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The Power Of The New Moon Of February 26th

The energy of the new moon from last sunday are calling us to listen to the voice deep within our heart. This New Moon is in Pisces awakening new potentialities within. Look within, look where your energy is drained unnecessarily and make changes accordingly. You have the courage it takes to bring more joy into your life!

Know that our energy is affected on a cellular level by the new energy of the New Moon. We are shifting our frequency until we are in harmony with a new vibration. We may feel overreacting easily as we ride the tides of consciousness. Now is a powerful time for introspection of hurtful memories, pain and old wounds that we must release in order to resolved the trauma of the past. We are all merging into a lighter heart. A new way of being is in reach now. Trust that you have all the wisdom you need to succeed on your path. Have faith and be the warrior spirit that you already are! You CAN DO IT! Allow yourself to transmute anything that is no longer for your highest growth. Release resistance. Surrender to the unknown. A window of opportunity to leap forward into a new joyful life is right in front of you.

Remember it is your choice to take that step, to take action so you can experience a beautiful change! The eclipse supports those who truly want to change now. Let go of fear as fear is an Illusion. Have faith and know deep within that you are successful! The way for a new beginning is cleared now! Pisces rules both dreams and delusions. If you have been in denial then its time to face the truth! Stop hoping to be rescued from the outer world. Stop failing to follow through your dreams. Take action, as you are the only one in charge of your life. Your choices, your actions count on an individual and collective level. Get ready for a new beginning.

The Fish appears to be individual, they act as one but each is part of a greater whole. The element of water is associated with the fish and water symbolizes emotion deep within. Have you ever thought of water and how amazing water really is? Water runs deep. It seeks its own level and flows in a cycle of endlessness. The waters of Pisces are about consciousness itself as we all live in an ocean of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and inspiration. This ocean connects each of us to one another in ways that go beyond our understanding. Open your heat to love by letting go. Allow to be in the divine flow. And breath deeply with faith that you are supported and safe!




Namaste Daniela♥♥