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How Much Do You Care About Mother Earth?

Did you know that technology is overrunning our planet. Beautiful Mother Earth and her natural habitat is being destroyed more and more by human kind living a “fast” lifestyle. Trying to manipulate nature, to gain more and faster resources, fruits or energy. If we keep up this speed we will influence nature and her cycle so much that there is no return.

Please listen to the call of nature, listen to the elemental beings that are reaching out to you willing to work with you to heal Earth. Yes, its right, we are not the only beings here on Earth, there are elemental beings as well. They are as real as you are. Elemental beings such as Fairies exist. They are made out of energy, just like you and me.  With a little training of your intuition you can sense them, feel their happy joyful presence and see their often reddish to golden hair, big blue eyes, pointed ears and high cheek bones. You may even hear their melodic voices. Fairies have an Etheric body, a body made out of energy. Have you ever felt this magical feeling of nature? Being outside in the Forrest and listen to the melody of the trees, birds and the wind? Smelling the fresh air of wild flowers. Feeling the joyful energy of butterflies dancing around you. Fairy energy feels just like that. It is the feeling you have when you sit in a wild flower field. It is that magical feeling when you walk through the Forrest.

We are all expressing individually how much we truly feel about nature through our daily activities. If you truly love trees, flowers, plants, animals and believe that they are magically creating a joyful life here on earth, then please stop to “detach” yourself from nature! Start today to reconnect to our beautiful Mother Earth! When you start to live in the moment of now, you are aware of the little but significant details around you. A bird singing a beautiful song. The wonderful reflection of the sunlight in the river. Or the leaves dancing in the wind. It is time now to heal ourselves and our relationship with nature. By connecting with the Fairies we can restore our original connection to the universe and Mother Earth. Start today and signal that all this matters to you. Go outside into Nature and listen to her wisdom. Quietly attune yourself to the feeling all around you. Be respectful to the plant, animal and fairy kingdom. Show kindness and open you heart. Ask in loving ways: “Beautiful Fairies please connect with me, show yourself to me and help me to reconnect to nature. Please make yourself known to me. I care for nature and want to help. How can I help? Thank you.” You can say it out loud or in silence, if you feel you even can sing a song. Important is that you are honest and express your true feelings. The Fairies will come to you and scan your energy to get to know you. They will flee from harsh or negative energy. Give the Fairies time to get to know you, invite them into your home and garden. You can even leave them gifts such as organic nuts and berries. The best way to show your love to nature is in picking up trash from parks or in the Forrest, help to keep nature clean. Start to use organic gardening and share your love. When your plants start to flourish more beautiful and wild life is increasing, you know for sure that Fairies are gathering in greater number in your life. Once you passed the test and Fairies start to trust you, they will make them self known to you. May be you receive little gifts or see beautiful light. Fairies are the most beautiful, sweet little beings imaginable. They are so beautiful and very shy. Fairies are the Guardians of nature and the animal Kingdom. They are very passionate environmentalists. They will connect and show you how to heal Mother Earth if you truly want to help!

Please share this post with your friends and pages if you care. My wish is that this message reaches as much people as possible. I think a lot of people are not aware and need to hear this as a wake up call. A wave of awareness to wake up people to reconnect with nature. Thank you! Did you know that nature has healing abilities? Yes its true. When ever you feel down, go outside into nature and sit underneath a tree. The spirit of the tree will heal you and lift your vibration. Mother Earth is such a wonderful Planet. Please help to heal her and yourself by reconnecting with nature! Thank you so much. I love you all.


If you would like to share this message, you do so with our blessing, but please do not change anything. Thank you!