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Peony – The Blessed Herb

Peony is called the blessed herb for their magical and medicinal ability. This beautiful flower holds the power of legendary healing within as it is named after the Greek Paeon, whom was known for his excellent healing abilities. I just love Peony, when they blossom displaying the energy of plenty and bringing anybody into a very deep relaxing state of mind.

Peony is the flower of healing, love, passion, protections, wealth, honor and fertility. Energetically they are excellent cleanser, bringing healing to the emotional body while removing any blocks, old patterns and challenging attachments. This very relaxing vibration aligns your energy to the frequency of abundance. Therefore symbolizes this powerful flower confident and relaxation, excellent for job interviews or any other performances where a clam, relaxed, confident mind is needed.

Peonies represent unlimited abundance and pure beauty in the welcoming nature kingdom, where the sweet scent carries the vibration of pure love. In chinese culture the peony is a symbol for feminine beauty, elegance and fertility. Their softly abundant petals and lovely feminine colors exude the vibration of femininity. Their fragrance is beautiful, sweet but gentle. When you love to invite more love into your home, cut fresh bunches and place them around your home. These powerful flowers enhance your relationships, encourage your fertility, boost your reputation and attract more wealth into your life. Once you connect with the vibration of a Peony your life will change as your perception receive an upgrade to tune mire into the energy of true nature of another. A deeper sense of true nature creates a clear mind and brings yourself into an even deeper connection with your heart and life purpose as this wonderful flower empowers ones heart desires. Peony is known for its purifying magic.

Ready for an energetic upgrade?

Connect to the vibration of Peonies. I love you dearly.

N A M A S T E    D A N I E L A ♥♥