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The Path Of Embodying Unconditional Love

Have you ever heard the expression Soul-Work? What is Soul-Work? Soul-Work refers to the concept that we are much more than our physical bodies. We are timeless beings with an unconditional loving presences within us, known as our soul. When we learn to listen to our true nature, or soul, we begin re-uniting ourselves with our true Essence. Soul-Work is the path of mastering self until we embody only unconditional love. Living from the Soul helps us to immediately understand our sacred life purpose. However, it requires real dedication and commitment. In oder to discover the truth of who you are, you must set out on the path of the spiritual seeker. While this path can be supported and nourished by others, it is ultimately a path of mastery and courage to be willing to dig deep within you. Only if we commit ourselves to remove everything that “blocks” our true essence from shining. The Truth is that nothing really can block us except ourselves! Common blockages such as conditioned beliefs, ideals, dogmas, repressed thoughts and feelings support us to denial who we truly are. By learning to let go of these blockages we free ourselves from any wounds and pain from this lifetime or any other lifetime. As we free ourselves we open new doorways to experience true freedom, unlimited abundance and everlasting peace.

Are you ready to gain more inner clarity? Would you like to have a stronger connection to your intuition? Ready to discover your gifts and talents? Than start to practice your Soul-Work now. How? You are your ultimate Healer and Guide. All true guidance and wisdom can be found within your heart. Facing your fears, addictions, depression will remove obstacles that block you from hearing your inner voice. How do you start? You can start at any place and anytime. Each person is different and may use different tools to accomplish oneself mastery. Anyhow, I would love to share some tools that you can use. SELF-DISCOVERY is an essential step on your journey within. When you understand your personality you will come to understand that your self-image is who you have been taught to be. Here is where the journey gets exciting as you now about to explore who you truly are! What are your gifts? What do you truly enjoy? What are your true values? Another important step is to face your CORE BELIEFS. Throughout life, we all develop core beliefs, these are rooted deep within and influence our decisions, thoughts and behaviors. Often our core beliefs are of a destructive nature and are connected to our core wounds. Our core wounds can be inherited from our parents, environment or various traumas from this or other life times. When you start to be mindful you will become aware of destructive patterns that you hold within your vibration. Know that, whenever you are upset with yourself or another it is because ” some thing ” blocks you from being in harmony and balance. These blocks are often patterns that we have developed in order to protect ourselves. Allow these walls to come down one by one. Allow yourself to be authentic. Be the love you are meant to be. You are way stronger than you think! I love you dearly! The next step to express you authentic self is loving yourself as you are. Loving yourself is a very powerful step as it requires you to unconditionally accept your authentic self. During the process you learn how to completely love all of your insecurities, flaws and whatever it is that you perceived as failures. When you exercise to love yourself you will face your shadow self at some level. Working on your shadow involves a significant amount of maturity and courage to unconditionally accept all parts of yourself. Your shadow self is the repressed part of you that holds embarrassing secrets, hidden gifts and deep-rooted fears.

Communicate with your Soul through meditation, prayer, intuitive writing, dancing or any way you wish to express your self. When we experience great joy and we feel our heart dancing than we are aligned with our Soul. Our Soul talks to us in various ways, you are the one that will know when your Soul speaks. Another important tool is SELF- INQUIRY. This is a process of examining your thoughts. Being mindful and self-aware of what you think and how you speak, observe yourself how your re-act to certain situations and certain people. Self-Inquiry shows that it is never the person or situation that is to blame, it is our own way of thinking creating such dis-comfort. Through this technique you will learn to understand your true feelings and thoughts. You can begin now… There is no need to delay your healing. You can start with the question: ” Who am I? ” Let it flow…whatever comes to you…allow it to surface. If you need any help or wish to have personal guidance, please click here or contact me directly here.

Thank you.

I    L O V E    Y O U    B E Y O N D     W O R D S !

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥