful!

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥