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Messages For You – March 30th – April 2nd 2017

Did you know that all is made out of energy? You are energy. Energy surrounds us, flows through us and energy expressed influences our reality. Each on of us perceives energy differently, as we are all unique and at different stages on our path of Mastering Self. We are all connected and ideas, thoughts, people even this post is part of a Divine Plan. Here you will receive Messages and Inspiration, may be even Motivation to move forward onto your path. Remember that all is connected! Enjoy your life within and without! I love you dearly!

A beautiful reminder for March 30th  –  April 2nd to all that fell guided to this beautiful post!

This week is all about YOU! You may have notice that changes occur around you. You are entering a period of intensive clean up. The Universe calls you to look within. Take a moment to really understand who you are. See the Illusions that block you from moving forward. Connect to your Intuition and follow your heart.

Step back and take a moment to calm yourself. All the drama around you is triggering old belief patterns within you. It’s like a Mirror showing you what you need to look at in order to let it go. This can be very confusing as you are being pushed into a new direction. Uncertainty may create doubt. Handle this doubts and concerns to the Angels and ask them to clear your mind. With a clear mind you can see the bigger picture and you can re-act in a loving way.

All these changes are here to prepare you for a new life. A happier life. A life where you live your truth, where you are you authentic self. No more old believe patterns, no more past-lifetimes issues – everything will be cleansed, cleared and transformed into pure love. Are you ready to transform? If you say yessss, well done! Now here is the challenge, face your fears, face old belief patterns, face any drama and look at the roots so you can clear it. While cleaning any “old energies” you get more and more clear on what you want. You discover who you are! Enjoy your journey! I wish you all a successful week.

I    L O V E    Y O U     B E Y O N D     W O R D S

Namaste Daniela ♥♥