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Portal Of Love

Today is the 14th of February 2017 and once again the Portal of Love opens. Go within and connect through your heart with the divine energies that are available now. Allow yourself to experience a unique energy upgrade to your heart centre. Set free all your pain from this and past lifetimes. Call in energies of pure divine love, joy and contentment. You will be supported by the energies of the moon. Today is actually representing the Portal of Love that always opens up on this auspicious day that we call Valentine’s day! Star Beings of Venus  and Goddess Venus have come forth with a message of Love. Inviting you to upgrade your Heart with the Energy of the Portal Of Love:

“Beloved Children of our beautiful Sister Planet Earth, we are here to support you on this auspicious day. Many of you are here to reach higher frequency. We come forth to offer you structure within your heart centre, aligning you to a state of bliss and joy. Where you live each moment from your heart. Your holographic matrix will change according to the new structure within you. Therefore your reality and all your relationships with yourself, with others and Mother Gaia herself will alter. The Portal of Love is open now. Namaste.”

~ Star Beings of Venus & Goddess Venus


Namaste Daniela ♥♥